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Today we present a character profile for Majin Buu.  Majin Buu is a big guy both vertically and horizontally. But this gives him a very decent reach especially since it can stretch his own limbs. However, it doesn’t have that many long-range attacks which makes the medium range his preferred zone of operation.

Well, let’s start by looking at his abilities. If you jump in the hit to heavy attack button, Buu will stretch his arm and try to hit an opponent.

This is great for zoning for retreating for interrupting a charging enemy. There are a lot of great uses for this one to just keep this tool in mind.

Moving on to his special attacks we start with sweeping breath with quarter-circle forward and a special button.

Buu blows this pink breath at the opponent which covers about half the screen. So once again the midrange is really where he shines. Nothing special about this attack. It’s really fast to make up for its lack of range.

This is also his assistant AK and it’s just one of boos zoning options. You can prolong some combos using this but mainly uses for zoning.

The second special attack is the potbelly attack with photo simple backward and the special button.

Boom removes part of himself and throws it at the enemy. This projectile describes an arc while traveling through the air. And it can hit the opponent at any time during this travel. If they’re not blocking they’ll become trapped for a very short period of time.

But a Dragon Ball FighterZ with a short period of time is enough to dish out some serious damage. So this is yet another zoning ability that doesn’t really deal a lot of damage to the enemy. It’s more of a setup ability that allows you to follow up with a combo or super really anything you can think of it.

Moving on to his attack specials we begin with a mount dive with your quarter circle forward and the attack button.

You will jump forward. And if he hits the opponent’s with his but will beat the crap out of them depending on the attack button. You press the light medium or heavy the mount dive will cover more or less distance. With the heavy attack version actually tracking the enemy position.

Now, this is a great combo finisher. There are a lot of combos that you can end by using the mount dive. And it can also be easily linked to booths level 1 or level 3 super.

If you’re a close range you will actually hit the opponent while jumping up and then again once. It lands and beats him up but the jumping up part. It’s important to keep in mind because that can be the difference between.

Alo if you miss the mount dive but land really close to your opponent they will actually become staggered for a little. Bit booze a heavy dude and he shakes the ground.

So well that might not be great to give you any real openings for a combo or something else. It’s great for staggering the enemy preventing him from countering you.

Now that you’ve missed the mount dive whose final special attack is the cartwheel with quarter-circle backward. And an attack button and Buu will like the name says to do a cartwheel backward.

This is very much a counter you can use this to end combos too. But it’s not as easy to connect with the Super as the mount dive it is possible.

But it will require some practice I do believe that this is mainly a counter or an anti-air mode. This can be used to counter a super dash or any rush down type character.

If they’re in your face cartwheel will hit them back. And then put some distance between you and your opponent. So you can go back to the mid-range where booth thrives the mobile.

Moving on to his supers Majin Buu is pretty simple with a level one and a level three both of them can only be performed while on the ground.

His level one is called You know what I hate you with quarter-circle forward and the right bumper or trigger.

This is the easiest super tool and in the entire game because it just covers the whole screen. The entire thing so no matter where your opponent is if he’s not blocking he’s gonna get hit.

If you land a super with another character and then follow up with Buu, you don’t need to practice the range. You don’t need to practice the positioning. you’ll just always hit the enemy.

So that’s a great tool to have but what about is level 3 with proto so go backward and the right bumper or trigger. You have your my snack now which is a horizontal projectile.

It’s a bit slow by Dragon Ball Fighter standards. But if it hits the opponent, it turns them into a cookie. And then Buu it’s the cookie. That’s what it does.

Now if this move kills an enemy they will stay inside bruise belly. If not they’ll be spit back out. Now, this still some decent damage but more importantly this can heal Majin Buu.

If you’ve got any blue health, you’ll heal at least an amount of it while dealing damage to the opponent. So that’s a nice bonus but what’s more impressive about the super.

And this isn’t anything gameplay relevant is that the devs actually designed a cookie version for every single character in the roster. Just in case they get hit for this level 3. And that’s just incredible.

As far as aural combos go this war happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

And now that we know his moves here are some quick tips on how to use them.

Majin Buu as we’ve said repeatedly thrives at the medium range. He doesn’t have a lot of long-range options. So he might not be as good of as owner as the best in the game like Frieza or Cell.

But at the midrange, he can compete with pretty much anyone at close range. However, he’s gonna take some getting used to. because most of his normals are actually pretty slow or slower than the other characters.

In tester and that’s something that you need to learn and master about food. you’re not gonna get away with button mashing. If you’re playing against a faster character at close range like Vegeta or Gohan.

If you encounter a rush down type like this, use cartwheel to counter their rush. You can also find openings in every single character but that opening is gonna take some getting used to. Because Buu moves are just a little bit slower.

So if you use your cartwheel you’ll go back to your mid-range. Which is really the zone. Where you’re comfortable where most of your moves are more effective.

These supers also make very versatile. Because even though his level one covers the entire screen. And it’s very easy to use and his level three .actually gives them some more longevity. Since you can recover blue health without you having to swap him out.

As far as combos go my recommendation is to finish them with a mount dive. While you’re learning this character because the mount dive can easily be linked with his level 1 or level 3 super. So you can spend as much meter as you want. And when you can’t go for combos just try to stay in the midrange and uses stretchy limbs the sweeping breath or even his pork belly attack.

And that’s the character profile for Majin Buu. Thank you, everyone, for your support for all of these character profiles. So far we’ll be back with this series once we get our hands on some more characters.

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