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DBFZ: Begin Tips.

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Hey friends! Welcome to, I’ll be using this to title guides related to Dragonball FighterZ in the future! Our first video guide will be going over some frequently asked questions I received over the Open Beta weekend, so let’s get to it.

Question 1: “Sometimes I see numbers, like H or M. Sometimes weird abbreviations, like IAD! What do these mean?”

Answer: This is a notation system known as Numpad-Notation which is the standard in the ArcSys fighting game community. The numbers refer to your -key numpad on a keyboard, assuming that you are always facing to the right, as if you are Player 1.

The letters are the in-game designations for each button, L = Light, M = Medium, H = Heavy, and S = the Ki, special attack. Along with A1 equaling Assist 1, and A2 equaling Assist 2. The benefits of this notation system are providing an easy way to notate combos and inputs in a universally friendly way. Fighting games are an international hobby, so having a more universal notation standard lets us share techniques and findings across many regions! There are also quite a few abbreviations we use to shorten combos or terms! Some examples are:

  • IAD: Instant Air Dash. This refers to inputting 9, returning your input to 6, or neutral, then pressing again to get a very low airdash off the ground. You may also use the H+S button combination in Dragonball FighterZ, as it doubles as a dash macro while holding forward.
  • JC: Jump Cancel. This refers to canceling the recovery of your attack by jumping, typically on hit and/or block. In most combo notations, this notation is absent, as a notation such as 5H > j.L implies a jump cancel is required.
  • DJ: Double jump. This abbreviation is mostly seen when a combo is written out. The same rule as JC can apply here, where j.L > dj.L implies a double jump is required.
  • Other common abbreviations you will begin seeing are SD and DR, for Super Dash and Dragon Rush. Check out the glossary in the video description for more!

Question 2: “Should I use a Controller or an Arcade Stick to play this game?”

Answer: It doesn’t matter! My recommendation is to play with the device that feels most comfortable to you. The biggest reason to play on an Arcade stick that doesn’t have to do with preference is not present with Dragonball FighterZ. There is no arcade release for this game, so there is no truly practical reason to feel forced to play on an Arcade Stick. There are some fun benefits to each though! Pads are extremely traveling friendly and easy on the wrists. Arcade sticks don’t really share those benefits, but current generation arcade sticks are very user-friendly and easy to modify, to add your own personality.

Question 3: “What’s your button layout?”

Answer: The layout for my arcade stick is as follows. Top Row: Light > Medium > Heavy Bottom Row: Ki > Assist > Assist This layout is essentially identical to the default Arcade Stick layout of Marvel vs. Capcom, as well as the button layout I use for BlazBlue. I’m already very comfortable with this layout, so it felt natural to use in Dragonball FighterZ. Just like the previous question, however, you should use what feels comfortable.

Question 4: “How do I prepare for Dragonball FighterZ or start learning the game?”

Answer: The best tips I can provide you are to keep your own replays for review, have an open mind to new concepts, learn the system mechanics inside and out, and most of all; BE OK WITH LOSING. These are all difficult in their own ways but are the most critical things in your growth as a player. Learning new things quickly, knowing how they apply to the game in a logical sense, being able to review your own mistakes and successes at your leisure, and finally keeping a healthy mindset towards your wins and losses will propel you to new heights. I also received some more personalized questions over the Open Beta period that I’ll answer so you can get to know me a little better!

I got started as a competitive fighting game player in Guilty Gear: Accent Core in late. And I shifted my focus to BlazBlue once Continuum Shift was released and that has been my main game ever since. I’ve represented the US overseas in Japan twice for Arc Revolution Cup and was a top competitor at EVO. I dabble in most other fighting games just for fun! “Are you going to compete in Dragonball FighterZ?” Absolutely! I’ll be working hard and doing my best to try and be one of the strongest players.

“What arcade stick do you play on?” I play on a MadCatz TE, I’ve replaced all the parts with new Sanwa buttons and JLF.

“Will you be making character guides or more videos?” Yes! I’ll be making character guides once I’m more comfortable with the game and my team so I can be sure it’s of the utmost quality. I’ll also be uploading casual match footage periodically, so please look forward to it! That’s all for now, thank you for visiting!


How To Stop Mashing And Start Using Assists In Combos

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Hey guys, here with another tutorial for Dragon Ball FighterZ. And in this, I wanted to cover some things that you guys have asked me directly to do a video on. So the two topics I decided to cover this time is how to stop mashing and how do you use to assist in combos. Big thanks go to DJ Thomas for suggesting the video topic for today.

So before we talk about how you can stop button mashing it’s important to realize why players do it. Take for example your favourite game in that game, you’re probably entirely comfortable with what you’re doing and know what you want to do. And if you were to say get in a stressful situation in that game such as a really close encounter with an enemy or another player. You would have a plan of action for what you want to do in that. Now imagine that you’re somebody less experienced or somebody entirely new to the game, in general, put them in the same situation and they’ll probably just start hitting every button on the controller hoping something works.

And at its core that is exactly what button mashing is, for most people fighting games are an experience and extreme stress, there is no different Encounters of players, there are no different sections of calm and nerve-wracking. It’s just one long match of them versus another player in a battle to see which one of them is better at the game. And to a lot of players that concept alone is enough to get them hitting every button on their controller in any way imaginable.

So now we know what the main cause of button mashing it. It’s a mixture of being thrown into an incredibly stressful situation without really knowing what you want to do or even if you did know what you want to do how you would be able to do it.

