Future Trunks

Dragon ball fighterZ is the most anticipated fighting game of the year from casual and pro fighting game players alike. And right now we will meet Future Trunks.

Future Trunks are the sons of Bulma and Vegeta in another time. At the time of the present Trunks, the timeline was disturbed by Cell and Future Trunks’ time travel. Then, two Trunks (Present and Future) live two completely different lives in two lines of time (everything in their lives is 100% identical before the Future Trunks return to the past).

From the future, he warned Goku about a deadly heart disease that he will suffer, and a pair of Android (Android # 17 and # 18) to kill all the Z-Fighters in his time.
After doing so, he then returns to his timeline for 3 years, traveling back to the normal timeline once again, this time to help defeat the androids he had warned Goku about, who consequently became much stronger due to his interference and telling the Z Fighters to train and become much stronger than they were in his own timeline.
Goku becomes aware of the need to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and offers the use of it to Vegeta and Trunks who would train in it first.
During this time, Piccolo fails to defeat Android 17 and is overwhelmed by Cell who eventually absorbs #17 to become imperfect Cell.
Trunks and Vegeta fight an Imperfect Cell but fail to prevent Cell from absorbing #18 and becoming complete, because of Vegeta’s interference, he then fights Cell after Vegeta fails to kill Cell.
After being defeated by Cell, Trunks then informs everyone of the ‘Cell Games’ that Cell announced.
Future Trunks once again trains in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber but during the events of the Cell Games, Trunks is impaled by an attack from Super Perfect Cell that subsequently kills him.
After Cell’s eventual defeat at the Cell Games, Trunks is revived by Shenron and then returns to his own time.
Upon his return to his timeline, he finds the location of Androids #17 and #18 and easily defeats the two, who are unaware of his significant boost in power.
Three years after Trunks defeats the androids of his timeline he sets up his time machine to go back to the past to tell the Z fighters of his accomplishment but in the process ends up fighting the Cell of his timeline who is looking for the Androids, whom are now destroyed.
Trunks easily outclasses this Cell and defeats him before he can use Kamehameha powerful enough to destroy Earth.
Trunks finally is able to return to the past and tell the Z fighters of the peace he has finally earned in his timeline, which marks his last appearance in Dragon Ball Z.

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