Captain Ginyu | Commander of THE GINYU FORCE

Captain Ginyu is the commander, and also the captain of THE GINYU FORCE (Frieza‘s best squad).

He is tall, muscular and has purple skin. He is very concerned about his teammates, however in his work he is very strict with them. For example, he scolded Jeice for failing to finish Goku’s mission.
In particular, he is loyal to Frieza, although in any situation he never betrays him. And the mission Frieza gave him, he always put it to the highest, higher than his life. It is evident in detail that when he transforms into a frog, he still hopes to one day return to beingg a human to continue serving Frieza.

Also in combat, he was very gentleman, very respectful rivals. He was angry and threatened to kill Jeice if he continued to play bad and interfered in his battle with Goku.

His greatest strength is when he battles with Goku 120000, besides gaining strength and speed, Captain Ginyu possesses a very special and interesting ability, which is the ability to swap the body. He has also used it many times: exchanging his body with Goku, Bulma and most recently Tagoma.

As a child, Captain Ginyu learned the technique of swapping the body and he used it very well. He often used it to swap bodies with rich kids. However, some time later he realizes that doing so only gives him a lot of money, and that is not what he wants. What he really wants is the power. So he intensified his training instead of using that skill.

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