So now that we know the pieces of button mashing and why people do it it’s actually pretty easy to stop the bad habit. All we have to do is attack the points of not knowing what to do and being too stressed out to even perform that in a real match.

So the first thing you need to do is hop into training mode and learn your characters ins and outs. It doesn’t have to be anything too thorough. But you should definitely take a look at their normals and special moves and supers. this will give you a good idea of what’s possible to do in a match. And it will allow you to come up with a plan of action for what you want to do in your next match.

The next point is actually something that newcomers struggle with a lot and you can actually see it in DJ Thomas’s question. I try to stop mashing in practice but once I hit online I regress back since more is happening. And that has more to do with the stress part than anything now.

The only way that feeling of stress is ever going to go away. is by exposing yourself to whatever is causing that stress. Until you get so comfortable in that situation that you’re not. Stressed at all making sure you get your time in training Motors in important piece of the puzzle. but it’s only that. it’s just a piece you still need to go online in practice there as well. now you can try arena matches ring matches or even casual matches before right.

because I think the right points and the fact that it keeps track of your wins and losses. might be a little too much stress to start out with. so I would definitely start with those modes before right. and with that said that’s really all I have to cover about button mashing. it’s really just a matter of time and getting comfortable with the game and its mechanics. and speaking of getting comfortable with the game in its mechanics. that also goes for using assist in your combos.

yesterday when the servers were down I decided to try out teen gohan in my usual team. and see what he could bring to the table. while I was doing that I realized I had never tried out any big team combos using both of my characters assists in one string. so I wanted to try that out as well so I started by looking at tiens assists and seeing that it pops the opponent up a little bit on hit. and after that I tried out Goku blues assist and realized I put the enemy in through a sliding state.

I figured I could combo super off that and it worked. so once I had realized that both of the assists had uses. I started trying to work on a combo with my minimal knowledge of the game’s mechanics. and I eventually got to a point where I could perform this.

Now I think these combos have their uses and do a decent amount of damage. you can even choose which side Gohan lands on for mix-ups. But I wouldn’t say they’re exactly optimal. I’ve never really been the kind of guy that makes his own combos and discovers new things I’m more of the type of guy that likes stealing combos I see online.

And speaking of that if you want to see insane combos directly from the source. I would strongly recommend checking out a youtube channel by the name of Clayton Chapman. this guy has been getting his combos stolen from a ton of people across the internet.

So I won’t show any in this video because I feel like that would be in bad taste. But with that said they are stealing it for a reason and that’s because this guy is insane. You would think he made the game with how well he understands the combo system. so yeah definitely go check out his videos he has a ton of crazy stuff on there.

And somebody asked me recently if I had any tips for Super Saiyan blue Vegeta players I would say go watch his Vegeta video and try out some of those combos.

Well with that plug out of the way I think it’s about time I call it for this video. and I wanted to ask you guys if you have any favourite combos that you’ve performed in this game. I would love to hear about them in the comment section below. I’ll be down there as always and maybe while you’re down there if you liked the video and enjoy the channel, then remember to leave a like and subscribe. I greatly appreciate it.


How summon Shenrong ACTUALLY Works in DBFZ

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What’s up guys! I’m back with another Dragonball Fighters video. So today we’re gonna be talking about summoning Shenron.

First of all how to do it and second of all what it actually does.

I’ve seen a lot of wrong info out there on the internet about what Shenron does it’s wild.

So we’re gonna run through all four options that Shenron gives you when you summon him.

And which one is gonna be best in your particular situation.

And then finally we’re gonna go online and we’re gonna try to summon Shenron in a match which is gonna be wild hopefully it’s actually possible.

So to start out let’s talk about how to summon Shenron.

So there are two ways you can do it as you can see we’re in the Shenron tutorial right now.

And there’s not a lot of info here it just says based on the number of consecutive hits you land which that’s kind of meaningless to me.

And then you can also get them from landing the square version of a super combos.

So let’s start off talking about what it means by the square version of a super combos.


It’s talking about the auto combo which you can do by just pressing the square button or the light button.

Just press it over and over and you get this and as you can see it gives you a random Dragon Ball.

So I have numbers 2 and 4 so that’s one way to get them.

The other way to get them which is a little bit more complicated if you do a combo and then based on the number of hits in the combo that determines what Dragonball you get.

So if you do 10 to 20 hits you get the first Dragonball. If you do 20 to 30 you get the second Dragonball 30 to 40 you get the third and so on.

So obviously this is a lot more complicated you need to no longer combos if you want to be able to get all the dragon balls.

But it’s really good because obviously, the auto combo doesn’t do a lot of damage.

If you’re able to mix in these damaging combos and still get yourself Dragon Balls at the same time.

That’s gonna damage the opponent a lot more and put you in a better position.

So that’s pretty much it so let’s get the rest of the dragon balls here just by mashing Auto combo.

So something important to note is that the two players share Dragon Balls which is kind of wild.

If all seven Dragon Balls have been collected either player can summon Shenron.

Although you do need meters to summon Shenron so it’s pretty obvious if someone’s trying to do it.

So we’re about to get all seven dragon balls and then so how do you summon Shenron.

You summon him by like I said you have to have all seven dragon balls you have to have seven meters.

And then you have to land that same light auto attack that I was talking about.

This is the only way to summon him and there you go here is.

So there’s four options and I’m gonna actually show you what each one does just so that there’s no confusion.

