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Vegeta Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to now the dragon ball fighters video. Today presents a character profile for Vegeta. One of the first villains of Dragon Ball Z turned into one of the strongest heroes of the entire series. The Prince of all Saiyans is a rushdown type of character with very high mobility, strong on both the ground and in the air.

His first special attack is the super dash kick. Quarter dash circle forward and an attack button will unleash a forward lunging kick.

The lie dash detection is the most basic one but since it’s so fast it can easily catch opponents off guard. The medium attack version has a bit more range,  but loses that surprise element since Vegeta kicks twice before the actual dash kick.

However if performed at close range it will actually deal more damage than the lied dash tagging version. But it’s easier for the opponent to see it coming if you do it from long range. The ex version of this move has the best of both worlds.

It has both the range and a surprise element. As this version of the move will always go through the entire screen. Now bear in mind that if you’re close to the opponent the move will still take Vegeta to the other side of the screen.

So you will land far away from your opponent after  connecting this move making it hard to follow up with most attacks. But if you’re far away to begin with then you’ll end up close after connecting and potentially be able to follow up with almost anything you’d want.

Since the medium attack version is easy to see coming from a distance. Your opponent will most likely block your attack. If this happens you’ll actually cross over to your opponent’s back so make sure to follow up accordingly.

If the opponent wants to punish you for missing that special attack, you need to hold block in the opposite direction. But the best way you can use this move is to prolong combos both on the ground and in the air.

Vegeta second special attack is the crusher knee kick.

Quarter-circle backwards and an attack button unleashes this diagonal upwards attack. This is Vegeta’s anti-air option. The light attack version hits you with an E, the medium hits with the knee and follows up with the downward kick knocking the opponent into the ground.

And the e X version does exactly the same, but with several hits during the knee phase, which feels a bit more damage.

Crusher knee kick is one of the best anti-air options in the entire game with barely any wind-up animation. It is very fast. It has good animation priority. And it is a very reliable tool for when you’re opponent is attacking from the air.

Vegeta’s third special attack is the ki blast rush.

Quarter circle forward plus the special button and leashes a series of key blasts from range. If you do this while in the air the key blast will be shot towards the ground diagonally. This special attack is slightly faster than simply spamming the key blast button.

But its effect is very similar. And the attack properties are also identical. Meaning if you can super dash through regular key blasts, your opponent can also super dash through your key blast rush.

And since you’re stuck in the animation for a while this becomes a very easy move to punish if you use recklessly.

Vegeta’s final special attack is the intercept kick.

While in the air pressing down plus the light attack button has Vegeta performing a downward kick. Catching opponents off guard has he quickly descends from the air. Transitioning quickly from air combat to ground combat.

This is also a very good way to close in the distance, getting closer to your opponent where Vegeta is strongest.

Moving on to his super attacks Vegeta has two supers at his disposal a level one and a level three. His level one super is the BIGBANG attack. This can be performed with quarter-circle forward followed by the right bumper or right trigger.

Vegeta shoots a huge key blast that travels very fast across the entire screen. But since it’s not a giant key wave like the kamehameha. For example, it requires a more precise timing in some situations.

While on the ground performing this move with the right bumper or trigger will do exactly the same. But while on the air, right bumper will shoot the BIGBANG attack forward and right trigger will shoot it downward. So while you’re in the air, keep this in mind and follow up with the ppropriate button.

His strongest attack his level 3 super is the final flash. This is a full-screen key wave that works both on the ground and in the air. But unlike the BIGBANG attack, it cannot be redirected. The final flash will always be shot horizontally from the position you’re in.

Moving on to auto combos, Vegeta has two of them just like every other character. This is what happens when you match the wide attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

Once again bear in mind that the second Auto combo ends in super, so it will spend 1 bar of meter. And in the off chance that your opponent bounces off a wall the auto combo will be smart enough to shoot the big bang attack in the right direction.

And now that we know Vegeta’s moves here are some tips on how to use them. Vegeta is all about getting in close and using his abilities to deal heavy damage to an opponent. And this is because outside of his supers. It doesn’t really have a lot of ranged options.

His ki blasts rush is one of the easiest abilities to counter as you can simply super dash right through the ki blasts. And Vegeta will be stuck in that animation for a while. Making this one of the weakest ranged attacks in the entire game. All of his other abilities are meant to be used for closing in the gap. Yhey may have a lot of range but they’re meant to be used to get in close where Vegeta school potential can be unleashed.

