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Hit breakdown – Super, Combos – Tips & trick – DBFZ

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What’s up, dudes, here back to another Dragon Ball breakdown featuring. What is most likely the second most requested character of all the latest new characters and it’s going to be Hit.

We’re gonna be focusing on the character his gameplay and I got some cool combos to show you guys at the end. But sadly a lot of my direct footage of these moves didn’t come out too well and I lost a bit of it.

There’s a lot of people playing Hit and we’re gonna use some spliced footage to show you exactly what’s going on. But I still have some pretty sick combos again.

This came from a Bandai Namco event where we were playing with the characters we didn’t get a ton of time. But enough to get a basic understanding of what Hit is about and how different he is from the rest of the cast.

So the first thing I thought when I first saw Hit playable in the game was that my good man. This guy really reminds me of Akihiko from persona 4 arena. Albeit I didn’t play a ton of that game. That was the first impression I got.

I think others are probably gonna be making comparisons to the slayer of the Guilty Gear series. Especially considering how heavy grounded rush down he is. Because that is absolutely what he is. This is one of the best characters in the game next – Yamcha which we’ll talk about a bit in the future that is entirely good on the ground and really is kind of awful in the air.

However, a lot of aerial battles don’t really take place in Dragon Ball FighterZ unless you consider the pursuit like you’re your aerial dash. That I guess but every character gets access to that you don’t really have a lot of like flying characters in this game for the most part similar to other versus game.

So I wouldn’t be too worried about that because Hit excels on the ground so much that it’s ridiculous. His prowess is mixing you up with a left and right direction. Confirming Hits from full screen and then moving his way in.

And he is the first tried-and-true proper counter character. He’s going to be going into counter states that can do something about projectiles physical Hits and then immediately rapidly move across the screen. And then punish you for it which is awesome – look at.

His counter Hit states have multiple versions of them. So if you go into a counter Hit state with like fireball forward, he’s just standing there in a neutral pose and then will execute multiple different attacks from that. Whether or not it’s a punch a rush for you can choose to dash the character forward to kick them into the sky anything like that.

He has multiple moves that are the result of using directly counter-attacks. And a lot of this character is going to be understanding what your opponent is going to do and then mixing up them as a result.

The other thing that some will not like about Hit is the fact that he is going to be a very technical and probably execution heavy character at least in comparison to Dragon Ball FighterZ characters. I mean come on everything in, this game is a fireball for Dan a fireball back.

This character is going to have stance canceling. Meaning that you’re gonna go into a combo chain with his stance or enter a stance through fireball forward with the light attack button, and then have to execute another attack right after. That to get something to follow up after so that part is a little bit more execution than I was used to for Dragon Ball characters.

That actually took me a little bit while or a little while to get used to doing that. And as a result of doing it, there are some interesting stance cancel combos that I was able to find.

Now, this isn’t all just about close-range battles and close-range attacks and let them ride mix-ups. He does have some interesting range stuff that he can do.

It does also have another stance that has this glowing form around him. And if he does either up down or forward I believe with an attack button. He does this multi Hit strike from a very very very long screen distance away. You can confirm into this using the vanish attack and then follow up with a full combo.

So that’s actually kind of interesting and I do dig that about him that he does have like either really close good range or some stuff that it can use some very far. but the mid-range like that seems to be maybe where Hit might be a little weak.And especially in the air because obviously, he doesn’t have a lot of aerial attacks. His sweep mind you is also ridiculously slow.

His grounded attacks can be very quick on the light buttons but the mediums are a lot different than some other characters.

Meaning that the combo path for Hit might be smitten be slightly different than you used it for some other characters where you just jump out of a standing medium attack and go for things.

You can still absolutely do that with Hit. But just be prepared that some stuff is gonna feel very different with this character. The immediate obvious like good traits of Hit isn’t going to be like glaringly apparent.