  • First of all we’ll do the most basic one restore my health. This fully restores your character to a hundred percent health. It doesn’t just recover their blue life or anything like that. It fully restores them to a hundred percent health so that’s that one.
  • Okay so next up we’re gonna talk about the reviving one bring back my a life. This is gonna bring your ally who is dead back from the dead. And as you can see they only get a little bit of help. so this one you know I don’t know how good it is because again that character is very low. But still, it could be useful. you know to get your team back to get that extra sis back and stuff like that.
  • Alright so next up we’re gonna talk about the immortality. one I think it’s called like I want to live forever is that what it says let’s see make me immortal. So this one is actually bananas I think this might be the best one. I’m not sure. So as you can see my health bar is now glowing and so what this means is you know how when you have the spark activated. If you press all or buttons you slowly recover your blue life. So if you get this one you just always have that it never runs out. you’re always recovering blue life slowly which means even while the opponent is combo in you. You’re gonna slowly get back your blue life which it’s. It’s just ridiculous like it makes you live so much longer it makes it so that once you get low you can kind of turtle and wait for it to come back stuff like that and then the really wild thing hopefully he’ll kill me soon so I can show you is that even if you die it carries across all of your characters.

So I think if you manage to get all the dragon balls out while you still have multiple characters still alive, I think this one is easily the best one to go for it just really really makes you a lot stronger because you’re so much harder to kill.

So uh yeah that’s this one really really good so far I think this is my favorite of all of the options.

All right so finally we’re gonna talk about give me the ultimate power.

So this one is a little bit fun too I think this one could be really strong.

So as is kind of implied by the logo here.

This one gives you a second spark so in case you don’t know about spark.

That’s the move when you press all four buttons you activate spark and this does a few things.

It makes you do more damage it makes you slowly recover blue life like I mentioned.

And it lets you jump cancel your normals even on block.

So it’s gonna be a little bit hard to show against the AI here.

But trust me that this is really really strong.

And I believe it increases your speed a little biter it somehow changes your move properties.

So that new combos are available while you have spark.

So normally only just get one spark for the entire match.

But once you summon Shenron you get two of them so this one’s really strong too.

I definitely could see this one being pretty overpowered but I’m not sure we’ll have to see.

But that’s it guys those are the four different results you can get.

All right we did it guys well I think Shenron actually helped out the two the two sparks were pretty good for the extra damage for the life recovery plus. It was just fun it was fun to kind of play around the dragon balls. So that’s it for this post guys, hope you enjoyed bate is about to end. So I’m really looking forward to the full game DBFZ coming out. Thank you very much for watching guys I’ll see you in the next one.


6 DBFZ Tips that the Tutorial DOESN’T Teach You!!!

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What’s up guys welcome to another Dragonball fighterZ video. So in today’s video, I’m gonna be doing a little bit of a list. These are six Dragonball fighterZ tips that the tutorial does not teach you.

So these are kind of some secret techniques that people have figured out on their own the game does not explain them to you but I’m gonna show them to you in this video.

#1 First of all I want to talk about Reflect’s many uses.

So the tutorial does tell you how to use reflect but it doesn’t exactly tell you everything it does.

So you may already know that you can use reflection to push the opponent off you if they’re attacking you.

But it does a little more than that you can also use a reflect to reflect projectiles.

By the way, I forgot to mention reflect this back plus special in case you didn’t know.

So you can reflect key blasts away even if they do a whole ton of key blasts.

You can just mash reflect and it’ll get rid of all of them and it even destroys the stage background which I think is pretty cool.

But that’s not all Kamehameha we can reflect those. That’s fine get that out of here even super Kamehameha doesn’t matter reflect is too powerful. You can reflect the whole thing.

So reflect has a lot more uses than you might initially think. I think it’s an extremely powerful technique that we’re the only kind of scratching the surface of right now.

#2 Okay next up I want to talk about tagging into Level 3 – tagging out of supers.

So you may already know that if you press tag during a super your second character will come in and do his super.

But he just does a level one super and you may be wondering is there a way to tag in with a level three.

And it just so happens that there is if you hold back and press tag then the character will come in with a level 3 super instead.

So this does a ton of damage as you can see which is pretty valuable.

But it’s worth noting that you cannot tag out of a level 3 super you can only tag into them.

So here if I do my level 3 I can press tagged as much as I want but I’m not gonna be able to tag out so that’s worth noting.

#3 Ok so next up I want to talk about Instant air dashing.

So you probably already know that you can air dash by a double tapping forward or backward in the air

But what if you want to do it really low to the ground. So that you can get a fast overhead that you can combo offer

So the more traditional way that people do this is they tap up forward and then forward. And if you do it fast you’ll get an instant air dash.

And if you do up back and then back you’ll get a backward air dash.

So this is how people traditionally do instant air dashes in these types of games.

But there is a different way to do it in this game that you might find a little easier if you’re having trouble with this motion.

So what you do is in the air you hold forward and press Super dash.

So this is the Super dash button if I do it while holding forward I get in air dash.

And this is pretty handy if you’re specifically having a problem in putting the up forward forward motion for instant air dashing.

Try this out and you might find it a little bit easier.

#4 So next up the number four tip so we already talked about tagging out of supers but can you tag into a Super without doing a super first and it turns out you totally can.

If at any point during a combo, you do a half circle forward and then press tag you will tag into a super.

So I’ll just do it here you can see piccolo comes in as does his super and this only cost one meter.

Krillin did not do a super here.

So you can pretty much always do this with any character you can just bring them in for a super.

