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Kid Buu Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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What’s up dudes max here back to another Dragonball FighterZ breakdown. Today focusing on another character which is sort of a deviation from a character we’ve seen in the game at first launch which was Buu.

And I really want to focus a bit on Kid Buu because he does alter quite a bit in terms of some of the other characters that are in the game that of other variances. We literally just talked about Gohan and how he’s changing between his adult and teen version.

And this is another pretty good example of that. So let’s go ahead and find out the differences. Again, this was footage taken from a special event at Bandai Namco where they gave us a special opportunity to cover some of the game. but there were a very limited time constraints of my apologies there’s not a ton of footage and I didn’t get a ton of time. But just enough to understand what the hell Kid Buu is about.

Now the biggest question you have is that if Kid Buu is going to be as similar to Fat Buu that we’ve seen earlier in the videos in the beta everything like that. And luckily my answer to that is no. He’s actually quite a bit different while having a few similarities he is fundamentally a different character outside of just his stature. He’s the longer a fat character he has transformed into a smaller stature character.

So he’s more difficult to hit but it’s kind of hard to say whether or not this one dishes out more or less damage. It’s a little weird because the damage values of the game are kind of all over the place right now and they said they’re tweaking them so leave that as it is. I think that Kid Buu does pretty good damage now let’s talk about his specials.

The mystic ball attack is what everyone was expecting. This move is performed either in the air or on the ground and it’s essentially your go-to combo ender.

The interesting thing about the e X version or the one that uses meat or the heavy version is the fact that it does set up for eight combos after you’re left in a state where they’re kind of juggling with the opponent.

And you can hit buttons to extend the combo even further. So like other characters like Cell that use their ex-special moves that leave two actual more combos, this is kind of similar with Kid Buu which I do like and is going to lead to some pretty creative and crazy-looking stuff.

Especially converting from the air to the ground. The mystic arms swing is a command grab that grabs characters out of the sky.

I wasn’t entirely sure if this grabs blocking opponents but I don’t think it does I believe this is a physical hit grab meaning that you have to hit them with it.

But luckily Buu has some fairly interesting attacks his sweep attack puts his foot through the ground just like in the show as he knocks you up into the sky and you can do this a couple of times and go straight into this attack bringing them back down to the ground.

The e^x version puts them into a slightly more drugged level state but I wasn’t entirely sure if you could get a combo after this. However with many other characters assists that lead to a lot of different opportunities for combos.

That we haven’t seen yet you definitely can throw out an assist after this and then follow up with the pursuit attack and get a full aerial combo. It’s pretty damn cool looking like you rip them from the sky and reminds me a lot of what piccolo does with his stretchy arm attacks as well.

That’s about it for kid booze physical special moves. However, his key blast attacks have three different specials. And the first one is the candy beam.

This thing is pretty fast. But I do not believe was any different than a regular projectile this is also good for combo Enders. It looks really cool it practically looks like a super and it ends with Kid Buu.

Essentially just eating the hell out of you. However, I wasn’t sure if this had a special property to it because this was in training mode when I did try this whether or not it absorbs enemy life and gives it to you or meter or anything like that. It just looks like a very cinematic finishing projectile attack that you want to use at the end of combos.

Now the move that’s gonna be really good and possibly one of kid boos best moves is called the arm ball. He shoots out a projectile that is thrown from his arms and hovers around the opponent for quite some time hitting them multiple times.

This thing just seems incredibly good not only does it hold your opponent in space. It holds them an opportunity for you to get in getting damaged follow up with like a launcher or a smash attack. Tagging your other character anything like that. This is extremely good for tag-team fighting games and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the things that makes Kid Buu probably a very good character.

Kid Buu also has an aerial Kamehameha you can only perform this in the air which is standard fare for Kamehameha specials in the game. And he only has two supers to compliment this special move toolset.

The first one is the human extinction attack which sends a ton of projectiles to the top of the screen as they come to Cassie down hitting the opponent.

The cool thing is on the way up these projectiles can also hit the opponent as well as on the way down.

So if you have an opportunity to DHC into this or set something up for another character. This thing can be extremely good because the damage on the way up catches the opponent and if it carries them down it does even more.