It’s gonna take some work to get good. with this guy. And I don’t think that’s specifically a bad thing. I actually kind of like that Hit and Beerus which we’ll also talk about in the future. Our characters that are kind of changing the archetype of what we’re used to in Dragon Ball FighterZ. It gives me a decent amount of good hope for the future of the other DLC characters always showing up.

That’ll have some interesting play styles because like I did say a lot of characters in this game do have very similar traits and move sets and you kind of play one and you play the other.

Sort of similar but that’s the way in a lot of different vs games with their like auto chain combos or their combos in general that work a certain way.

It sort of breaks that mold and I dig that about him and it also helps that he looks friggin awesome when doing it. One last thing to note is his key attack move when your key button is essentially your special button in this game.

It just throws out a very small basic projectile that can be dashed through and Hit doesn’t actually have that. He does not have regular projectile attacks in the ways that you think.

Instead, he’s given a counter State on his key button which you can repeat over and over again. So if you want to like Harry multiple attacks and dash all over the place that look like you’re completely in the opponent’s mind. This is gonna be the character to show off some sick.

Hit does have an interesting unblockable attack where he sort of creates this projectile on the ground. That hovers across the screen and can actually manifest itself at different points of the screen it’s just a nice kind of tool that you can use to make your opponent afraid of your ground-based attacks and get them to start jumping for some reason.

So it does have access to more tools than most characters in this game. Which makes them a bit more complex but one of my favorite things at the end of all this is like his movement and mobility. When you see this guy dashing across the screen really fast and manipulating different things from a counter-attack to striking you to using a vanishing attack and converting that into big damage.

supers are also fairly versatile with one being in the air one being a grounded level one and then his level three also being on the ground too. So that’s a good thing you’re gonna have many opportunities to get damaged with Hit and when you do get damaged by this character.

It seems like it hurts quite a bit. Either way absolutely one of my favorite characters in the game right now. I still feel like I barely touched the surf of him like understanding the stance canceling stuff he has a launcher from.

One of his counters, Hit states that you can kick them up into the air this stuff just looks really neat either way one of my favorite characters in the game right now and I am looking forward to more of them.

But I’m curious who you guys want to see next we can take a look at Beerus we can go into go tanks anything like that if you want to see Nappa. If you want to see Ginyu there is a lot of characters in this thing that I grabbed footage of especially of Tien and Yamcha.

And I want to see which one you want to see next. So please in the comments below let me know which character we should focus on for the next. Because luckily enough unlike this one I have a lot of footage of those other characters and I lost a lot of my Hit footage.

So until then thank you, dudes, a ton of reading and joy a couple of combos and I appreciate a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And I’ll see you next time I continue.


Beerus Breakdown – Tips and tricks – DBFZ

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What’s up dudes, here back to another breakdown of Dragon Ball FighterZ characters. Today we’re focusing on the third one and is probably the most requested of the comments. Which is going to be focusing on Beerus.

Before we get into things this footage was recorded at a Bandai Namco event and I didn’t have a ton of time with all the characters. But I did have some to go over their moves.

Figure out some combos and at least give you guys a decent breakdown. As far as what the hell is going on with some of these characters. We’ve already covered a bit of Goku black and hid.

But today we’re gonna focus on a character that possibly is one of the weirdest in the game in terms of the general DragonBall FighterZ play style. Let’s talk about Beerus.

One of the best comparisons I can give you of Beerus in terms of other characters. That arc system works is made is most likely going to be venom from the guilty gear series.

Although there’s a similarity. It’s not exactly identical by any means. Venom was able to control screen space by having manipulated projectiles. He could put projectiles on the screen that would hold their spot. And then if he collided with them they would go in different directions angles and speeds.

And that is largely the same game plan that Beerus has in Dragon Ball FighterZ. But it is fundamentally different because it does act much differently. He seems to have a basis in what venom does but his execution is a lot different and let’s talk about that.