So this is really really handy this opens up a lot of combo possibilities.

That isn’t normally possible you can even do it into a level three if you do a half circle back and tag then you’ll tag into a level three.

So there’s definitely a lot of combo possibilities here that I haven’t figured out yet.

But I think that this is gonna be a pretty common technique for inching extra damage out of a combo.

#5 For my number five tip I want to talk about crouching heavy or 2h.

So this attack it launches which is nice you can go into a combo afterward but it has another very valuable property.

It is invincible to airborne moves.

So if the opponent is air dashing and at you, crouching heavy will just beat it clean every single time.

And then you can get a combo afterward.

And I talked about this in another video but this also applies to the super dash.

If the opponent is super dashing at u 2h will beat at every single time and you get a free combo.

So this is really really important if the opponent’s taking to the sky is trying to rush you down with air attacks.

Just remember that crouching heavy will beat them all clean.

And you get a big reward in the form of a combo.

#6 And for the sixth and final tip I want to talk about sparking.

So you may already know you activate sparking by pressing all four attack buttons.

And you may know some of the things it does but it does a lot of things that aren’t very well dash documented in the game.

So for example, if you’re damaged you see how I have blue in my life bar.

You might already know that sparking recovers the blue on your life bar slowly.

So that’s pretty handy but that’s far from the only thing that sparking does.

It also increases your damage.

You can see if I do a light-medium-heavy combo it does damage if I do it in sparking.

It does so that is a really big increase in damage while you’re in sparking.

Sparking also changes the way you can jump cancel normals.

Normally you can only jump cancel uh normal if it hits.

So you can see here I just hold up during this and I’ll jump cancel it but if the opponent is blocking.

You cannot jump cancel this at all.

But if you’re in sparking you can.

So you might be wondering why is this important well this opens up a lot of pressure.

Especially in the corner if you have the opponent in the corner you can do some really crazy rush down by junk canceling your attacks.

You so you can mix them off high-low.

You can keep the pressure going.

And they’re gonna have to work really hard to get out of this.

One other thing sparking does is so you know that if you press the medium and heavy attacks at the same time you get a vanish attack.

And so normally vanish just makes you teleport to the other side and hit the opponent.

But if you are in sparking mode if you hold the vanish keys.

You will teleport behind them but you won’t do an attack.

So this is pretty useful because after that you can do whatever you want.

You can go into a mixup.

You can maybe land and then just do a dragon rush.

And you can do all kinds of nonsense.

This really opens up your mixup opportunities.

You can even call and assist and do it to cross them up.

It’s pretty strong and this is only possible during sparking outside of sparking.

If you hold vanish you just get the normal vanish attack as usual.

And finally, the last thing that sparking gives you is it affects your super dash.

So you can see normally if you do a super dash in the opponent blocks.

You kind of bounce off.

And you can press buttons but they might not necessarily hit.

And there’s a little bit of recovery there.

But during sparking your super dash will actually move you towards the opponent.

And you can press buttons immediately afterward.

So super dash becomes much more of a pressure tool because you actually get the advantage if the opponent blocks it.

So for this reason sparking is a super powerful technique.

And you only get one per round but when you do use it it can really turn the tide of things guys.

It can really really make you a damage and pressure monster.

So that’s gonna be it for the list guys hopefully you found this informative hopefully there were some surprises for you in here.

Thank you very much for watching let me know down in the comments what kind of content you want to see for this game.

Because I’m gonna be doing a lot more DBFZ videos in the future.

So please hit that sub button if you’d like to and I will see you in the next video bye guys.



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Probably the most frequent question I get is: “If I do Auto combos how do I stop doing Auto combos?” and “what do you properly do there’s like really basic combos in this game like light-medium and it does except essentially the same thing in Auto combo does”.

However, there are three other sorts of unique combo paths you can take with almost every character in the game. And that doesn’t even include some of their unique stuff. this includes some or doesn’t include some characters like Android 21 doesn’t include Yamcha.

Some characters in this game don’t have down heavy attacks in the air they just do something completely different than launch up. So whole point would be now to show everybody what the hell do you do besides Auto combos and basic combos to get more damage. And now, this is How to EXTEND COMBOS with Maximilian.


Vegeta Blue Breakdown – Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another Dragonball fighters video. Today DBFZ presents a character profile for Vegeta Super Saiyan blue.

Vegeta blue shares some similarities with this Super Saiyan form. The overall style this character still falls within the rushdown type. But this time Vegeta has a couple of abilities that allow him to engage from further away. Which significantly changed the type of rushdown character that he is.

As far as normals go Vegeta is pretty standard with the exception of his ki blast which you can throw in many directions depending on the button you’re holding on the d-pad.

Nothing too impressive but this is important to note since Super Saiyan Vegeta had very different ki blasts.

Including the ki blast rush which this one does not have still his ki blast can be used in combos you just have to treat it.

Differently, his specials have also changed the bit though you will recognize the few of them.

Quarter-circle for them. The special button throws the big bang attack instead of a super this time. it’s only a special attack that costs no meter but it does take a bit longer for Vegeta to launch this.

Making it easier to block since you have a bit more time to react to it.

However, if Vegeta is right in the opponent’s face, you’ll actually damage the opponent while gathering the energy for the BIGBANG attack.

Which means you can use this in combos and you can also cancel this attack into a super making it an efficient way to end a combo.

This attack can be performed on the ground as well as in the air but the aerial version will always shoot the BIGBANG attack downwards.

