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Easiest Method of Summoning – One button – DBFZ

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Hey guys, today I’ll be guiding you through the easiest and fastest way of obtaining all seven Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Fighter Z and summoning Shenron.

So, guys, it’s really simple, It’s really easy. The only thing you have to do is press one single button which is the light attack button. Press it in rapid succession and you will start an auto-combo. Every time you finish the auto combo, you’ll be rewarded a Dragon Ball for free. That’s it. There’s no secret order. There are no tedious button presses it’s just pressing the auto combo with the light attack button over and over again.

But what happens if my character dies?

No problem. The Dragon Balls stay in your possession and you can summon Shenron with other characters. There’s only one small caveat and that is that you can only. Pull off this combo on each character three times in a row before they die prematurely. If they die before you finish your combo you will not be rewarded with the Dragon Ball.

So then we collect all seven dragon balls, what do we do to summon Shenron?

Well, you power up to seven ki bars, once you have seven ki bars you initiate the combo again, and once you finish it It will automatically summon Shenron. Who will present you with the following options: restore my health, revive my ally, give me the ultimate power Or it makes me immortal.

  • Restore my help will fully restore the health of the current character.
  • Revive my ally will revive one ally if multiple are down then it will automatically revive the character on the second roster.
  • Give me the ultimate power will give you one additional burst to play with.
  • Make me immortal will recover your blue health.

Automatically even if your character dies it will be transferred to the next character, and it will last indefinitely.

Ok guys, thanks for reading. Please bookmark for more Dragon Ball fighters Z related content. Of course, more detailed things are gonna drop soon, so see you later guys. Bye. Bye.


10 things you need to know – DBFZ

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is nearly upon us bringing with it a ton of flashy moves, nods to both anime and fighting game fans, and plenty of depth to keep you coming back. Let’s take a quick look at some things you need to know.

#1 Over 20 Characters at Launch

Fans should be pleased to hear that the game will have a fairly large roster with over characters at launch. Fight with Yamcha or take a turn with Perfect Cell – with at least more 8 characters confirmed as DLC. Seeing Krillin get revenge on Frieza might be worth the price of admission by itself.

#2 Fighting on 2D Plane with 3D Graphics

Fighting thankfully takes place on a 2D plane, but it utilizes 3D graphics in order to make camera pans during transitions and super moves more dynamic. This decision allows for the proper cross up moves and projectile play for all those zoning fans in the genre. With a few exceptions like Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Soul Calibur, the FGC historically seems to prefer 2D gameplay the most.

#3 Ki Blasts & Killer Combos Tripled in Score

All the ki blasts and killer combos are tripled in scope as the fights consist of 3 on 3 gameplay. Those familiar with the Marvel vs Capcom series may feel a bit more at home as you select characters for your team. Switching happens automatically after losing a character’s full health bar, however a player can switch on command in a number of ways, even during a super move. Call in characters for assists but note that both characters can take damage during it. Fighters in reserve can slowly recover blue health. Once a character is defeated, a round reset occurs to prevent an additional disadvantage for that player.

#4 From Nappa to the new Android 21

The roster and story cover a large portion of the canon fans will be familiar with, from Nappa all the way up to the new Android 21. Both Goku and Vegeta can be seen in their Dragon Ball Super Blue forms, and from Majin Buu to Kid Buu. The player can fight on planet Namek and in the Cell Games arena, plus others from most of the series. Typically the GT series isn’t considered canon and it seems to follow suit here. This isn’t just your ordinary pile of ‘functions.’

#5 Arc System Works – BlazBlue & Guilty Gear

Arc System Works is the developer of this game, known for their hit titles Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, and the incredible Guilty Gear series. Visuals are top notch, matched perfectly from the anime. Game mechanics are deep so there is plenty to dig into once a player wants to improve and compete with the best. Like most of their games, there is a complexity to explore while at the same time making it very appealing to the casual crowd who just want to mash. Arc’s experience in the genre indicates we should expect excellent development and support.

#6 Super Bar Energy for Nearly Everything

Super bar energy is gained from nearly everything you do. Attacking your opponent or even getting hit will cause the bar to fill, but it doesn’t stop there. A careful player can manually charge energy after a knockdown to build a bit of meter to use. Charging leaves you vulnerable but the longer you can charge the faster it builds. Certain super moves require more than one bar but can be more devastating, and a total of 7 is the max.