Beerus regular ki blast isn’t anything special to a single projectile and his jumping ki blast isn’t really any different from many other FighterZ where it shoots multiple attacks.

And the reason behind this is that this is sort of the characters go to regular projectile attack. Because he doesn’t have one similar to other characters. He’s got these weird orbs that fill the screen.

This first one that summons about 6 orbs that go all around his body. I believe was executed with fireball forward and the key button. And these orbs are actually tangible on the screen objects you can also collide with them with certain attacks.

If you force your opponent into them they do indeed cause a collision. And you can follow up with a combo or something crazy if you set it up.

There are also ways to manipulate them in certain ways which I didn’t have the entirety of time to figure out.

But there was quite a few and the different ways you can sort of manipulate these projectiles do change a lot of what Beerus can do instead just having them sit there on the screen.
He’s got a spreading projectile attack which is done in the air.

And this one specifically seems to be a get off me kind of mood. Not really good for combos has a bit of startup. But does spread out in an equal around a range around him. Which could be good in some situations just to stop your opponent from rushing in on certain things.

His regular fireball forward attack with either the light medium or heavy buttons is a summoned orb that Beerus kicks across the screen.

These can be summoned at the multitude of angles either going down or straightforward or up and stopping. There’s a lot of different things you can do with them and this move also collides with the previous move where a summons six orbs around the screen. You can kick them in specific directions with this attack and it just depends on which version you’re using.

The ex-version summons a multitude of orbs that he boots across the screen and you can follow up for some pretty crazy pressure. That I don’t believe can be Pursuit attacked through like the giant air dash. I’m not too sure if it goes through these I didn’t have a chance to test that. But usually, only regular ki blasts are nullified by that specific move of jet dashing across the screen.

But wouldn’t be surprised if these are tangible and even could stop the opponent from doing that. Which is great if you’re upset with your opponent constantly like dashing in on you. You don’t know how to stop it Beerus might be just the character for you.

Combine all these attacks together and Beerus gets quite a few different actions during even a regular jump. I’ve been able to fit in three different things that you can combine when you’re putting this move to the next one to the next one.

And in most games, characters only have so many permitted actions that they’re allowed in the sky. And Beerus gets quite a bit so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot of this kind of stuff with this character.

One of his only proper physical attacks special moves is this lunging palm strike which can be done on the ground.

And I think this thing was an overhead when I was testing it. The ex-version just launches them across the screen a little bit more. but it’s mostly good for ending combos as you go into super and then follow up with either orbs or something like that, as they get up from it.

Beerus level 1 super is interesting as it can technically be modified.

He summons this giant spirit ball that comes down to the ground and the longer you let it travel the more damage it. This is a good super but albeit not that damaging but you can amplify the damage for an extra bar. Which tax on the second part of the super.

The funny part is that you can do it very early during the first portion of the super which leads to very little damage if you choose to let it rock way too early. But if the first part of the super travel is a good distance and then you activate the very end it’s decently damaging but not great by any means.
The level one super so far with some of the newer characters don’t do a lot of damage. But as level 3 is a decent command grab style attack.

That literally Yanks the opponent and goes into a cinematic animation. And mechanically the other character that really reminds me of this is trunks with his level 3 as well. There are also some very unique animations to this one if you properly kill a character. I’m not too sure if it’s only against Goku Black you can like perform Hawkeye against them and they just straight vanish across the screen.
It’s not super flashy but it’s a nice reference for finishing the animation. I hope it’s not only against like Zuma so I want it to be against like all the characters where you essentially obliterate them if you kill them with the level 3. That would be a nice touch I would love to see that but I didn’t have a chance to really mess around with it. Because I didn’t get a chance to kill anybody with this specific move.

Tips and tricks

That’s about all I got for Beerus in the limited time. Once again, he’s a very different character than the usual roster member in Dragon Ball FighterZ which is what I appreciate. I do feel that if there is a character that’s going to be a keep away style. That Beerus is most likely going to be it with controlling distance. And manipulating these orbs and it might be hard to get on him.

