The Final Character: Android 21 – DBFZ

Today the final character for the launch roster of Dragonball FighterZ has been announced. And yes, it is, who we expected but there’s also kind of a curveball there and that’s why I wanted to make a video about it.

Usually, I stay away from videos about scans but this time I want to talk about this character.

I don’t want to talk about gameplay there, there are a few screenshots in there that shows some of these characters abilities. But until we see actual gameplay we don’t really know how they fit into the game or why this character is unique why she plays differently. Yes, it’s a sheet its Android 21.

Everyone knew she was gonna be the last character it would be super weird if she wasn’t playable. But I know until Bandai Namco actually confirmed she would be playable there was still that lingering doubt in the back of our mind.

Is she only in the story mode? Who is she actually part of the roster?

Now we have confirmation but it’s not just Android 21, it’s Majin Android 21. Which kind of confirms some of the rumors and leaks that happened in the past. There was this trailer where you could kind of see a female Majin form in the background. It was very hard to notice but people did notice it and it turns out that’s Android 21.

And here’s what I have to say about this.

I like the original design of Android 21 a lot. The Majin form I don’t like it as much, so the design wise. I’m a little bummed out that I don’t get to play as Android 21 with a lab coat and all that. But on the other hand, Majin Android 21 also has a unique silhouette, and she’s got a tail which I think she’s the second character with the tail in this game.

And I’ve put freezes tail to very good use in the beta so far. So definitely excited to see what she does with it for those who haven’t followed this game as closely as maybe some others have. Android 21 is an original character created for Dragon Ball FighterZ with the help of Akira Toriyama, Akira Toriyama himself designed the character.

I think it’s only fair to assume that he also designed this one and he feels like he’s he’s just pulling all the stops. He’s just kind of merging it’s like a best-of collection of his previous work

We look at this character’s hair and it’s like okay. We’ve had Super Saiyan rose, we’ve had Super Saiyan blue super since been yellow for the longest time let’s give her another color white.

So Super Saiyan white also she’s imagined and she’s an Android 21 and she’s got a freeze a tail. Super Saiyan team freeze Majin Android 21, that’s the full name that just didn’t include it.

Like the other book, Saiyan seems to have some cravings and the cravings on this one seemed to be cupcakes. We can see some victory screens and she’s like: “oh cupcakes”, so cute.

She’s got the solar flare it seems like she can also turn their enemies into chocolates or maybe muffins or cupcakes or whatever she wants to eat. She’s got some huge black and red ki blasts almost like Goku Rose.

And I said it before I think Goku Rose is one of the most visually impressive characters in the current roster. So I’m kind of happy that they’re using this color scheme for someone else because those colors contrast very well with this type of art style.

She’s got a deathball type of attack but we’ll have to wait to see actual gameplay to see how these abilities behave in game.

Now given this crazy mix this crazy best-off all the characters that I’ve designed so far Akira Toriyama. I’m very curious to see the story mode justification for how this character can be.

As she really an Android how does she turn Majin as an Android? That’s something that I don’t want to speculate on because the games coming out next week and we’ll learn very very soon but it did leave me very curious.

Hopefully, they nail it because if they don’t they just get this character this feels super flush. And it feels like it doesn’t fit within the Dragon Ball Canon. Which this game doesn’t have to be canon but it would make it more believable if it fit into that universe, you know.

So yeah hopefully they come up with a good reason for why an Android 21 is now a Majin Android 21 and why does the Majin Android 21 have a tail. That’s also something I would personally like to know. But if you don’t want to answer that during the game I guess I’ll let it slide.

The big question is Android 21 watching now as always huge shout out to shun and Gamescom they do some amazing work with these scans every single month. They bring us the news this early so just go check out their website, if you want some more news on anime games. Really Really awesome folks.

And if you want to get to know Android 21 a little bit better, you’re gonna have to play through story mode which this time around and Dragon Ball FighterZ it will be a replayable story mode.

Check it out right here to know what we’re talking about or if you’re in the mood for something else.

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