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       Hello and welcome back to another Dragon Ball FighterZ character. Today here on dbfgame.net were bringing you a character profile for Piccolo. Piccolo is an amazing mix of character. Perfect for going through even the toughest of defenses. Yeah in my opinion the strongest character in the current roster in that regard. But let’s look at his abilities and find out precisely why.

By simply hitting the Special Attack button, you’ll notice that instead of key blasts Piccolo will stretchy arm. If you hold a special button and the downward Direction, Piccolo will stretch his arm upwards. and you can also jump and stretch your arm downwards.

If you reach your opponent with your stretchy arm you’ll pull them towards. You sort of this can be useful to bring your opponent within melee range. But do practice and test out where you can link this in to. Because you can’t just follow up with anything so make sure you don’t pull your opponent in, just so it can beat your ass up.

Still with a special button if you hold down forward or down forwards and a special button. Piccolo will shoot some rays from his antennas. This is the demon shocker.

And depending on the direction you hold, Piccolo will shoot his chakra forwards or diagonally upwards. You may look short-range but it actually covers about half the screen. This will stun the enemy for a very short time. So make sure you know when you can use this and when you can follow up. This is typically used in the middle of a combo to go from some melee hits into a special attack.

But there are a few other cases when it’s useful and we finally arrived at his special moves. And we’ll start with a homing energy blast with quarter circle forward and a special button.

This is a very slow moving ki blast. Something you definitely use to set something up. You control an area of the stage with this ki blast and you can kind of hide behind it. While setting up your next attack, if you hold down the special button the energy blast will get bigger and slower. And you can really just spam these things if you want to.

Now the priority of this attack isn’t great. It’s very easy to counter it, because it’s basically got the same priority as your regular key blast. So if someone fires a normal key blast it will negate your homing energy blast. And if they fire something with a higher priority like a kamehameha  then it will just go through all of them the super dash also goes through it. So don’t think you’re completely safe for hiding behind those blasts. Be prepared to counter your opponents when they think they’re countering.

You next we have the demon elbow with quarter circle forward and an attack button.

Piccolo will lunge forward and actually raise up and attack the opponents from behind. The range of this attack gets bigger the heavier the attack button you press. The lighting medium attack versions are pretty similar the only difference between them being the actual range. But the heavy attack version actually has a different effect.

Because it looks like Piccolo is going to cross up and hit the opponent from behind. But he vanishes at the last second and strikes him from the front. This is clearly a mix of ability that you should use. When your opponent has become used to countering your light and medium demon elbows.

This is also a very easy for Piccolo to link into pretty much any of these melee combos. And he can even do it while in the air because you’ll actually track the enemy.

Our final special attack for Piccolo is a demon slicer with quarter-circle records and an attack button.

This attack has a pretty short to medium range if you just hit the light attack button. But the medium and heavy attack versions cover a pretty big area. This is the counter move Piccolo will block an attack during his initial animation. And then vanish and strike an opponent diagonally from the front or strike him vertically.

And actually cross up to the other side only the medium attack version crosses up. So basically, light attack is a short-range counter from the front. Medium attack is a long-range cross up counter. And the heavy attack is a long-range counter from the front.

If you mix up the button, you press you can really mess with your opponent. Because it is a counter attack and it is so fast. It will be pretty tough to react and block in the right direction.

As far as supers go Piccolo has three of them to level one supers and a level three. Piccolo can only execute supers while on the ground. None of his supers are available in the air.

Let’s start with his level one supers beginning with a special beam cannon with quarter-circle fourth and the right bumper.

It’s a straightforward beam that travels horizontally. But if you hold down the right bumper Piccolo charges special beam cannon. And then you can hit right or left to teleports Piccolo several times before shooting it. The damage seems to be the same so this is clearly just to mix up your opponent.

And you can even cross up to the other side if you manage to reach the opponents. But this is not as useful as you think it is. Because right before Piccolo shoots the beam there’s an animation. That gives the opponent plenty of time to change the direction of their guards. But hey try it out for yourself and see what works.

Piccolo second level one super is the hell’s own grenade with quarter circle forwards and the right trigger. Piccolo shoots a bunch of key blasts into the air and then has them converge on a target. Do be careful because this ability is easy to interrupt.

If Piccolo gets hit the key blast will vanish. And since they are key blasts their tech priority isn’t really the best. But the coolest thing about the hell’s Odin grenade is how long it lasts.

If it hits the enemy you’ll have enough time to set up something else. You can even follow up with a super – which allows you to combo. Or even connect with another super.

Like the level 3 for instance the light grenade with Piccolo backwards and the right bumper or trigger.

It’s the most straightforward of these supers. There’s nothing special to it it feels the same damage as other level threes in the game. And it’s just a key blast that shoots horizontally.

As far as Auto combos 1: this is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button Auto combo 2.

 And now that we know his moves here are some tips on how to play this character.

As far as combos go Piccolo isn’t the easiest. But he is capable some pretty sweet combos if you put in the time to practice. Both his diamond slicer and alwal can be linked with a super. His stretchy arms are able to pull an enemy that is falling down so you can keep hitting him.

It’s definitely not as easy as other characters but it is possible. And it just might takes a bit more practice than usual. But combos aren’t even his greatest strength so as a beginner you can actually take great advantage of Piccolo without even practicing too many combos. the key word here is cross up cross up cross across them.

When fighting against Piccolo, the opponent’s not only have to worry about blocking high and low but also about blocking from the front and from the back. And that’s one of Piccolo’s greatest strengths. Being able to switch the side is attacking from with great speed with both his diamond slicer and elbow. It’s hard to know what’s coming next so if you change your strategy constantly during a fight. no one will be able to keep up and you’ll break through the most solid of Defense’s.

It’s also easy for pick to counter a rush down type character. Because of the demon slicer it just shuts all of that down it counters an opponent do be careful because the demon slicer cannot counter low attacks. But for anything else you just use the demon slicer. And you’ve successfully shut down any rush down the attempt. And from a distance you can easily use the homing energy blast just to set something up.

Against beginners they won’t know how to react to a homing energy blast spam. But as you play against better players at Kamehameha or super dash will go right through it. but if you know what the opponent is going to do you can also prepare for a counter-attack. So even though the priority of the homing energy blast is free lo. Yyou can still use it to control the stage and force your enemy to do exactly what you want.

Now this great power does come with a big downside. Which is Piccolo isn’t the best of finishers. He’s not great I using meter and turning it into damage. Because it’s super is well interesting they are not the biggest damage dealers in the game.

So ideally you’ll want to start a combo with Piccolo and just finish it with someone else. But hey that’s why it’s a 3v3 game so you can make up your dream team and Piccolo’s role seems pretty clear to me.

Thank you for watching another character profile this time for Piccolo thank you for all your requests so far.

So if you want to see your comment pop up on the screen and at the same time vote for the character you want to see next. just leave it in the comments down. if you’re in the mood for something else there’s also the post at the bottom but as always thank you very much for reading. And I’ll see you guys next time boy.

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