There’s absolutely no tracking of the enemy Vegeta always shoots it at the same angle and from this position the aerial BIGBANG is the attack that Vegeta will perform as well.

Next, we have his super dash cake with quarter circle forward and an attack button and although this looks similar to Super Saiyan Vegeta.

This one has a lot of variances because after you initiate this attack, you can follow it up twice with any of your attack button and each one of them will have different properties. So you can initiate with the quarter circle forwards and the light attack for instance. Then press the medium attack for a flurry of kicks. And then finish with a heavy attack for more damage and a wall bounce.

That’s of course just an example as will now break down what each of the attack buttons does during this special.

First, we have the activation quarter circle forward and the attack button the light attack has Vegeta lunging forward with a single kick. The medium attack version has Vegeta jumping up also with the single kick. And the heavy attack version is very similar to the light attack version but it is faster and has a lot more range.

Next, we have the first follow-up light attack button throws a single kick, medium attack button unleashes a series of kicks, and a heavy attack version also kicks only once. But you can actually cross up to the opponent’s back if you pause slightly before the third input.

And for the third input, we have a single kick on the light attack version.

A single kick that causes a wall bounce on the medium attack version and the heavy kick button damages. The opponent a bit more before also causing a wall bounce at the end.

Now keep in mind that every time you press. the heavy attack button you’ll spend one bar of meter.

  • If you want to engage from further away that’s one bar.
  • If you want to cross up that’s another bar.
  • And If you want to end with heavy damage in a wall bounce that’s another.

So be careful because Vegeta can quickly drain your meter with this attack. And before we move on just a couple more things about this attack.

Even if you don’t land the first kick, you can still perform the two follow-ups. And as you might expect you can perform this move both on the ground and in the air.

Vegeta blues final special attack is a full sentence so we didn’t include it all in the lower third on a scale of one to ten. I’ll give you a three is the full name of this move with quarter-circle backward.

And an attack button similar to the dash kick the light and heavy attack version has Vegeta lunging.

horizontally with a heavy attack version being a bit faster and having a bigger range. And the medium attack version has Vegeta jumping upwards. All three versions are command grabs, they cannot be blocked you either get out of the way or you crouch to avoid this move.

You can perform it’s both on the ground and in the air and after you land a hit to the light attack version can’t be really followed up by anything. But the medium and heavy attack version is very much Ken. This is a great move if you want to bring the opponent back to the ground because that’s actually the only place where Vegeta can throw level-one supers. And speaking of supers Vegeta has three of them to level one supers and a level three that can be upgraded to a level five.

The first level once super is the Niagara pummel with quarter-circle forward and the right bumper, Vegeta jumps forward and punches the opponent. If this punch lands he’ll do this whole animation but it can only be activated from the ground. And also this super is a bit tougher to follow up than most level one super as it requires precise timing when you call in for a follow-up.

You can’t just hold down the assist button like in most cases if you want to call for an assist after Vegeta super. Then you might want to go for his other level one the iconic Galickgun with participle fourth and the right trigger.

Vegeta will always shoot the gallic gun upwards and once again he can only do the super wall on the ground. It’s a pretty straightforward super that synergizes pretty well with his big back attack or his unique ki blast.

Finally, his level 3 is the final flash with quarter-circle backward and the right bumper or trigger. It’s very similar to Super Saiyan Vegeta’s level three but this one can be upgraded into a level 5 if you hold down the right bumper or trigger.

It’s a horizontal ki wave that covers the whole screen and if it lands you can easily hold down the buttons for more damage. As far as out of combos go when you match the light attack button he does this. And when you match the medium attack button he does this.

And now that we know how he plays here are some tips on how to use them.

Vegeta’s command grab is one of the best in the game. He lunges forward a considerable distance so it becomes easy to punish overly defensive opponents.  This is also your go-to movie if you want to bring an opponent back to the ground for you to land. One of your level supers because neither of the me acara pummel or the gallic gun can be performed while in the air.

The only super that Vegeta has in the air is the final flash and you might not always have the meter for it. In a way his supers are the exact opposite of Goku blue which I can definitely appreciate. 

Super dash kick is even better this time around to mix up your opponent. The heavy attack button in the first follow-up attack crosses up to the opponent’s back which again is awesome if your first two attacks are blocked and you want to do some left-right – mixing up.

But even if you don’t mix up this attack can be very hard to punish. Since the opponent never really knows how many kicks you’re gonna throw with Vegeta before.

You actually stop since there are so many ways you could perform this attack make sure to stay unpredictable. And when you’re starting out careful not to spend the heavy attack button because it can easily just eat through your meter gauge.

Finally, the BIGBANG attack is a lot easier to block this time around but it’s also free doesn’t cost any meter. It’s not the best zoning tool in the game but it does damage the opponent immediately if they’re close to you.

So my guess is that it will be used for combos way more than zoning but it’s still one of those few long-range attacks that this version of Vegeta has.  So in certain situations keep it in mind because it might be useful.

Overall, Vegeta is a very comfortable character. His specials are simple but very strong and his normals are pretty standard which some people might look as a negative but that makes him an easy character to perform comedy.


Easiest Method of Summoning – One button – DBFZ

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Hey guys, today I’ll be guiding you through the easiest and fastest way of obtaining all seven Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Fighter Z and summoning Shenron.

