Easiest Method of Summoning – One button – DBFZ

Hey guys, today I’ll be guiding you through the easiest and fastest way of obtaining all seven Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Fighter Z and summoning Shenron.

So, guys, it’s really simple, It’s really easy. The only thing you have to do is press one single button which is the light attack button. Press it in rapid succession and you will start an auto-combo. Every time you finish the auto combo, you’ll be rewarded a Dragon Ball for free. That’s it. There’s no secret order. There are no tedious button presses it’s just pressing the auto combo with the light attack button over and over again.

But what happens if my character dies?

No problem. The Dragon Balls stay in your possession and you can summon Shenron with other characters. There’s only one small caveat and that is that you can only. Pull off this combo on each character three times in a row before they die prematurely. If they die before you finish your combo you will not be rewarded with the Dragon Ball.

So then we collect all seven dragon balls, what do we do to summon Shenron?

Well, you power up to seven ki bars, once you have seven ki bars you initiate the combo again, and once you finish it It will automatically summon Shenron. Who will present you with the following options: restore my health, revive my ally, give me the ultimate power Or it makes me immortal.

  • Restore my help will fully restore the health of the current character.
  • Revive my ally will revive one ally if multiple are down then it will automatically revive the character on the second roster.
  • Give me the ultimate power will give you one additional burst to play with.
  • Make me immortal will recover your blue health.

Automatically even if your character dies it will be transferred to the next character, and it will last indefinitely.

Ok guys, thanks for reading. Please bookmark for more Dragon Ball fighters Z related content. Of course, more detailed things are gonna drop soon, so see you later guys. Bye. Bye.


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