How old is Goku?

You could safely say that Goku is the strongest Z fighter, he is a nice dude that always tries to get better at what he does best, fighting. He is the main hero in Dragon Ball, but how old is he? That’s what we’re gonna find out.

Today we are going to find out how old Goku really is. So let’s start doing the math. And if you think that Goku is the best hero ever created hit that like button as hard as you can but please don’t break your device.

Goku was born in April 16 age 736 in planet Vegeta. We’re gonna use this age because it’s the one in the Manga, in the anime he was born in age 737.

Three years later in age 739, right before the destruction of planet Vegeta he is sent to earth.

Then he is found by Grandpa Gohan and in age 749 dragon ball starts, he meets Bulma, Master Roshi, Krillin, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar and he starts training with Master Roshi. By now he is a 13-year-old that looks like a five-year-old.

Time keeps moving and in age 753 he fights King Piccolo but he is defeated. Then three more years pass and in age he is 20.

This is the same year he fights piccolo in the world martial arts tournament number 23, is engaged to Chichi and marries her.

One year later in age he becomes a father when Gohan is born. A little more time passes and Dragonball Z starts in age 761.

He meets his brother Raditz and sacrifices himself to ensure that Raditz is defeated. At this point he is 25. Here is when he goes to the other world and starts training with King Kai.

This is the first time he dies and we have to add that too but we will add it at the end when we have his age because if not it will be very confusing.

The same thing goes for the time he’s training in the hyperbolic time chamber.

Then he is revived one year later in age 762. From age 762 to 764 he fights against Vegeta and Nappa, turns into a Super Saiyan for the first time, defeats Frieza and Future Trunks arrives to give him the heart medicine.

In age 767 the androids arrive, he suffers the heart virus, Cell shows up, Goku trains in the hyperbolic time chamber and sacrifices himself again to save everyone from Cell. Now he is 31.

He goes to the other world and he’s there until age 774 when Majin Buu arrives. They finally revive Goku and he defeats Kid Buu with the help of Vegeta and Hercule. By now he’s 38 years old.

We fast forward a few more years and in age 778 he turns super saying God for the first time. Now he is 42.

From here on the events of Dragon Ball Super occur and in age the tournament of power takes place. And this is where they were when I was making the video.

Then who knows what happens between him and Jiren but we know that everything worked out at the end because at age 780 the end of dragon ball Z arrives. At this Point Goku is 48 years old.

But now we have to add the fact that he was dead for a lot years and he went into the hyperbolic time chamber more than once. So let’s see. He is dead for one year after Raddiz and seven years after cell. That is a total of eight years in the other world. So now if we subtract that to and we get 40.

Now we have to add the time in the Time Chamber. He went in once in Dragonball for about two hours so we’re not gonna count that one. But When he was training for Cell he went in for one day which is one year and then for the tournament against universe six he went in for three days which makes it three years. And that is a total of 4 years in the time chamber.

So now we add those four years to 40 since he was aging during that time and we get 44. Which means that if I did the math right Goku is 48 but physically 44 at the end of dragon ball Z.

Now, if you want to see how old he was at the end of Dragon Ball GT keep watching. Dragon Ball GT starts five years later in age 789. And in age leaves and nows he is 54 but has the body of a little kid.

Then 100 years later we see Goku one last time. So at the end of Dragon Ball GT Goku is 154 years old, but physically since he looks just like he did in the beginning of GT we will say that he looks around 53. I don’t know how that happened but hey this is Dragon Ball.

And there you have it feel free to correct me if I made a mistake.

Thank you, and do not forget Goku is a superhero in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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