So we’re talking about very effective level ones. This might be a very good one and Kid Buu does seem to have a couple of tools. That might make him once again a pretty good character.

Kid Buu another level one is called the pearl flash.

And he essentially pounds his chest and dies towards the opponent in a very weird and awkward angle. This is essentially the only other level one he’s going to have to convert from the air.

Because you can do it from the ground or in the air, I’m kind of curious if this thing has any other properties in terms of like invincibility or if you could just plow through other attacks. But want the weight and do some testing to see how good pearl flash is because the damage alone does not seem amazing.

Of course, his level three is the planet burst.

And this one is your usual fair cinematic huge-ass level three does pretty good damage the best part is that. It’s an aerial super as well as a grounded one. So if you want to convert to big damage, you can get that from an air combo any conversion from the ground.

It’s one of the best aspects of some level threes in this game because many characters level threes are either performed just the air or the ground. And Kid Buu gets Bowl.

One of the other big notable things I wanted to mention this character is that similar to Buu.

Buu had a huge amount of stretching attacks where he can sort of lunge his head and punch forward and convert damage from that. And it did a lot of damage because it was heavy. Kid Buu has an insane normal which is either his crouching medium or a standing medium.

We showed the crouching medium how he sort of steps through the ground this seems to cover a pretty damn crazy amount of space. But his standing medium in the air or on the ground is ridiculous. It takes the character from a distance and pulls him forward which is awesome, to say the least.

Kid Buu definitely is going to have some kind of insane stuff with this because once he pulls himself over. He can go for cross-ups almost anything of that. That he chooses to go for a pursuit attack to keep them neutral like this is gonna be a really good tool for this character.

I do see a lot of potential with Kid Buu and I feel like. I like him a little bit more than regular Buu as of right now her fat boo. so I want to play more with them. I like the fact that he’s incredibly evil and a lot of his animations have some great flourishes and stuff.

So once again, I like the really bad guys in a lot of this game so far. And I just kind of want to see more of that so in the future I hope we just get more kind of characters to compliment this. That’s all I was able to get for Kid Buu right now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and as always I’m going to leave you guys with a couple of combos.

They was able to figure out with the character nothing too crazy we didn’t have that much time but stay tuned we’re gonna have more Dragonball FighterZ breakdowns and let me know which character you’d like to see next as always guys thank you a ton for watching appreciate the thumbs up my name is Max and I’ll see you next time.



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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball ZighterZ video. Today dbfgame.net presents a character profile for Android 18.

Android 18 was created by Dr. Gero with the purpose of destroying Goku. But as fate would have it, she ended up turning from Android to human. And from the villain’s side, she came over to the hero’s side. she did not do this alone. however at her side was always her twin brother Android 17 and in Dragon Ball FighterZ these two fights together as one. making this a unique character.

Before we even get specials and supers. There’s this unique attack that this character can perform by hitting back and a special button. Android 17 comes in and throws some ki blast allowing a teen to move freely while this happens. this is a great way to put some pressure on your opponents from a distance with 17 as you try to get closer with 18.

But now let’s get the specials. Android 18’s first special is the destructo-disc quarter circle forward plus the special button throws a simple ki blast that goes across the screen.

Alike Krillin, you cannot throw multiple Destructo-disc and unlike Frieza, these do not come back to hit you in the face. It is as simple as it gets.

The things do start to get a bit more complicated on our second special attack and that’s the barrier. This is one of the moves that makes Android 18 very unique: down down + the special button absorbs pretty much any attack and turns it into the meter.

And when I say it absorbs pretty much any attack. I mean melee strikes key blasts and even level 3 supers are powerless against this thing. This is also why 18 is good to have on your squad because her assist attack is actually the barrier.

So at any moment by just tapping the assist button 18 will come out and absorb the enemy’s attack. The barrier does require some practice and some precise timing. But it’s an easy way to fill up your meter incredibly fast. Which in turn allows a teen to spend supers all the time.

Moving on to the attack specials the first one is the back grab quarter circle forward and an attack button.

Executes this very close range command grab. It is very hard to execute thanks to its very short range. And it’s also very hard to lean into combos given its long animation.