Especially if you can’t do a dashing attack through these projectiles, that will make him absolutely very good in a situation of just holding that space. But outside of that and nothing I got footage of he does have a very interesting crouching medium attack, no kidding there is a sweet move that he has.

Where if you press crouching medium he travels across like 3/4 of the screen. It is ridiculous how much you can catch people with this thing. And if you’re close to the enemy it just cuts that distance off and looks like a regular normal attack.

It’s not until you’re full screen and then you press down medium you realize the insanity of the length of this normal it. It blows my mind. Either way, I think this characters going to be very interesting.

I am curious to try some crazy setups with him it reminds me a lot of the hell’s own grenade super that Piccolo has it leads into some ridiculous DHC situations and tag moments. And stuff like that maybe the lingering fireballs might be really good. Especially for team compositions so I think Beerus is gonna fit on many different teams. Especially considering the way he plays.

But we’ll see it all depends if certain things work out the way. I was mentioning and if not he might only be okay. But either way, I’m just glad to see more character archetypes of mechanics introduced into the game. Which gives me hope that characters that’ll be introduced later in the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ could get even nuttier.

Which again would make me very happy as always dudes thank you a ton for reading. I’ll be back with more breakdowns of future characters. And which character you want to see next please leave me a comment below. And I’ll try to get the next one out as soon as possible. I’ll see you next time.


Yamcha Breakdown – Wolf Fang Destroy Black Goku – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball FighterZ tips and tricks. Today presents a character profile for Yamcha.

Yamcha may not be the strongest character to grace the various Dragon Ball anime series as he repeatedly gets taken out by enemies and is excluded from the universe vs. universe Tournament of Power, but when it comes to his role in Dragon Ball FighterZ, he doesn’t look like he’ll be a fighter to pass on.

The video pits Yamcha against Goku Black, an enemy that’s powerful in the anime but is no match for Yamcha’s Wolf Fang Fist in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Those who have followed Yamcha’s misadventures and unfortunate fights throughout the anime will know that his Wolf Fang Fist is his go-to move, something that Hellpockets stresses while calling the move Yamcha’s “bread and butter.” As such, the entire video focuses on the move that begins with a series of several quick, light punches that transition into the signature ability.

But while other fighters’ moves are designed to be big finishes, Yamcha’s Wolf Fang Fist is just the beginning. After starting a fight with the quick punches shown at the beginning of Hellpockets’ breakdown, you can combo the move into several different variations that’ll allow you to move around your enemy. Knocking them down at the end of the move will also give you a chance to use a quick Spirit Ball super before they can recover.

Once your opponents get used to you opening fights with the traditional Wolf Fang Fist, you can then switch it up by using the EX cancel for a powerful strikethrough attack that can be combo’d into more abilities while they’re in the air assuming you’ve got the timing to continue the attack.


Android 16 Combos – Tips and Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball FighterZ tips and tricks. Today presents a character profile for Android 16.

They used to be the defining traits of Android 16. But now we know he is so much more: a lover of nature, a good guy really deep down. And in Dragon Ball FighterZ is all about giving everyone some free hugs.

His first special attack is the dynamite driver with quarter circle forward and an attack button.

The lie detector version must be done from very close range as Android 16 grabs the opponent right in front of him and slams him into the ground.

The medium attack version lunges forward before grabbing the opponent and then instead of slamming him into the ground. Android 16 throws the opponent for a wall bounce making it easier to follow up with other moves. The X version does virtually the same as the medium attack version but would slightly increase range.

The second special is very similar to the dynamite driver but executed in the air. It also has a different name despite the effect being so similar it’s called the flying slide powerbomb. Even the button inputs are the same as the dynamite driver but it has to be done in the air.

The light attack version just attempts to grab the opponent right in front of you.

