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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball FighterZ tips and tricks. Today presents a character profile for Android 16.

They used to be the defining traits of Android 16. But now we know he is so much more: a lover of nature, a good guy really deep down. And in Dragon Ball FighterZ is all about giving everyone some free hugs.

His first special attack is the dynamite driver with quarter circle forward and an attack button.

The lie detector version must be done from very close range as Android 16 grabs the opponent right in front of him and slams him into the ground.

The medium attack version lunges forward before grabbing the opponent and then instead of slamming him into the ground. Android 16 throws the opponent for a wall bounce making it easier to follow up with other moves. The X version does virtually the same as the medium attack version but would slightly increase range.

The second special is very similar to the dynamite driver but executed in the air. It also has a different name despite the effect being so similar it’s called the flying slide powerbomb. Even the button inputs are the same as the dynamite driver but it has to be done in the air.

The light attack version just attempts to grab the opponent right in front of you.

The medium attack version lunges forward before grabbing the opponent and.

The eX-version with a heavy attack button has the same range and effect as the medium attack what happens a lot faster.

Unlike the dynamite driver all three versions of this move end in the same way. So can follow all of them up with a super attack if you so desire.

His third ability is yet another powerbomb quarter-circle backward and an attack button unless the flying powerbomb.

This is Android 16 anti-air measure. Android 16 always jumps at an angle but to higher the attack button. The further he can reach with the light attack button being almost fully vertical. And the heavy attack button covering half the screen.

The flying powerbomb ends just like the flying slide powerbomb. Meaning that you can follow it up with a super attack. If you so desire just like you would with a flying slide powerbomb.

Android 16 final special attack is the hell heat where Android 16 shoots blast doors the ground either straight down or diagonally. If you want to shoot it straight down you can do it with quarter-circle backward and the special button.

If you want to shoot it diagonally, use quarter circle forward the special button. As you can see this ability does not have a lot of range. Meaning it’s meant to be used up close and preferably in the air. But it is definitely not one of Android 16 best abilities.

Moving on to his super attacks, Android 16 has three supers a level one super and to level three supers. His level one is the hell flash, executed with quarter circle forward and the right bumper or trigger. Android 16 shoots his cannon arm down at an angle. So it’s not a great super to use from across the screen.

In fact, all of these supers are meant to be used up close, and the best way to do it is usually at the end of a combo. Which frequently ends up being at the end of one of the power bombs. And in that situation, hell flash works perfectly.

His first level 3 is very similar but deals more damage. It’s called the hell flash full power and is done with quarter-circle backward and the right bumper.

But Android 16s abilities are really easy to chain together. So if you’re following a power bump, you should have no problem unleashing a level 3 when you need to.

And his final super attack is also a level 3 and is something very very special. It’s called the final power that shouldn’t be used. And it’s a self-destruct ability that kills the enemy no matter how much health he has left.

Android 16 will be left with a single point of HP but the healthy previously had turned into blue health, meaning you can recover it by swapping Android 16 out into the assist position or by using sparking blasts. And if you do choose to use sparking blast the health regeneration is incredibly high in this specific situation.

Even if your whole team is alive their health regeneration after this level 3 super is just insane. As you activated to Android 16 will have a big animation and this can’t be interrupted by most attacks.

You can’t block this super, you can’t dodge it by dashing backward. So it’s very easy to panic when you see it. But it’s actually very easy to dodge this attack. All you have to do is simply jump. And since the attack takes a long time to be activated. That will make this very hard to land on more experienced players.

There are some other ways to dodge this level 3 super like a teleport for instance or even some super attacks that teleport your character somewhere else. But other than that Android 16 super will usually take priority.

As far as Auto combos, Android 16 has two of them. This is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

And now that we know Android 16 abilities, let’s talk about how to use them.

Android 16’s biggest strength is arguably his animation priority on pretty much everything he does. Many of his special moves go through even level 3 supers. Making them incredibly useful to counter enemies in pretty much any situation. The fact that he can grapple an enemy both on the ground and in the air and then follow up with a super or an assist swap.

Means you’ll constantly be punishing your opponent for anything they do. And this applies some huge pressure on your opponent. Because you keep countering them they become lost they don’t know what to do. And if they get to that point, then you’ve already won the fight, Android 16 can just overpower anything they throw at you with any of these moves.

And you don’t even need to go as far as the special moves. His heavy attack on. Its own for instance is incredibly strong. Most characters cant counter a super dash with a well time to have you attack but with Android 16 that’s even easier. Because the animation priority is longer and Android 16 actually jumps forward while doing this attack.

Meaning it’s super easy to catch your opponent. What’s more is that while you’re in the air the heavy attack also causes the enemy to wall bounce while most characters have the attack in the air just knock the enemy back into the ground.

And that’s amazing because it allows Android 16 to follow up on air combos without spending any VARs of a meter in ways that most characters cannot. The biggest downside to playing Android 16 is the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of Zoning options for him to be efficient.

He needs to be either at close range or spending meter on the EX version of these moves to counter an opponent from a distance. And that is not an easy thing to do. so Android 16 is probably gonna struggle against strong zoning characters. Because you can’t get in close and there’s not much you can do from a distance.

Android 16 is all about the hugs and the hugs happen when you’re close to your opponents and not all the way across. The screen once you do hug your opponent though chances are your combo will end with one of the power bombs. Which can be followed by either one of the hell flash supers the level 1 or the level 3 both work fine here. It’s just a matter of how much you have and how much you want to spend.

Android 16 is a menacing powerhouse with a very specific weakness. That not every player knows how to take advantage of making him extremely powerful and very fun to play.

Thank you for watching this character profile for Android 16. He is currently my strongest character without a shadow of a doubt. And I was happy to see some of you requesting this character in one of our previous posts. Always thank you very much for watching my name’s Luke and I’ll see you next time.

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