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Vegeta Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to now the dragon ball fighters video. Today dbfgame.net presents a character profile for Vegeta. One of the first villains of Dragon Ball Z turned into one of the strongest heroes of the entire series. The Prince of all Saiyans is a rushdown type of character with very high mobility, strong on both the ground and in the air.

His first special attack is the super dash kick. Quarter dash circle forward and an attack button will unleash a forward lunging kick.

The lie dash detection is the most basic one but since it’s so fast it can easily catch opponents off guard. The medium attack version has a bit more range,  but loses that surprise element since Vegeta kicks twice before the actual dash kick.

However if performed at close range it will actually deal more damage than the lied dash tagging version. But it’s easier for the opponent to see it coming if you do it from long range. The ex version of this move has the best of both worlds.

It has both the range and a surprise element. As this version of the move will always go through the entire screen. Now bear in mind that if you’re close to the opponent the move will still take Vegeta to the other side of the screen.

So you will land far away from your opponent after  connecting this move making it hard to follow up with most attacks. But if you’re far away to begin with then you’ll end up close after connecting and potentially be able to follow up with almost anything you’d want.

Since the medium attack version is easy to see coming from a distance. Your opponent will most likely block your attack. If this happens you’ll actually cross over to your opponent’s back so make sure to follow up accordingly.

If the opponent wants to punish you for missing that special attack, you need to hold block in the opposite direction. But the best way you can use this move is to prolong combos both on the ground and in the air.

Vegeta second special attack is the crusher knee kick.

Quarter-circle backwards and an attack button unleashes this diagonal upwards attack. This is Vegeta’s anti-air option. The light attack version hits you with an E, the medium hits with the knee and follows up with the downward kick knocking the opponent into the ground.

And the e X version does exactly the same, but with several hits during the knee phase, which feels a bit more damage.

Crusher knee kick is one of the best anti-air options in the entire game with barely any wind-up animation. It is very fast. It has good animation priority. And it is a very reliable tool for when you’re opponent is attacking from the air.

Vegeta’s third special attack is the ki blast rush.

Quarter circle forward plus the special button and leashes a series of key blasts from range. If you do this while in the air the key blast will be shot towards the ground diagonally. This special attack is slightly faster than simply spamming the key blast button.

But its effect is very similar. And the attack properties are also identical. Meaning if you can super dash through regular key blasts, your opponent can also super dash through your key blast rush.

And since you’re stuck in the animation for a while this becomes a very easy move to punish if you use recklessly.

Vegeta’s final special attack is the intercept kick.

While in the air pressing down plus the light attack button has Vegeta performing a downward kick. Catching opponents off guard has he quickly descends from the air. Transitioning quickly from air combat to ground combat.

This is also a very good way to close in the distance, getting closer to your opponent where Vegeta is strongest.

Moving on to his super attacks Vegeta has two supers at his disposal a level one and a level three. His level one super is the BIGBANG attack. This can be performed with quarter-circle forward followed by the right bumper or right trigger.

Vegeta shoots a huge key blast that travels very fast across the entire screen. But since it’s not a giant key wave like the kamehameha. For example, it requires a more precise timing in some situations.

While on the ground performing this move with the right bumper or trigger will do exactly the same. But while on the air, right bumper will shoot the BIGBANG attack forward and right trigger will shoot it downward. So while you’re in the air, keep this in mind and follow up with the ppropriate button.

His strongest attack his level 3 super is the final flash. This is a full-screen key wave that works both on the ground and in the air. But unlike the BIGBANG attack, it cannot be redirected. The final flash will always be shot horizontally from the position you’re in.

Moving on to auto combos, Vegeta has two of them just like every other character. This is what happens when you match the wide attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

Once again bear in mind that the second Auto combo ends in super, so it will spend 1 bar of meter. And in the off chance that your opponent bounces off a wall the auto combo will be smart enough to shoot the big bang attack in the right direction.

And now that we know Vegeta’s moves here are some tips on how to use them. Vegeta is all about getting in close and using his abilities to deal heavy damage to an opponent. And this is because outside of his supers. It doesn’t really have a lot of ranged options.

His ki blasts rush is one of the easiest abilities to counter as you can simply super dash right through the ki blasts. And Vegeta will be stuck in that animation for a while. Making this one of the weakest ranged attacks in the entire game. All of his other abilities are meant to be used for closing in the gap. Yhey may have a lot of range but they’re meant to be used to get in close where Vegeta school potential can be unleashed.

As I mentioned the crusher knee kick is one of the strongest anti-air moves in the game. It makes it very easy to counter a jumping opponent or a reckless super dash which is what most beginners do. So Vegeta will be crushing a lot of casuals for sure. Any of the 3 variants of this move can be followed up with a big bang attack, whether you hit the light medium or heavy attack buttons.

You can always follow it up with a downward big bang attack. The lie detector gene can even be followed up with his final flash. So if you want a very easy way to land a level 3, there you go.

You see a super dash coming crush your knee kick to punish that followed by the final flash done. Super dash kick is your go-to special move to prolong combos or simply to apply pressure to an opponent. If your adversary is blocking all of your attacks, the ex version of this move can be a very good way to put in some distance. Before he can punish you and if you do land this attack you can always follow it up with any of your supers as well.

And speaking of supers Vegeta is going to require some practice. Not a lot but since his Big Bang attack is not a full-screen ki wave. The ability requires a bit more precision on the timing than your typical kamehameha.

And this is especially the case when you’re following up another super with Vegeta coming in from the assist position. So don’t be surprised if you end up missing your super for a couple of matches while you get the hang of it. Because once you overcome that hurdle, you’ll find Vegeta supers very easy to land in almost any situation.