The medium attack version lunges forward before grabbing the opponent and.

The eX-version with a heavy attack button has the same range and effect as the medium attack what happens a lot faster.

Unlike the dynamite driver all three versions of this move end in the same way. So can follow all of them up with a super attack if you so desire.

His third ability is yet another powerbomb quarter-circle backward and an attack button unless the flying powerbomb.

This is Android 16 anti-air measure. Android 16 always jumps at an angle but to higher the attack button. The further he can reach with the light attack button being almost fully vertical. And the heavy attack button covering half the screen.

The flying powerbomb ends just like the flying slide powerbomb. Meaning that you can follow it up with a super attack. If you so desire just like you would with a flying slide powerbomb.

Android 16 final special attack is the hell heat where Android 16 shoots blast doors the ground either straight down or diagonally. If you want to shoot it straight down you can do it with quarter-circle backward and the special button.

If you want to shoot it diagonally, use quarter circle forward the special button. As you can see this ability does not have a lot of range. Meaning it’s meant to be used up close and preferably in the air. But it is definitely not one of Android 16 best abilities.

Moving on to his super attacks, Android 16 has three supers a level one super and to level three supers. His level one is the hell flash, executed with quarter circle forward and the right bumper or trigger. Android 16 shoots his cannon arm down at an angle. So it’s not a great super to use from across the screen.

In fact, all of these supers are meant to be used up close, and the best way to do it is usually at the end of a combo. Which frequently ends up being at the end of one of the power bombs. And in that situation, hell flash works perfectly.

His first level 3 is very similar but deals more damage. It’s called the hell flash full power and is done with quarter-circle backward and the right bumper.

But Android 16s abilities are really easy to chain together. So if you’re following a power bump, you should have no problem unleashing a level 3 when you need to.

And his final super attack is also a level 3 and is something very very special. It’s called the final power that shouldn’t be used. And it’s a self-destruct ability that kills the enemy no matter how much health he has left.

Android 16 will be left with a single point of HP but the healthy previously had turned into blue health, meaning you can recover it by swapping Android 16 out into the assist position or by using sparking blasts. And if you do choose to use sparking blast the health regeneration is incredibly high in this specific situation.

Even if your whole team is alive their health regeneration after this level 3 super is just insane. As you activated to Android 16 will have a big animation and this can’t be interrupted by most attacks.

You can’t block this super, you can’t dodge it by dashing backward. So it’s very easy to panic when you see it. But it’s actually very easy to dodge this attack. All you have to do is simply jump. And since the attack takes a long time to be activated. That will make this very hard to land on more experienced players.

There are some other ways to dodge this level 3 super like a teleport for instance or even some super attacks that teleport your character somewhere else. But other than that Android 16 super will usually take priority.

As far as Auto combos, Android 16 has two of them. This is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

And now that we know Android 16 abilities, let’s talk about how to use them.

Android 16’s biggest strength is arguably his animation priority on pretty much everything he does. Many of his special moves go through even level 3 supers. Making them incredibly useful to counter enemies in pretty much any situation. The fact that he can grapple an enemy both on the ground and in the air and then follow up with a super or an assist swap.

Means you’ll constantly be punishing your opponent for anything they do. And this applies some huge pressure on your opponent. Because you keep countering them they become lost they don’t know what to do. And if they get to that point, then you’ve already won the fight, Android 16 can just overpower anything they throw at you with any of these moves.

And you don’t even need to go as far as the special moves. His heavy attack on. Its own for instance is incredibly strong. Most characters cant counter a super dash with a well time to have you attack but with Android 16 that’s even easier. Because the animation priority is longer and Android 16 actually jumps forward while doing this attack.

Meaning it’s super easy to catch your opponent. What’s more is that while you’re in the air the heavy attack also causes the enemy to wall bounce while most characters have the attack in the air just knock the enemy back into the ground.