So, guys, it’s really simple, It’s really easy. The only thing you have to do is press one single button which is the light attack button. Press it in rapid succession and you will start an auto-combo. Every time you finish the auto combo, you’ll be rewarded a Dragon Ball for free. That’s it. There’s no secret order. There are no tedious button presses it’s just pressing the auto combo with the light attack button over and over again.

But what happens if my character dies?

No problem. The Dragon Balls stay in your possession and you can summon Shenron with other characters. There’s only one small caveat and that is that you can only. Pull off this combo on each character three times in a row before they die prematurely. If they die before you finish your combo you will not be rewarded with the Dragon Ball.

So then we collect all seven dragon balls, what do we do to summon Shenron?

Well, you power up to seven ki bars, once you have seven ki bars you initiate the combo again, and once you finish it It will automatically summon Shenron. Who will present you with the following options: restore my health, revive my ally, give me the ultimate power Or it makes me immortal.

  • Restore my help will fully restore the health of the current character.
  • Revive my ally will revive one ally if multiple are down then it will automatically revive the character on the second roster.
  • Give me the ultimate power will give you one additional burst to play with.
  • Make me immortal will recover your blue health.

Automatically even if your character dies it will be transferred to the next character, and it will last indefinitely.

Ok guys, thanks for reading. Please bookmark for more Dragon Ball fighters Z related content. Of course, more detailed things are gonna drop soon, so see you later guys. Bye. Bye.


Kid Buu Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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What’s up dudes max here back to another Dragonball FighterZ breakdown. Today focusing on another character which is sort of a deviation from a character we’ve seen in the game at first launch which was Buu.

And I really want to focus a bit on Kid Buu because he does alter quite a bit in terms of some of the other characters that are in the game that of other variances. We literally just talked about Gohan and how he’s changing between his adult and teen version.

And this is another pretty good example of that. So let’s go ahead and find out the differences. Again, this was footage taken from a special event at Bandai Namco where they gave us a special opportunity to cover some of the game. but there were a very limited time constraints of my apologies there’s not a ton of footage and I didn’t get a ton of time. But just enough to understand what the hell Kid Buu is about.

Now the biggest question you have is that if Kid Buu is going to be as similar to Fat Buu that we’ve seen earlier in the videos in the beta everything like that. And luckily my answer to that is no. He’s actually quite a bit different while having a few similarities he is fundamentally a different character outside of just his stature. He’s the longer a fat character he has transformed into a smaller stature character.

So he’s more difficult to hit but it’s kind of hard to say whether or not this one dishes out more or less damage. It’s a little weird because the damage values of the game are kind of all over the place right now and they said they’re tweaking them so leave that as it is. I think that Kid Buu does pretty good damage now let’s talk about his specials.

The mystic ball attack is what everyone was expecting. This move is performed either in the air or on the ground and it’s essentially your go-to combo ender.

The interesting thing about the e X version or the one that uses meat or the heavy version is the fact that it does set up for eight combos after you’re left in a state where they’re kind of juggling with the opponent.

And you can hit buttons to extend the combo even further. So like other characters like Cell that use their ex-special moves that leave two actual more combos, this is kind of similar with Kid Buu which I do like and is going to lead to some pretty creative and crazy-looking stuff.

Especially converting from the air to the ground. The mystic arms swing is a command grab that grabs characters out of the sky.

I wasn’t entirely sure if this grabs blocking opponents but I don’t think it does I believe this is a physical hit grab meaning that you have to hit them with it.

But luckily Buu has some fairly interesting attacks his sweep attack puts his foot through the ground just like in the show as he knocks you up into the sky and you can do this a couple of times and go straight into this attack bringing them back down to the ground.

The e^x version puts them into a slightly more drugged level state but I wasn’t entirely sure if you could get a combo after this. However with many other characters assists that lead to a lot of different opportunities for combos.

That we haven’t seen yet you definitely can throw out an assist after this and then follow up with the pursuit attack and get a full aerial combo. It’s pretty damn cool looking like you rip them from the sky and reminds me a lot of what piccolo does with his stretchy arm attacks as well.

That’s about it for kid booze physical special moves. However, his key blast attacks have three different specials. And the first one is the candy beam.

This thing is pretty fast. But I do not believe was any different than a regular projectile this is also good for combo Enders. It looks really cool it practically looks like a super and it ends with Kid Buu.

Essentially just eating the hell out of you. However, I wasn’t sure if this had a special property to it because this was in training mode when I did try this whether or not it absorbs enemy life and gives it to you or meter or anything like that. It just looks like a very cinematic finishing projectile attack that you want to use at the end of combos.

Now the move that’s gonna be really good and possibly one of kid boos best moves is called the arm ball. He shoots out a projectile that is thrown from his arms and hovers around the opponent for quite some time hitting them multiple times.

This thing just seems incredibly good not only does it hold your opponent in space. It holds them an opportunity for you to get in getting damaged follow up with like a launcher or a smash attack. Tagging your other character anything like that. This is extremely good for tag-team fighting games and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the things that makes Kid Buu probably a very good character.

Kid Buu also has an aerial Kamehameha you can only perform this in the air which is standard fare for Kamehameha specials in the game. And he only has two supers to compliment this special move toolset.

The first one is the human extinction attack which sends a ton of projectiles to the top of the screen as they come to Cassie down hitting the opponent.

The cool thing is on the way up these projectiles can also hit the opponent as well as on the way down.

So if you have an opportunity to DHC into this or set something up for another character. This thing can be extremely good because the damage on the way up catches the opponent and if it carries them down it does even more.