#7 Favorites like Wall Bounces & Air Combos

Mechanics offer a variety of favorites like wall bounces, air combos, and so on. Players can use a homing attack to pursue opponents and continue the damage. Auto-combos are there for newcomers. An X-Factor-like move called Sparking Blast powers up damage and recovers health can be used once per match. Even though it costs a bar, a player can teleport behind the opponent to land an attack to keep them on their toes. Familiar with push blocks? They are in here too in case an opponent is all up in your space.

#8 Playstaytion 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam

The game will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Crossplay is not an option between systems and it is not part of the Play Anywhere club from Microsoft. Thankfully it will support a large number of control options from standard gamepads to arcade sticks. It primarily uses just buttons for light, medium, heavy, and special attacks but combination button assignment is also possible. Motion controls are similar to Capcom and Netherrealm titles with quarter circles and the like.

#9 Offers Online & Story Modes

Dragon Ball FighterZ offers several online modes, but it also contains a story mode, allowing the player to control a number of characters as each section unfolds from different perspectives. The story itself is brand new so fans can dig into the lore while learning the mechanics. Both good and evil teams are playable here, but the online modes also offer a number of choices. Lobbies are available so you can be matched up right away.

#10 Japanese & English Voice Actors Available

Both the Japanese and English voice actors are available for the discerning fan. A player that picks the original Japanese voices will be able to get English subtitles, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about depending on which side you prefer. Dragon Ball FighterZ brings a ton of fun for both the casual and invested fan. Whether you want to see Krillin fight his wife Android or just be able to turn your opponent into chocolate and eat them with Buu, there is a lot to like. This game hits at the end of January so get your Senzu beans ready for the brutal KO. This has been Jason with Curse saying thanks for watching, and enjoy the game.


Kid Buu Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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What’s up dudes max here back to another Dragonball FighterZ breakdown. Today focusing on another character which is sort of a deviation from a character we’ve seen in the game at first launch which was Buu.

And I really want to focus a bit on Kid Buu because he does alter quite a bit in terms of some of the other characters that are in the game that of other variances. We literally just talked about Gohan and how he’s changing between his adult and teen version.

And this is another pretty good example of that. So let’s go ahead and find out the differences. Again, this was footage taken from a special event at Bandai Namco where they gave us a special opportunity to cover some of the game. but there were a very limited time constraints of my apologies there’s not a ton of footage and I didn’t get a ton of time. But just enough to understand what the hell Kid Buu is about.

Now the biggest question you have is that if Kid Buu is going to be as similar to Fat Buu that we’ve seen earlier in the videos in the beta everything like that. And luckily my answer to that is no. He’s actually quite a bit different while having a few similarities he is fundamentally a different character outside of just his stature. He’s the longer a fat character he has transformed into a smaller stature character.

So he’s more difficult to hit but it’s kind of hard to say whether or not this one dishes out more or less damage. It’s a little weird because the damage values of the game are kind of all over the place right now and they said they’re tweaking them so leave that as it is. I think that Kid Buu does pretty good damage now let’s talk about his specials.

The mystic ball attack is what everyone was expecting. This move is performed either in the air or on the ground and it’s essentially your go-to combo ender.

The interesting thing about the e X version or the one that uses meat or the heavy version is the fact that it does set up for eight combos after you’re left in a state where they’re kind of juggling with the opponent.

And you can hit buttons to extend the combo even further. So like other characters like Cell that use their ex-special moves that leave two actual more combos, this is kind of similar with Kid Buu which I do like and is going to lead to some pretty creative and crazy-looking stuff.

Especially converting from the air to the ground. The mystic arms swing is a command grab that grabs characters out of the sky.

I wasn’t entirely sure if this grabs blocking opponents but I don’t think it does I believe this is a physical hit grab meaning that you have to hit them with it.

But luckily Buu has some fairly interesting attacks his sweep attack puts his foot through the ground just like in the show as he knocks you up into the sky and you can do this a couple of times and go straight into this attack bringing them back down to the ground.

The e^x version puts them into a slightly more drugged level state but I wasn’t entirely sure if you could get a combo after this. However with many other characters assists that lead to a lot of different opportunities for combos.