As I mentioned the crusher knee kick is one of the strongest anti-air moves in the game. It makes it very easy to counter a jumping opponent or a reckless super dash which is what most beginners do. So Vegeta will be crushing a lot of casuals for sure. Any of the 3 variants of this move can be followed up with a big bang attack, whether you hit the light medium or heavy attack buttons.

You can always follow it up with a downward big bang attack. The lie detector gene can even be followed up with his final flash. So if you want a very easy way to land a level 3, there you go.

You see a super dash coming crush your knee kick to punish that followed by the final flash done. Super dash kick is your go-to special move to prolong combos or simply to apply pressure to an opponent. If your adversary is blocking all of your attacks, the ex version of this move can be a very good way to put in some distance. Before he can punish you and if you do land this attack you can always follow it up with any of your supers as well.

And speaking of supers Vegeta is going to require some practice. Not a lot but since his Big Bang attack is not a full-screen ki wave. The ability requires a bit more precision on the timing than your typical kamehameha.

And this is especially the case when you’re following up another super with Vegeta coming in from the assist position. So don’t be surprised if you end up missing your super for a couple of matches while you get the hang of it. Because once you overcome that hurdle, you’ll find Vegeta supers very easy to land in almost any situation.


Goku Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another character of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Today here on were bringing you a  character profile for SonGoku. The main character from Dragon Ball is currently one of the strongest characters in the entire Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

Having defeated the likes of Frieza and Majin Buu Arc System games wanted to make Goku into a very accessible character for those casual fans. That just want to try him out, that means Goku is a very easy character to pick up if you’re a beginner. That’s because he is very versatile on the ground and in the air. There’s a law you can do with him, and it’s actually very easy to pull off.



Its first special attack is the iconic Kamehameha.

Quarter-circle forward plus the special button executes a full-screen blast. Which direction you can change if you’re on the ground. You can point it forward or up. And if you’re in the air you can also aim it forward or straight down.



His second special attack is an overhead strike called the dragon flash fist.

 Quarter-circle forward plus an attack button has Goku moving forward and punching the opponent over the head. His range varies depending on whether you hit the light or the medium attack buttons. But the damage you deal is exactly the same.

The X version of this move can be done with the heavy attack button. And has Goku teleporting to the opponent before punching him. By spending one bar of meter, you can cover the entire screen making sure your enemy is never out of range.



His last special move is the rapid kick rush.

This time Goku unleashes a series of rapid kicks towards the air. Quarter-circle backwards plus an attack button will unleash this move. And once again, depending on whether you hit the lights or medium attack buttons.

The range will vary as well as the number of hits. In this special move, the X version of this move spends 1 bar meter and unleashes six kicks dealing some decent damage on its own.

Given the nature of this attack, you can use this as an anti-air move to punish a reckless super. As well as a natural way to prolong combos before unleashing a super move. In fact this may be the easiest way to prolong a combo in the air with any character.



Moving on to the character super moves Goku has 3 supers at his disposal – level 1 supers and 1 level 3 super the first one is the super kamehameha.

Quarter-circle forward right bumper shoots of fullscreen key blasts. Just like Goku special attack, you can do this on the ground and on the air. And even direct the beam upwards or downwards if you so desire.



His second level one super is the instant transmission kamehameha. It deals exactly the same damage as the super kamehameha. But you teleport behind your opponent’s potentially catching him off-guard.

You can execute this move by inputting quarter-circle forwards and the right trigger. Because of the initial animation supers can be pretty easy to block usually. Unless you’re directly countering your opponent or linking them in a combo.

However with Goku the super attack could come from the front with a super kamehameha. Or the back with the instant transmission kamehameha. And you can really throw your opponent for a loop here. However that will probably not work with more advanced players. Because even though the windup animation looks similar. It’s not exactly the same.

An easy way to spot the difference is by looking at Goku face or shoulder. In the super kamehameha the camera doesn’t rotate too much. So it centers on Goku shoulder and you can see his full face. In the Instant Transmission Kamehameha, how the camera rotates a bit more so the shoulder is no longer the focus. And you can only see his profile from this angle.

The same thing applies to the air version of these supers. If you can see a full face and the focus is on the shoulder then it’s the regular super if not then it’s the Instant Transmission. So if you don’t have the reflexes to change the direction when you see the teleports. Use this to know where the attack is coming from way ahead of time.