So we’re talking about very effective level ones. This might be a very good one and Kid Buu does seem to have a couple of tools. That might make him once again a pretty good character.

Kid Buu another level one is called the pearl flash.

And he essentially pounds his chest and dies towards the opponent in a very weird and awkward angle. This is essentially the only other level one he’s going to have to convert from the air.

Because you can do it from the ground or in the air, I’m kind of curious if this thing has any other properties in terms of like invincibility or if you could just plow through other attacks. But want the weight and do some testing to see how good pearl flash is because the damage alone does not seem amazing.

Of course, his level three is the planet burst.

And this one is your usual fair cinematic huge-ass level three does pretty good damage the best part is that. It’s an aerial super as well as a grounded one. So if you want to convert to big damage, you can get that from an air combo any conversion from the ground.

It’s one of the best aspects of some level threes in this game because many characters level threes are either performed just the air or the ground. And Kid Buu gets Bowl.

One of the other big notable things I wanted to mention this character is that similar to Buu.

Buu had a huge amount of stretching attacks where he can sort of lunge his head and punch forward and convert damage from that. And it did a lot of damage because it was heavy. Kid Buu has an insane normal which is either his crouching medium or a standing medium.

We showed the crouching medium how he sort of steps through the ground this seems to cover a pretty damn crazy amount of space. But his standing medium in the air or on the ground is ridiculous. It takes the character from a distance and pulls him forward which is awesome, to say the least.

Kid Buu definitely is going to have some kind of insane stuff with this because once he pulls himself over. He can go for cross-ups almost anything of that. That he chooses to go for a pursuit attack to keep them neutral like this is gonna be a really good tool for this character.

I do see a lot of potential with Kid Buu and I feel like. I like him a little bit more than regular Buu as of right now her fat boo. so I want to play more with them. I like the fact that he’s incredibly evil and a lot of his animations have some great flourishes and stuff.

So once again, I like the really bad guys in a lot of this game so far. And I just kind of want to see more of that so in the future I hope we just get more kind of characters to compliment this. That’s all I was able to get for Kid Buu right now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and as always I’m going to leave you guys with a couple of combos.

They was able to figure out with the character nothing too crazy we didn’t have that much time but stay tuned we’re gonna have more Dragonball FighterZ breakdowns and let me know which character you’d like to see next as always guys thank you a ton for watching appreciate the thumbs up my name is Max and I’ll see you next time.


Adult Gohan Breakdown – Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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What’s up dudes max here back to another Dragon Ball FighterZ breakdown. Today focusing on one of the next most requested characters which is going to be Adult Gohan. Again to remind you all this footage was captured at a special Bandai Namco event, and we didn’t have a ton of time with all the characters.

So there might not be as much footage as I’d hope but at least enough to cover the special moves the combos and the base idea of what the hell is going on because Adult Gohan has some pretty interesting aspects to him some stuff that I was excited about some stuff that I was disappointed with. And then eventually became very curious because more information came to light. so let’s talk about that right now.

There are several aspects of Adult Gohan that you’ll find comparable to teen Gohan which is also in this game as well. He was one of the first characters that were actually amongst the roster that was playable played with him quite a bit and there is absolutely similarities between the two there are a couple of aspects that make Adult Gohan sort of have his own interesting gimmick. That had me really excited going into this but before we get into that let’s talk about the different special moves and how effective they are.

Gohan got a pretty interesting command normal in terms of an actual proper launcher. He’s got down forward with heavy which is called the ultimate high kick. And this thing just looks like a proper launcher and another Marvel vs Capcom game or another versus game. And it just launches the opponent into the air without the usual jump canceling of a standing medium.

It’s interesting this character has this but I later understand why he has this specific move because of a very specific reason which we’ll talk about very soon. But he’s got that and who I’ve access to it at all times which makes him have a little bit more combo potential than most.

Adult Gohan also has the Jet uppercut which is similar to teen Gohan and this is exactly what you might think it is.

It’s a proper uppercut seems to have some amount of invulnerability not too much of a difference between the medium and light versions and the heavy version or the one that uses a meter. That’s just a little bit more damage it’s kind of par for the course.

The machine gun kick is also a shared special with the other version to go on in the game where you’re in the air you do fireball forward without a light medium or heavy and you get access to this multi kicking Chun-li kind of special move.

This thing is really awkward I feel it’s only good for approach because if you actually put it in combo with the light and medium version. It doesn’t really go anywhere so I feel like I’m missing something with this move. But if you do use the one that does require a meter on the heavy version then it sets up for this big like sort of cinematic giant kicking thing that launches them across the screen. And you can get a vanishing attack if you’re close to the wall you can get a wall bounce stuff like that exactly like teen Gohan does.

However, he does have a unique special call to the Ultimates back attack which is this lunging overhead strike.

The light one sort of is in front the medium one seems to go behind and then the heavy one sort of goes like up and in front. It’s kind of interesting this thing is going to be great for the mix up potential because it is a proper overhead. You can set up for a low attack and then go to the overhead you don’t get a lot off of this move from what I understand. But it is something to mix up the opponent to make them afraid that they want to stop blocking low and potentially block this overhead. So that’s an interesting tool to have but some other characters do have that so it’s not entirely crazy different.

In terms of his key attacks, he does have this interesting Homme strike that’s sort of invisible and goes across the screen.

I kind of love the way this move.

Look like many other characters, he has a Masako projectile that goes across the screen and is kind of fast and once again is par for the course.

Now the really interesting aspect of Adult Gohan that I was the most excited about is that. This character is said to have a seven bar install super.