And that’s amazing because it allows Android 16 to follow up on air combos without spending any VARs of a meter in ways that most characters cannot. The biggest downside to playing Android 16 is the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of Zoning options for him to be efficient.

He needs to be either at close range or spending meter on the EX version of these moves to counter an opponent from a distance. And that is not an easy thing to do. so Android 16 is probably gonna struggle against strong zoning characters. Because you can’t get in close and there’s not much you can do from a distance.

Android 16 is all about the hugs and the hugs happen when you’re close to your opponents and not all the way across. The screen once you do hug your opponent though chances are your combo will end with one of the power bombs. Which can be followed by either one of the hell flash supers the level 1 or the level 3 both work fine here. It’s just a matter of how much you have and how much you want to spend.

Android 16 is a menacing powerhouse with a very specific weakness. That not every player knows how to take advantage of making him extremely powerful and very fun to play.

Thank you for watching this character profile for Android 16. He is currently my strongest character without a shadow of a doubt. And I was happy to see some of you requesting this character in one of our previous posts. Always thank you very much for watching my name’s Luke and I’ll see you next time.



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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball ZighterZ video. Today presents a character profile for Android 18.

Android 18 was created by Dr. Gero with the purpose of destroying Goku. But as fate would have it, she ended up turning from Android to human. And from the villain’s side, she came over to the hero’s side. she did not do this alone. however at her side was always her twin brother Android 17 and in Dragon Ball FighterZ these two fights together as one. making this a unique character.

Before we even get specials and supers. There’s this unique attack that this character can perform by hitting back and a special button. Android 17 comes in and throws some ki blast allowing a teen to move freely while this happens. this is a great way to put some pressure on your opponents from a distance with 17 as you try to get closer with 18.

But now let’s get the specials. Android 18’s first special is the destructo-disc quarter circle forward plus the special button throws a simple ki blast that goes across the screen.

Alike Krillin, you cannot throw multiple Destructo-disc and unlike Frieza, these do not come back to hit you in the face. It is as simple as it gets.

The things do start to get a bit more complicated on our second special attack and that’s the barrier. This is one of the moves that makes Android 18 very unique: down down + the special button absorbs pretty much any attack and turns it into the meter.

And when I say it absorbs pretty much any attack. I mean melee strikes key blasts and even level 3 supers are powerless against this thing. This is also why 18 is good to have on your squad because her assist attack is actually the barrier.

So at any moment by just tapping the assist button 18 will come out and absorb the enemy’s attack. The barrier does require some practice and some precise timing. But it’s an easy way to fill up your meter incredibly fast. Which in turn allows a teen to spend supers all the time.

Moving on to the attack specials the first one is the back grab quarter circle forward and an attack button.

Executes this very close range command grab. It is very hard to execute thanks to its very short range. And it’s also very hard to lean into combos given its long animation.

But it is a good mix up and that’s really one of 18 strengths trapping. Opponents in a corner and once you get him blocking hit him with a background. All three variants are hard to connect. But if you do connect the light attack version can’t really be followed up by anything. The medium attack version can be followed up by an array of abilities and the same goes for the X version.

The second attack special is called the support attack quarter-circle backward and an attack button. Android 18 calls Android 17 to support her with a melee combo.

This is your go-to ability to apply pressure. It has a very high range on whatever version you activate the light or medium. But the medium attack version will deal more damage since 17 will stay in the field for longer and perform a bigger combo. While in the air disability changes a bit with 17 performing the same melee combo or activating the barrier himself.

The X version of this move is very special and unique. once you execute it 17 will show up and have a really big monologue. During this time if your opponent calls in any assist here’s what 17 will do.

Now you’ll probably still take the damage from the assist character. That 17 will punish him for coming into the field.And chances are he’ll catch the active character as well. So, in the end, you’ll be dealing more damage than receiving.