Finally his strongest attack is level 3 super is the meteor smash.

Quarter circle backwards plus the right bumper or trigger. And Goku goes super saiyan 3 teleports behind the enemy knocks him into the air and finishes him off with a powerful kamehameha.

Just like the instant transmission kamehameha, Goku teleports behind their opponents meaning the opponent must block in the opposite direction if he wants to block the attack. However in this case for you to deal any damage the opponent’s must be on the ground. If they are jumping the meteor smash won’t connect. And you’ll have successfully wasted three bars of meters.



Next let’s look at the auto combos Goku has two auto combos. This is what happens when you match the light attack.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack. Bear in mind that because the second combo ends in a super. You’ll spend 1 bar of meter if you do it.

And now that we know his moves here are some tips on how to use them.

Or even punish him without spending any bars of meter whenever he uses a super kamehameha from a distance. Also even if your opponent is someone who is very good defensively. They’ll probably have a hard time going up against a good Goku player. Every character can easily go from a standing up combo to a low attack. And players are usually on the lookout for that but Goku can not only do that. But also easily link any combo, into a dragon flash fist. So if your opponent is blocking low, you can punish him severely by using this attack.

As the dragon flash fist can be followed up by an instant transmission kamehameha. Or even a meteor strike if you have the parts to do it.

His versatility is arguably one of his biggest strengths. Goku can unleash super attacks in the air coming from multiple directions. So you can finish a combo  with big damage in almost any situation. Plus using his first Auto combo followed by a rapid kick rush when you’re in the air. And finishing things up with a super kamehameha is one of the easiest combos to perform in the game. And it deals very good damage.

Thank you for watching our character profile for Goku. If you guys like these types of videos, let me know in the comments and leave me a big thumbs up. I’ve recorded enough footage in this closed beta to make a video like this for every single character. So if that’s something you’re interested in watching do like me now in the meantime.

Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time.


Cell Combos, Tip & Trick: How to play Cell – DBFZ

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So how do you play Cell? How do you make the most of his attacks this moves these reach? That’s what today’s video is all about our character profile for Cell.

Before we even get to his special moves I want to talk about a couple of moves that are unique to sell in really really strong in battle. And I’m actually going to start with something, that shows up on his move list as a special skill. Which is the step in the low kick with forwarding plus the heavy attack button?

Most characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ will deal a heavy hit with this button combination. That causes the opponent to bounce off the wall. Cell however steps in and kicks low which is a good attack with the decent range for a low attack. But when it comes to low attacks I do think that Cell has an even better option that is not listed on this move list. And I’m talking about the fold plus the medium attack button which does this.




Unofficial name trademark pending. As you can see the range of this low kick is even better it’s great for prolonging combos from mixing up your opponent. And you can even follow up this kick with Cell super so it’s just a great tool for Cell.




This explosion covers pretty much the entire ground and forces the opponent to either jump or block. So it’s an awesome zoning ability and something to keep in mind when playing Cell. Finally, where you’re in the air this special attack button does this.




All right let’s get to his specials Cells first special is the Kamehameha with quarter-circle forward in the special button. while on the ground Cell can direct us to attack forwards or upwards with the directional pad. And you can also shoot the Kamehameha from the air buddy will always shoot it downwards. And this is also his assist tech if Cell is called in from the assist position he will shoot to downwards Kamehameha from the air.




Cell second special attack is the telekinesis crush with quarter-circle backward plus the special button. This is unblockable and it has an insane reach. You can grab an opponent from across the screen. Giving Cell just another incredible zoning ability.

I believe the way to dodge this is to jump which should be doable given the long animation Cell does before activating disability. But still if you’re calling for cysts or mixup with other attacks. It can be easy to hide the animation in the midst of the confusion.




Moving on to his attack strikes first up we’ve got hell strike. Which Cell does with down in the medium attack button while in the air. This is a free teleport. Usually, teleport detects cost bar meter and every character can do those. Including Cell so basically if you want to do a hell strike and link that into a teleport you can totally do that. But hell strike on its own is completely free.

Now it can only be done in the air so your opponent might be on the lookout for that if he sees you’re jumping. So again make sure you mix it up with something. And also this cannot be blocked while crouching the opponent must be either standing up or jumping to block this attack.