Now for some of you guys that might be sort of new to arc system works games or enemy fighter in general. Install supers refer to a character that it’s a powered up state. This is largely popular from salt bad-guy as he has something called a dragon install where he becomes an insane version of that character for a limited period of time.

An Adult Gohan has something kind of similar to a move called potential unleashed potential. Unleash has different variants between a level one all the way up to a level seven yes you can change this to use all seven of your meters for the final version of potential unleash.

But let’s just talk about level one and if you use it this thing does act like a regular Splash Damage super, it does a little bit of damage but you can properly combo it.

And at that point, Adult Gohan is going to get access to some interesting modifiers of his regular attack pattern.

For example, he gets a new move called the machine gun punch which is down forward with the light attack, only you can use this during potential unleash it’s a multi-strike attack.

And it seems kind of good for chain combos and going into confirms and stuff like that. But it doesn’t seem amazing by any means. I also noticed that some of his attack damage is slightly different after the potential unleash has been unleashed.

But it’s not a lot we’re talking about a very small percentage but the one that’s really good is the ultimate back attack and how it changes.

Essentially if you use potential Unleashed at any single point between level 1 to level 7. This special move will gain a tracking property meaning that from across the screen you could have an almost instant overhead that is right behind your opponent’s head like that is extremely good and very good reason to use at least level 1 version of potential Unleashed.

Because he doesn’t actually have any other level 1 supers believe it or not and for a long time as we were trying to figure out what the hell the level 7 version does as it really didn’t seem like it modified anything else about the character. I was fairly disappointed with Adult Gohan because man you’re expecting to drop 7 bars on a super that powers up your character. I would hope that it’s something more than a small increase in damage as well as some modifications to a few of his special moves.

I wanted to see something absolutely crazy like a dragon install so I was kind of like I don’t know what the hell’s going on with this thing. I’m just kind of confused is it not done when I was later given a hint by someone who has had more time with the game. This move upon reaching level 7 will give you access to something that no other character has which is the ability to break the combo chain. I didn’t get a lot of footage of this because I learned it later but Golan has access to like we said and unique launcher that no other character seems to have in the game.

Now, this is important because we just mentioned he gets this unique machine gun chain punch only when in potential Unleashed. So this means that he can actually break the attack patterns of just going from light to medium to heavy or light standing medium crouching medium like anything like that.

He does not have to abide by those rules anymore he can change the combo attack chain but he cannot repeat the same strike multiple time. So if you just wanted to keep doing standing medium over and over again what you actually can’t. But what it does mean is that you’ll have to be prepared to block against, Gohan in ways that you don’t normally block against any other character in this game.

I honestly feel that this might not be that amazing for raw combo damage, but it could make the full level 7 unleashed version of Gohan an absolute nightmare when dealing with him on the block. If you have to block all these attacks and they’re coming from a variety of angles and then he goes into an assist and then they can keep doing several other attacks. That is lunging forward and keep their pressure.

You have to remember that this game does not have push blocking you cannot force someone to get off of you when you’re in a raw blocking state. That’s gonna be absolutely crazy. The only thing I’m slightly disappointed with because this does seem like it’s going to be mechanically really damn good for this character is that it’s not incredibly flashy. He really just has a little bit of electricity on himself I understand it’s sort of referencing a thing in the show.

But I was hoping that there would be some sort of insane crazy thing he’s got access to a whole bunch of other special moves. Heavily modifies his supers, something like that and that doesn’t appear to be the case. However, I think it’s still going to be very good. We’ll see how good it is in the long run because he does have one of the cooler level threes in the game.

Which is sort of similar to his younger version also having a family form of the Kamehameha. In this one, the only one I was able to get footage of is Goten coming out and assisting them by throwing the giant blast.

But I have seen another version where it’s gone ten go on and I think it was Goku. I have I’m actually not too sure where this footage came from but we were unable to make it happen at any point and during several other points where a character like Gotenks is on the team then when he comes out and does the level three and it’s just Adult Gohan by himself.

So I’m kind of curious the modifiers behind this and we got to go check out to find out what exactly is going on. But like I said the only one I ended up seeing was him and Gotenks and his solo.

The other last important thing which I think is gonna be very good for this character is a movement special. I believe the input for this was down to medium in the air and he essentially falls to the ground really fast.

Now, this is gonna be good for mix-ups it’s going to be good for pressure after assists anything like that. Because one of the most dangerous things in versus games. If not all of the fighting games is something called an empty jump low. Where someone thinks since you’re jumping you’re gonna be doing an overhead attack. And then you immediately pop down to the ground and suddenly you’re doing a low attack to catch them off-guard. That’s where this is going to be very good if you’re logged down from an assist and then Gohan jumps and immediately teleports back down. Where the hell is you supposed to block you’re gonna have to guess most of that time.

That’s all I got to Adult Gohan right now there’s a ton to be potentially unleashed with this character no pun intended. That I’m kind of waiting for there’s gonna be requirements of lab time I’ve already seen things where he can whiff cancel some of his chains when potential has been unleashed on him. And they just keep going for some reason so there’s a lot more to him. I do wish it looked a lot flashy er and a lot crazier and a lot more Dragon install ish but it’s hard to deny that this characters gonna have access to some pretty insane things if you want to save up all seven of those bars.

As always dudes thank you a ton for reading. Leave me a comment below which character you want to see next for the Dragon Ball FighterZ breakdowns. I’ll see you next time away.