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Awesome DBFZ Dramatic Finish – Game Vs. Anime Comparison

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game released by Bandai Namco. And it certainly attracts a lot of fans because there are too many details that resemble Manga and Comics.

At the first trailer, fans easily recognized this is the work of author Akira Toriyama. Because of the similarities between the two versions of Game and Manga.

Of course, the similarity is not only in the character’s appearance but also in the smallest of moves and movements.

 The fighting style of each character that we have seen in the manga is made very vivid and accurate. And it made fans like reading a comic book in front of the eyes.

And a few days ago, the Dragon Ball FighterZ Easter Egg event, Bandai Namco made a shocked fan with Awesome Dramatic Finish. Yes, that awesome!

These “dramatic scenes” will create symbolic moments from the series when certain combat, battle, and combat conditions are met.

And now, just how close does Dragon Ball FighterZ come to recreating scenes from the anime? Watch and find out!




How to Perform a Dramatic Finish

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Learn how to execute a Dramatic Finish in Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is more than just another anime fighting game. Hidden in the game are Easter Eggs known as Dramatic Finishes and Dramatic Intros. A Dramatic Finish or Dramatic Intro in Dragon Ball FighterZ is either an opening or an ending sequence that offers a special cinematic pulled straight from the anime. While a few of the Dramatic Finishes in Dragon Ball FighterZ have been shown off by Bandai Namco and other media outlets, few people know how to actually trigger a Dramatic Finish. This article covers have to execute a Dramatic Finish in Dragon Ball FighterZ, as well as all known Dramatic Finishes and how to perform them. We’ll continue to update this article as more Dramatic Finishes are found in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

How to Perform a Dramatic Finish

To execute a Dramatic Finish in Dragon Ball FighterZ you must be on the correct stage, using a specific character, fighting against a specific character. With all of that in place, you must end the match by connecting a neutral Heavy Attack. If you finish the opponent with anything other than a neutral (standing) Heavy Attack, you may not get the Dramatic Finish. Keep in mind some Dramatic Finishes require the stage to be destroyed, which means you’ll need to finish off one of the opponent’s characters with a super move that destroys the stage (or the opponent can take down one of your characters).

How to Perform a Dramatic Intro

For a Dramatic Intro, all you have to do is lead off with a specific character, fighting against a specific starting character, and fighting on the correct stage. If the conditions are met, you’ll get a special Dramatic Intro between the two starting characters on each team.

It should be noted that both Dramatic Intros and Dramatic Finishes can be skipped by either player. There’s no way to avoid having your special cinematic skipped, so you’ll just have to hope the opponent wants to watch it as much as you do.

Your CharacterOpponent CharacterStageNotes
KrillinNappaRocky Field
Teen GohanCellCell Games ArenaAndroid 16 can’t be on either team.
GokuFriezaPlanet NamekKrillin can’t be on either team.

All Known Dramatic Finishes

Your CharacterOpponent CharacterStageNotes
Teen GohanCellCell Games ArenaGoku can’t be on either team.
GokuFriezaPlanet NamekStage must be destroyed.
TrunksFriezaRocky Field
NappaYamchaRocky Field
GokuKid BuuN/A
BeerusGoku BlackAnyGoku Black must be below 10% health when the Hakai super is initiated.

Android 21, special character only in DBFZ

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In addition to the characters like Goku, Vegeta, Kid Buu or Gotenks, the character is attracting all the attention of gamers in the world is Android 21.

As the information we have given, at present, DBFZ – the most anticipated fighting game in 2018, introduced 24 characters. Of course, this is only the current figure, in the future, Dragon Ball FighterZ promises to give fans more unique characters.

Besides the familiar names such as Son Goku, Vegeta, Kid Buu or Gotenks, a character is also attracting a lot of attention is Android 21. According to the publisher Bandai Namco, Android 21 is a special character and Exclusive in Dragon Ball FighterZ. That means you can not see this mighty cyborg in any other entertainment product, including comics or movies.

According to Dragon Ball Wiki, Android 21 was designed by Akira Toriyama (one of the co-authors of Dragon Ball). This robot appears only in Dragon Ball FighterZ as one of the strongest villains. Possessing a super brain, Android 21 is even smarter than Dr. Gero, who is behind the crazy plan called the Red Ribbon Androids.

Android 21 is described as a girl wearing glasses with long red hair. However, this is just a normal shape. As for the transformation, Android 21 will have white hair and pale pink skin. When switching, Android 21 has many similarities with Majin Buu, but personality is as aggressive and brutal as Kid Buu. Android 21 has a bad habit that is always feeling hungry and always wants to swallow the most powerful warrior she encountered.

Specific capabilities of Android 21:

  • Hungry Beam: Turn everything into food.
  • Hungry Time: An upgraded skill from Hungry Beam, which works when Android 21 is in super-level 3.
  • Tasting Cut: Absorb and use the energy of the enemy.
  •  Solar Flare: Lower-Earth.
  • Kamehameha: Son Goku’s great work.