But it is a good mix up and that’s really one of 18 strengths trapping. Opponents in a corner and once you get him blocking hit him with a background. All three variants are hard to connect. But if you do connect the light attack version can’t really be followed up by anything. The medium attack version can be followed up by an array of abilities and the same goes for the X version.

The second attack special is called the support attack quarter-circle backward and an attack button. Android 18 calls Android 17 to support her with a melee combo.

This is your go-to ability to apply pressure. It has a very high range on whatever version you activate the light or medium. But the medium attack version will deal more damage since 17 will stay in the field for longer and perform a bigger combo. While in the air disability changes a bit with 17 performing the same melee combo or activating the barrier himself.

The X version of this move is very special and unique. once you execute it 17 will show up and have a really big monologue. During this time if your opponent calls in any assist here’s what 17 will do.

Now you’ll probably still take the damage from the assist character. That 17 will punish him for coming into the field.And chances are he’ll catch the active character as well. So, in the end, you’ll be dealing more damage than receiving.

Now, do you bear in mind that you need to anticipate your opponent calling in and assist you can’t simply react. Because once the assist is out 17 won’t attack him. You’ve got to have 17 readies before the assistance calls which makes this a very high-level ability.

What if you do the ex-version of the support attack and Android 17 is ready to punish an assist character. Butter your opponent’s assist is actually Android 18 doing the barrier huh. What do you think happens next.

Convening of supers Android 18 has two supers at her disposal, a level one and a level three.her level one is called energy wave.

This is one of the easiest supers to connect in the entire game 18 teleports directly above the opponent and shoots directly downward. Meaning you can do it in pretty much any situation if your opponent is moving too much horizontally you might miss.

So this is not a great ability to use when your opponent does a super dash for instance. But if you combo this with any of your abilities you will hit nine out of ten times.

And her level 3 super is the Accel dance. Android 18 and Android17 lunge forward horizontally either on the ground or in the air. Its range is pretty decent not fullscreen but close enough and after the activation, the tweens perform a combo and the opponent finishing him off with a key blast each.

if Krillin is in your team and is alive this super actually has a different animation. Where Krillin will replace Android 17 and shoot a Kamehameha wave. But the super behaves exactly the same does the same damage the only thing that changes is the animation.

As far as Auto combo 1 this is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

And now that we know her abilities let’s look at how to use them.

I want to preface this bit with a disclaimer Android 18 is probably my worst character in Dragon Ball ZighterZ. And I believe I understand the theory, but without being able to execute it in practice.

I would advise you to take my advice with a grain of salt. Android 18 is one of the strongest mixes of characters in the current roster. I’d put her up there with Piccolo as such she will be a high-level character to play.

She’s not really something I’d recommend for beginners. It’s not very easy to do big combos with her, our abilities are tough to land and chain together. She’ll definitely take more practice than usual.

That’s probably because she’s a really strong character at opening up her opponent. just like she opened up Krillin.

If you know what I mean having the ability to call in seventeen to perform a big combo while you have free control of 18 is a great way to put pressure on an opponent. Suddenly he’s being hit by two characters at the same time. This gives you time to think while the opponent has to be worried about Android 17 attacking him.

So you can plan exactly how you’re gonna fix him up and how you’re gonna open him up to an attack. The problem is once you hit him it’s not like she can do some crazy big combos for big amounts of damage. So what usually happens after you hit an opponent is you just do a minor combo and link it.

Into your level 1 super which you can hit in pretty much any situation. Now on the bright side, she has a barrier shield which is just an awesome way to counter any opponent’s attack. If you can see it coming you can turn an enemy attack into the free meter. And that allows you to use your level 1 super witch again you can just use in pretty much any situation and then follow up with another character for bigger damage.

So if you have another character who’s capable of bigger damage. Just get Android 17 to gather some free energy for you by tapping. That assist button just like Krillin tap that ass.

The best Android 18 players that I saw were really good at getting past my guard but right after they did that they rarely went into some very big combos. They pretty much just went into their level one super every single time.

Android 18 is great for mix-up she’s great for a gathering meter for your really strong characters. And that’s gonna be a very specific advantage in something. You might want to have on your team of three but again it’s something kind of specific and not very beginner friendly.

Thank you for watching another DBFZ character profile. Next time we’re going back to your request to make sure you leave them in the comments down below according to my math.

