Krillin – Absolute MONSTER

Krillin is just a weak character, appearing to be funny in Dragon Ball? You were wrong, because Krillin has so many qualities that he is one of the strongest.

Originally a small monk at Orin Temple in East City, Krillin came to the Methodist school shortly after Goku arrived. Here, he becomes close friends with Goku. Later on, Krillin is also very close to Goku’s son Gohan. And he is one of the characters left behind in the Dragon Ball series. One of the hallmarks of Krillin is that when his death becomes the key to Goku’s anger and becoming a Super Saiyan.

Krillin is a humorous, intelligent, and courageous man. In battle, he often uses tactics and techniques rather than confrontation. Although Krillin is the most deadly character in all series, he always has the courage to take on dangerous responsibilities.

Krillin is also a rich man, and he is willing to do dangerous things to help his friends. In the confrontation with assassin Androids, Krillin realizes they are not necessarily bad guys, and he falls in love with Android 18 (POC). Thanks to the courageous decision to die for Android 18, which Krillin and Android 18 became husband and wife. Together they have a daughter named Marron.

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