Now, do you bear in mind that you need to anticipate your opponent calling in and assist you can’t simply react. Because once the assist is out 17 won’t attack him. You’ve got to have 17 readies before the assistance calls which makes this a very high-level ability.

What if you do the ex-version of the support attack and Android 17 is ready to punish an assist character. Butter your opponent’s assist is actually Android 18 doing the barrier huh. What do you think happens next.

Convening of supers Android 18 has two supers at her disposal, a level one and a level three.her level one is called energy wave.

This is one of the easiest supers to connect in the entire game 18 teleports directly above the opponent and shoots directly downward. Meaning you can do it in pretty much any situation if your opponent is moving too much horizontally you might miss.

So this is not a great ability to use when your opponent does a super dash for instance. But if you combo this with any of your abilities you will hit nine out of ten times.

And her level 3 super is the Accel dance. Android 18 and Android17 lunge forward horizontally either on the ground or in the air. Its range is pretty decent not fullscreen but close enough and after the activation, the tweens perform a combo and the opponent finishing him off with a key blast each.

if Krillin is in your team and is alive this super actually has a different animation. Where Krillin will replace Android 17 and shoot a Kamehameha wave. But the super behaves exactly the same does the same damage the only thing that changes is the animation.

As far as Auto combo 1 this is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

And now that we know her abilities let’s look at how to use them.

I want to preface this bit with a disclaimer Android 18 is probably my worst character in Dragon Ball ZighterZ. And I believe I understand the theory, but without being able to execute it in practice.

I would advise you to take my advice with a grain of salt. Android 18 is one of the strongest mixes of characters in the current roster. I’d put her up there with Piccolo as such she will be a high-level character to play.

She’s not really something I’d recommend for beginners. It’s not very easy to do big combos with her, our abilities are tough to land and chain together. She’ll definitely take more practice than usual.

That’s probably because she’s a really strong character at opening up her opponent. just like she opened up Krillin.

If you know what I mean having the ability to call in seventeen to perform a big combo while you have free control of 18 is a great way to put pressure on an opponent. Suddenly he’s being hit by two characters at the same time. This gives you time to think while the opponent has to be worried about Android 17 attacking him.

So you can plan exactly how you’re gonna fix him up and how you’re gonna open him up to an attack. The problem is once you hit him it’s not like she can do some crazy big combos for big amounts of damage. So what usually happens after you hit an opponent is you just do a minor combo and link it.

Into your level 1 super which you can hit in pretty much any situation. Now on the bright side, she has a barrier shield which is just an awesome way to counter any opponent’s attack. If you can see it coming you can turn an enemy attack into the free meter. And that allows you to use your level 1 super witch again you can just use in pretty much any situation and then follow up with another character for bigger damage.

So if you have another character who’s capable of bigger damage. Just get Android 17 to gather some free energy for you by tapping. That assist button just like Krillin tap that ass.

The best Android 18 players that I saw were really good at getting past my guard but right after they did that they rarely went into some very big combos. They pretty much just went into their level one super every single time.

Android 18 is great for mix-up she’s great for a gathering meter for your really strong characters. And that’s gonna be a very specific advantage in something. You might want to have on your team of three but again it’s something kind of specific and not very beginner friendly.

Thank you for watching another DBFZ character profile. Next time we’re going back to your request to make sure you leave them in the comments down below according to my math.

There’s also the video at the bottom but as always thank you very much for reading and I’ll see you guys next time boy.


Future Trunks Combos – Tricks & Tips – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball FighterZ tricks. Today presents a character profile for Future Trunks.

After seeing his world destroyed by the Androids, Trunks travelled back in time to warn the earth warriors of the threat that was to come. This journey allowed him to meet his father for the very first time and become powerful enough to deal with his threat on his own. When he returned to his timeline in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Trunks is a balanced character with an above-average reach thanks to his sword a few Zoning options. As well as a good mix up capability.