There’s also the video at the bottom but as always thank you very much for reading and I’ll see you guys next time boy.


Future Trunks Combos – Tricks & Tips – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball FighterZ tricks. Today dbfgame.net presents a character profile for Future Trunks.

After seeing his world destroyed by the Androids, Trunks travelled back in time to warn the earth warriors of the threat that was to come. This journey allowed him to meet his father for the very first time and become powerful enough to deal with his threat on his own. When he returned to his timeline in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Trunks is a balanced character with an above-average reach thanks to his sword a few Zoning options. As well as a good mix up capability.

Trunks first special attack is the Masenko which he learned from Gohan in the future timeline. The Masenko is a full-screen ki blast that has about the same priority as your typical Kamehameha. Meaning that it’s better than your regular ki blast. And you can use this to punish a super dash.

From second special attack is Change the Future. Trunks dash you’re slower than unleashes a huge blast at the enemy’s feet. You can do this with quarter-circle backwards and the special button.

And if you hold down the special button, you will actually fake this move. Trunks will dash forward but he won’t unleash the explosion. So if you’re playing against a more experienced player, you can’t use this. Because they’ll probably block to avoid being damaged by that attack.

So by faking your opponent, you can close in the distance and link it into some other move. Against beginners though they’ll likely just see this as a normal dash and trying to punish you for doing so. So don’t use this fake if you’re at the beginner level.

Moving on to Trump’s attack specials quarter-circle forward and an attack button does the Shining slash. Which is an overhead slash which can be done in the air and on the ground. This gives Trump some mix of ability by being able to quickly transition from a normal combo into an overhead strike.

This is your go-to move if your opponent is blocking low and depending on the heights. That you have when performing this move or how far in the air you are. You can even link it into your level 1 super which we’ll talk about a bit more later in the video.

And our last special attack from Trunks is the quarter circle backwards and an attack button. It’s called the cyclone buster. And it’s a very unique ability, that can be used in a variety of ways.

Depending on whether you hit the light or medium attack, Trunks will roll forwards or backwards. Through our testing, we figure this ability does not damage the enemy.

Even though Trunks is rolling up with a sword, Trunks does not turn into Sonic. This seems to be purely a movement ability that allows you to get in and out of trouble very quickly.

I always use this move to close in the distance that link it into a combo or if my opponent was blocking. I used it to back out before my opponent was able to counter. Furthermore, Trunks is able to interrupt this move in mid-air by pressing the special button in which he shoots a key blast downwards.

So to the best of my understanding, this is the ability that allows Trunks to jump in and out of danger with some relative ease. If you master this ability, you can be aggressive without fear of being punished by an opponent. In situations where other characters would just be completely screwed.

Moving on to the super attacks, Trunks has two supers a level one and a level three. His level one is fairly straightforward it’s the burning attack. And as you would expect Trunks shoot to key blasts forward, that travels horizontally.

This super can only be performed while on the ground which makes it a little less versatile than most level 1 supers. Or at least most projectile supers like the super kamehameha or the Big Bang attack.

And his level 3 super is the heat dome attack. And its activation is actually a grab. So Trunks must be in very close range to his opponents for this to connect. But it does go through block.

However, because you can equate it to a command grab, it actually has very low animation priority. If an opponent is rushing you there’s a very good chance, they’ll interrupt your super either by connecting a special attack or even by just punching you. That is enough to interrupt this super.

But if you do connect this super is very impressive visuals.

As far as Auto combo 1, Trunks has two of them just like everyone else. This is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack.

And now with the abilities out of the way let’s learn how to use them.

At the beginning of this video, I described Trunks as a balanced character with good abilities for zoning and mix-up. And after showing you what makes Trunks special. It should be pretty obvious why. Is amassing Coe is as good as a Zoning ability as it gets in this game. And paired up will change the future.

Which in spite having Trunks lunch forward before the explosion. It’s done from a distance it can still be used on an opponent that’s far away. Since the explosion still covers a big portion of the screen. And even Trunks normal key blasts can be very useful.

Especially, when it does it while jumping. And when paired up with a cyclone buster then it’s not only good zoning. It’s also good mix up when an opponent is blocking an attack. They are usually searching for an opening to counter.