So there you go strong abilities from a distance and a way to close in without spending any meter at all. Cell is looking pretty strong so far but we’re not done.




He’s also got other specials that make him really strong a close range like the perfect attack for instance with quarter-circle backward and an attack button. The three attack buttons provide a different finisher for this attack. But they all activate roughly the same with a backflip kick. That has more or less range depending on the attack button you press.

The light attack version ends with our trademark pending slight low kick. So you know you can link it into a super studio so desire. The medium attack version ends with kicking the opponent upwards. And the heavy attack version ends in a wall bounce. All three versions can be followed up with a level  3 super. But only the lights attack version can be followed up to the level 1.

Unless you interrupt this attack before the final hit. Because once you send your opponent flying it’s too late to reach him. There’s another version if you do this attack wall in the air in which Cell comes back to the ground and finishes the opponent with a back-breaking grab. And you can follow this back-breaking grab would pretty much anything you want. Even a super dash to unleash a new combo in the air.




And finally we have Cells final special attack – the rolling crush with quarter-circle forward plus an attack button. Cell hits the opponent a bunch and finishes it with an overhead strike. The attack button you press will determine how far Cell travels with a rolling crush. But no matter what version you do.

You can cancel right after the last hit to combo it into a level 1 or level 3 super. That means you can go straight from an overhead strike into a super attack. And you know what that means right if you can go from the slide low kick trademark pending or the rolling crush into a super. That means you can follow up a super with a low attack or an overhead. So it’s all a matter of mixing up your opponents.

The only downside here is that the rolling crush is very easy to read. Because only the last strike is an overhead. Everything else is a medium attack. So players will have time to react and stand up if they’re blocking low. But still that’s a lot more options than most characters have.




And we talked about supers a bunch so it’s time we cover themselves as two supers a level one and a level three. His level one is called the energy field and you can do it with farcical forwards plus the right bumper or trigger. And it’s a close range explosion that will take you some getting used to.

You’ll find that you can’t really do it in most situations if you’re coming from a key blast character like Goku or Vegeta. But after you practice would sell a little bit. You’ll see that most abilities can actually be linked into the energy field. So it’s just a matter of practice if you’re missing with this ability a lot. Just know that all you need to do is practice practice practice more often than not you’ll need to cancel abilities.

If you want the energy field to hit and it’s also great to use as a counter-attack if the energy field does hit. This is also the perfect setup for a follow-up assist character super. But on the other hand, it’s not the best super if Cell is the one coming in from the assist position to follow up another character super.




And his level 3 is a full-screen key blast that can only be done from the ground. It’s the solar Kamehameha with quarter-circle backward and the right bumper or trigger. And it’s very much what you would expect.




As far as Auto combos go this is what happens when you match the light attack button.




And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button, watch the video below!

And now that we know his abilities, let’s learn how to use them. You may have noticed at this point that Cell is a pretty big guy. And his Reach is definitely relative to his size. Just his normal punches and kicks out range most characters normals. And that’s something you won’t find in any characters move list. So what are his strengths and weaknesses well? I can answer half that question because he doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses in his move sets to be honest. It’s not like he’s a balanced character who can do everything like Goku. But it’s not really an expert’s in particular.

No, he’s actually got some of the best zonings in the game. He’s also really strong at close range. He’s got decent mix-up it’s also got great combo potential. So it’s all about knowing in what to use given the situation and given what you want to do.

You want to keep your distance. Great, use the Kamehameha or the full ground explosion or even the telekinesis crush. And if your opponent rushes you, no problem. Use the hell strike and you’ll teleport to his position and switch sides. Or use the perfect attack which also works as an anti-air move. And just like that, you can kick him off into a distance again.

Or better yet just counter him with an energy field and he’ll think twice before super dashing again. you want to stay close to your opponent and rushing down. Also, bright mix your opponent up with a rolling crush and your step in the low kick. Or our trademark pending slight low kick. But do be careful at close range because I think if Cell has anything that’s close to a weakness is being too close to the opponent. Because of his reach and ranged attacks, I think Cell excels from medium to long distances.

But if you’re too close to your opponent faster characters like Vegeta will have the upper hand. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you just keep your distance I mean if you want to do that. That’s fine Cell is very good at zoning. But if you can somehow get close and still keep those smaller characters out of reach. You’ll do great in melee range as well.