That we haven’t seen yet you definitely can throw out an assist after this and then follow up with the pursuit attack and get a full aerial combo. It’s pretty damn cool looking like you rip them from the sky and reminds me a lot of what piccolo does with his stretchy arm attacks as well.

That’s about it for kid booze physical special moves. However, his key blast attacks have three different specials. And the first one is the candy beam.

This thing is pretty fast. But I do not believe was any different than a regular projectile this is also good for combo Enders. It looks really cool it practically looks like a super and it ends with Kid Buu.

Essentially just eating the hell out of you. However, I wasn’t sure if this had a special property to it because this was in training mode when I did try this whether or not it absorbs enemy life and gives it to you or meter or anything like that. It just looks like a very cinematic finishing projectile attack that you want to use at the end of combos.

Now the move that’s gonna be really good and possibly one of kid boos best moves is called the arm ball. He shoots out a projectile that is thrown from his arms and hovers around the opponent for quite some time hitting them multiple times.

This thing just seems incredibly good not only does it hold your opponent in space. It holds them an opportunity for you to get in getting damaged follow up with like a launcher or a smash attack. Tagging your other character anything like that. This is extremely good for tag-team fighting games and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the things that makes Kid Buu probably a very good character.

Kid Buu also has an aerial Kamehameha you can only perform this in the air which is standard fare for Kamehameha specials in the game. And he only has two supers to compliment this special move toolset.

The first one is the human extinction attack which sends a ton of projectiles to the top of the screen as they come to Cassie down hitting the opponent.

The cool thing is on the way up these projectiles can also hit the opponent as well as on the way down.

So if you have an opportunity to DHC into this or set something up for another character. This thing can be extremely good because the damage on the way up catches the opponent and if it carries them down it does even more.

So we’re talking about very effective level ones. This might be a very good one and Kid Buu does seem to have a couple of tools. That might make him once again a pretty good character.

Kid Buu another level one is called the pearl flash.

And he essentially pounds his chest and dies towards the opponent in a very weird and awkward angle. This is essentially the only other level one he’s going to have to convert from the air.

Because you can do it from the ground or in the air, I’m kind of curious if this thing has any other properties in terms of like invincibility or if you could just plow through other attacks. But want the weight and do some testing to see how good pearl flash is because the damage alone does not seem amazing.

Of course, his level three is the planet burst.

And this one is your usual fair cinematic huge-ass level three does pretty good damage the best part is that. It’s an aerial super as well as a grounded one. So if you want to convert to big damage, you can get that from an air combo any conversion from the ground.

It’s one of the best aspects of some level threes in this game because many characters level threes are either performed just the air or the ground. And Kid Buu gets Bowl.

One of the other big notable things I wanted to mention this character is that similar to Buu.

Buu had a huge amount of stretching attacks where he can sort of lunge his head and punch forward and convert damage from that. And it did a lot of damage because it was heavy. Kid Buu has an insane normal which is either his crouching medium or a standing medium.

We showed the crouching medium how he sort of steps through the ground this seems to cover a pretty damn crazy amount of space. But his standing medium in the air or on the ground is ridiculous. It takes the character from a distance and pulls him forward which is awesome, to say the least.

Kid Buu definitely is going to have some kind of insane stuff with this because once he pulls himself over. He can go for cross-ups almost anything of that. That he chooses to go for a pursuit attack to keep them neutral like this is gonna be a really good tool for this character.

I do see a lot of potential with Kid Buu and I feel like. I like him a little bit more than regular Buu as of right now her fat boo. so I want to play more with them. I like the fact that he’s incredibly evil and a lot of his animations have some great flourishes and stuff.

So once again, I like the really bad guys in a lot of this game so far. And I just kind of want to see more of that so in the future I hope we just get more kind of characters to compliment this. That’s all I was able to get for Kid Buu right now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and as always I’m going to leave you guys with a couple of combos.

They was able to figure out with the character nothing too crazy we didn’t have that much time but stay tuned we’re gonna have more Dragonball FighterZ breakdowns and let me know which character you’d like to see next as always guys thank you a ton for watching appreciate the thumbs up my name is Max and I’ll see you next time.