But with disability Trunks can deny them that opening by jumping backwards mid combo which can totally up an opponent for one of his ranged options.

Furthermore his Shining slash covers a very good business. And anyone who plays fighting games knows how valuable an overhead ability with this type of reach is.

He’s not the best in the game. I’d still rank Piccolo and Android 18 above him in terms of mix-up. But has got the ability to get in and out of danger quickly and some very good ranged options to make up for it.

So Trunks is a very good character at opening up his opponents, but what about finishing. them well that’s when things get a little tougher. And Dragon Ball fires you’ll find that some characters can only execute supers while they’re on the ground and that’s exactly the case with Trunks.

Plus Trunks doesn’t have a lot of combos that setup your opponent perfectly for super. So whether or not you can lend a super at the end of a combo ends up being very situational and that will be something that takes some getting used to.

Especially, if you’re coming from more beginner friendly characters like Goku and Vegeta. So in my opinion that really is Trunks biggest weakness.

He’s got to mix up he’s got the zoning, he’s even got a lot of combo potential. But when it comes to finishing his opponents with a super he won’t always be able to do it.

Besides his level 3 is very hard to link into any combo. So it’s really meant to be used at close range on the blocking opponent. And literally anything can interrupt it so it ends up not being the most reliable either.

So the summarize great opening character not a great finisher. I bet my is rethinking her life choices right about now.

That was the character profile for Trunks. If you’ve got any questions post them in the comments down below.And always thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time boy.


Majin Buu Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Today we present a character profile for Majin Buu.  Majin Buu is a big guy both vertically and horizontally. But this gives him a very decent reach especially since it can stretch his own limbs. However, it doesn’t have that many long-range attacks which makes the medium range his preferred zone of operation.

Well, let’s start by looking at his abilities. If you jump in the hit to heavy attack button, Buu will stretch his arm and try to hit an opponent.

This is great for zoning for retreating for interrupting a charging enemy. There are a lot of great uses for this one to just keep this tool in mind.

Moving on to his special attacks we start with sweeping breath with quarter-circle forward and a special button.

Buu blows this pink breath at the opponent which covers about half the screen. So once again the midrange is really where he shines. Nothing special about this attack. It’s really fast to make up for its lack of range.

This is also his assistant AK and it’s just one of boos zoning options. You can prolong some combos using this but mainly uses for zoning.

The second special attack is the potbelly attack with photo simple backward and the special button.

Boom removes part of himself and throws it at the enemy. This projectile describes an arc while traveling through the air. And it can hit the opponent at any time during this travel. If they’re not blocking they’ll become trapped for a very short period of time.

But a Dragon Ball FighterZ with a short period of time is enough to dish out some serious damage. So this is yet another zoning ability that doesn’t really deal a lot of damage to the enemy. It’s more of a setup ability that allows you to follow up with a combo or super really anything you can think of it.

Moving on to his attack specials we begin with a mount dive with your quarter circle forward and the attack button.

You will jump forward. And if he hits the opponent’s with his but will beat the crap out of them depending on the attack button. You press the light medium or heavy the mount dive will cover more or less distance. With the heavy attack version actually tracking the enemy position.

Now, this is a great combo finisher. There are a lot of combos that you can end by using the mount dive. And it can also be easily linked to booths level 1 or level 3 super.

If you’re a close range you will actually hit the opponent while jumping up and then again once. It lands and beats him up but the jumping up part. It’s important to keep in mind because that can be the difference between.

Alo if you miss the mount dive but land really close to your opponent they will actually become staggered for a little. Bit booze a heavy dude and he shakes the ground.

So well that might not be great to give you any real openings for a combo or something else. It’s great for staggering the enemy preventing him from countering you.

Now that you’ve missed the mount dive whose final special attack is the cartwheel with quarter-circle backward. And an attack button and Buu will like the name says to do a cartwheel backward.

This is very much a counter you can use this to end combos too. But it’s not as easy to connect with the Super as the mount dive it is possible.

But it will require some practice I do believe that this is mainly a counter or an anti-air mode. This can be used to counter a super dash or any rush down type character.

If they’re in your face cartwheel will hit them back. And then put some distance between you and your opponent. So you can go back to the mid-range where booth thrives the mobile.

Moving on to his supers Majin Buu is pretty simple with a level one and a level three both of them can only be performed while on the ground.

His level one is called You know what I hate you with quarter-circle forward and the right bumper or trigger.

This is the easiest super tool and in the entire game because it just covers the whole screen. The entire thing so no matter where your opponent is if he’s not blocking he’s gonna get hit.

If you land a super with another character and then follow up with Buu, you don’t need to practice the range. You don’t need to practice the positioning. you’ll just always hit the enemy.

So that’s a great tool to have but what about is level 3 with proto so go backward and the right bumper or trigger. You have your my snack now which is a horizontal projectile.

It’s a bit slow by Dragon Ball Fighter standards. But if it hits the opponent, it turns them into a cookie. And then Buu it’s the cookie. That’s what it does.

Now if this move kills an enemy they will stay inside bruise belly. If not they’ll be spit back out. Now, this still some decent damage but more importantly this can heal Majin Buu.

If you’ve got any blue health, you’ll heal at least an amount of it while dealing damage to the opponent. So that’s a nice bonus but what’s more impressive about the super.

And this isn’t anything gameplay relevant is that the devs actually designed a cookie version for every single character in the roster. Just in case they get hit for this level 3. And that’s just incredible.

As far as aural combos go this war happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

And now that we know his moves here are some quick tips on how to use them.

Majin Buu as we’ve said repeatedly thrives at the medium range. He doesn’t have a lot of long-range options. So he might not be as good of as owner as the best in the game like Frieza or Cell.

But at the midrange, he can compete with pretty much anyone at close range. However, he’s gonna take some getting used to. because most of his normals are actually pretty slow or slower than the other characters.

In tester and that’s something that you need to learn and master about food. you’re not gonna get away with button mashing. If you’re playing against a faster character at close range like Vegeta or Gohan.

If you encounter a rush down type like this, use cartwheel to counter their rush. You can also find openings in every single character but that opening is gonna take some getting used to. Because Buu moves are just a little bit slower.

So if you use your cartwheel you’ll go back to your mid-range. Which is really the zone. Where you’re comfortable where most of your moves are more effective.

These supers also make very versatile. Because even though his level one covers the entire screen. And it’s very easy to use and his level three .actually gives them some more longevity. Since you can recover blue health without you having to swap him out.

As far as combos go my recommendation is to finish them with a mount dive. While you’re learning this character because the mount dive can easily be linked with his level 1 or level 3 super. So you can spend as much meter as you want. And when you can’t go for combos just try to stay in the midrange and uses stretchy limbs the sweeping breath or even his pork belly attack.

And that’s the character profile for Majin Buu. Thank you, everyone, for your support for all of these character profiles. So far we’ll be back with this series once we get our hands on some more characters.


Vegeta Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to now the dragon ball fighters video. Today dbfgame.net presents a character profile for Vegeta. One of the first villains of Dragon Ball Z turned into one of the strongest heroes of the entire series. The Prince of all Saiyans is a rushdown type of character with very high mobility, strong on both the ground and in the air.

His first special attack is the super dash kick. Quarter dash circle forward and an attack button will unleash a forward lunging kick.

The lie dash detection is the most basic one but since it’s so fast it can easily catch opponents off guard. The medium attack version has a bit more range,  but loses that surprise element since Vegeta kicks twice before the actual dash kick.

However if performed at close range it will actually deal more damage than the lied dash tagging version. But it’s easier for the opponent to see it coming if you do it from long range. The ex version of this move has the best of both worlds.

It has both the range and a surprise element. As this version of the move will always go through the entire screen. Now bear in mind that if you’re close to the opponent the move will still take Vegeta to the other side of the screen.

So you will land far away from your opponent after  connecting this move making it hard to follow up with most attacks. But if you’re far away to begin with then you’ll end up close after connecting and potentially be able to follow up with almost anything you’d want.

Since the medium attack version is easy to see coming from a distance. Your opponent will most likely block your attack. If this happens you’ll actually cross over to your opponent’s back so make sure to follow up accordingly.

If the opponent wants to punish you for missing that special attack, you need to hold block in the opposite direction. But the best way you can use this move is to prolong combos both on the ground and in the air.

Vegeta second special attack is the crusher knee kick.

Quarter-circle backwards and an attack button unleashes this diagonal upwards attack. This is Vegeta’s anti-air option. The light attack version hits you with an E, the medium hits with the knee and follows up with the downward kick knocking the opponent into the ground.

And the e X version does exactly the same, but with several hits during the knee phase, which feels a bit more damage.

Crusher knee kick is one of the best anti-air options in the entire game with barely any wind-up animation. It is very fast. It has good animation priority. And it is a very reliable tool for when you’re opponent is attacking from the air.

Vegeta’s third special attack is the ki blast rush.

Quarter circle forward plus the special button and leashes a series of key blasts from range. If you do this while in the air the key blast will be shot towards the ground diagonally. This special attack is slightly faster than simply spamming the key blast button.

But its effect is very similar. And the attack properties are also identical. Meaning if you can super dash through regular key blasts, your opponent can also super dash through your key blast rush.

And since you’re stuck in the animation for a while this becomes a very easy move to punish if you use recklessly.

Vegeta’s final special attack is the intercept kick.

While in the air pressing down plus the light attack button has Vegeta performing a downward kick. Catching opponents off guard has he quickly descends from the air. Transitioning quickly from air combat to ground combat.

This is also a very good way to close in the distance, getting closer to your opponent where Vegeta is strongest.

Moving on to his super attacks Vegeta has two supers at his disposal a level one and a level three. His level one super is the BIGBANG attack. This can be performed with quarter-circle forward followed by the right bumper or right trigger.

Vegeta shoots a huge key blast that travels very fast across the entire screen. But since it’s not a giant key wave like the kamehameha. For example, it requires a more precise timing in some situations.

While on the ground performing this move with the right bumper or trigger will do exactly the same. But while on the air, right bumper will shoot the BIGBANG attack forward and right trigger will shoot it downward. So while you’re in the air, keep this in mind and follow up with the ppropriate button.

His strongest attack his level 3 super is the final flash. This is a full-screen key wave that works both on the ground and in the air. But unlike the BIGBANG attack, it cannot be redirected. The final flash will always be shot horizontally from the position you’re in.

Moving on to auto combos, Vegeta has two of them just like every other character. This is what happens when you match the wide attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

Once again bear in mind that the second Auto combo ends in super, so it will spend 1 bar of meter. And in the off chance that your opponent bounces off a wall the auto combo will be smart enough to shoot the big bang attack in the right direction.

And now that we know Vegeta’s moves here are some tips on how to use them. Vegeta is all about getting in close and using his abilities to deal heavy damage to an opponent. And this is because outside of his supers. It doesn’t really have a lot of ranged options.

His ki blasts rush is one of the easiest abilities to counter as you can simply super dash right through the ki blasts. And Vegeta will be stuck in that animation for a while. Making this one of the weakest ranged attacks in the entire game. All of his other abilities are meant to be used for closing in the gap. Yhey may have a lot of range but they’re meant to be used to get in close where Vegeta school potential can be unleashed.

As I mentioned the crusher knee kick is one of the strongest anti-air moves in the game. It makes it very easy to counter a jumping opponent or a reckless super dash which is what most beginners do. So Vegeta will be crushing a lot of casuals for sure. Any of the 3 variants of this move can be followed up with a big bang attack, whether you hit the light medium or heavy attack buttons.

You can always follow it up with a downward big bang attack. The lie detector gene can even be followed up with his final flash. So if you want a very easy way to land a level 3, there you go.

You see a super dash coming crush your knee kick to punish that followed by the final flash done. Super dash kick is your go-to special move to prolong combos or simply to apply pressure to an opponent. If your adversary is blocking all of your attacks, the ex version of this move can be a very good way to put in some distance. Before he can punish you and if you do land this attack you can always follow it up with any of your supers as well.

And speaking of supers Vegeta is going to require some practice. Not a lot but since his Big Bang attack is not a full-screen ki wave. The ability requires a bit more precision on the timing than your typical kamehameha.

And this is especially the case when you’re following up another super with Vegeta coming in from the assist position. So don’t be surprised if you end up missing your super for a couple of matches while you get the hang of it. Because once you overcome that hurdle, you’ll find Vegeta supers very easy to land in almost any situation.