Trunks first special attack is the Masenko which he learned from Gohan in the future timeline. The Masenko is a full-screen ki blast that has about the same priority as your typical Kamehameha. Meaning that it’s better than your regular ki blast. And you can use this to punish a super dash.

From second special attack is Change the Future. Trunks dash you’re slower than unleashes a huge blast at the enemy’s feet. You can do this with quarter-circle backwards and the special button.

And if you hold down the special button, you will actually fake this move. Trunks will dash forward but he won’t unleash the explosion. So if you’re playing against a more experienced player, you can’t use this. Because they’ll probably block to avoid being damaged by that attack.

So by faking your opponent, you can close in the distance and link it into some other move. Against beginners though they’ll likely just see this as a normal dash and trying to punish you for doing so. So don’t use this fake if you’re at the beginner level.

Moving on to Trump’s attack specials quarter-circle forward and an attack button does the Shining slash. Which is an overhead slash which can be done in the air and on the ground. This gives Trump some mix of ability by being able to quickly transition from a normal combo into an overhead strike.

This is your go-to move if your opponent is blocking low and depending on the heights. That you have when performing this move or how far in the air you are. You can even link it into your level 1 super which we’ll talk about a bit more later in the video.

And our last special attack from Trunks is the quarter circle backwards and an attack button. It’s called the cyclone buster. And it’s a very unique ability, that can be used in a variety of ways.

Depending on whether you hit the light or medium attack, Trunks will roll forwards or backwards. Through our testing, we figure this ability does not damage the enemy.

Even though Trunks is rolling up with a sword, Trunks does not turn into Sonic. This seems to be purely a movement ability that allows you to get in and out of trouble very quickly.

I always use this move to close in the distance that link it into a combo or if my opponent was blocking. I used it to back out before my opponent was able to counter. Furthermore, Trunks is able to interrupt this move in mid-air by pressing the special button in which he shoots a key blast downwards.

So to the best of my understanding, this is the ability that allows Trunks to jump in and out of danger with some relative ease. If you master this ability, you can be aggressive without fear of being punished by an opponent. In situations where other characters would just be completely screwed.

Moving on to the super attacks, Trunks has two supers a level one and a level three. His level one is fairly straightforward it’s the burning attack. And as you would expect Trunks shoot to key blasts forward, that travels horizontally.

This super can only be performed while on the ground which makes it a little less versatile than most level 1 supers. Or at least most projectile supers like the super kamehameha or the Big Bang attack.

And his level 3 super is the heat dome attack. And its activation is actually a grab. So Trunks must be in very close range to his opponents for this to connect. But it does go through block.

However, because you can equate it to a command grab, it actually has very low animation priority. If an opponent is rushing you there’s a very good chance, they’ll interrupt your super either by connecting a special attack or even by just punching you. That is enough to interrupt this super.

But if you do connect this super is very impressive visuals.

As far as Auto combo 1, Trunks has two of them just like everyone else. This is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack.

And now with the abilities out of the way let’s learn how to use them.

At the beginning of this video, I described Trunks as a balanced character with good abilities for zoning and mix-up. And after showing you what makes Trunks special. It should be pretty obvious why. Is amassing Coe is as good as a Zoning ability as it gets in this game. And paired up will change the future.

Which in spite having Trunks lunch forward before the explosion. It’s done from a distance it can still be used on an opponent that’s far away. Since the explosion still covers a big portion of the screen. And even Trunks normal key blasts can be very useful.

Especially, when it does it while jumping. And when paired up with a cyclone buster then it’s not only good zoning. It’s also good mix up when an opponent is blocking an attack. They are usually searching for an opening to counter.

But with disability Trunks can deny them that opening by jumping backwards mid combo which can totally up an opponent for one of his ranged options.

Furthermore his Shining slash covers a very good business. And anyone who plays fighting games knows how valuable an overhead ability with this type of reach is.

He’s not the best in the game. I’d still rank Piccolo and Android 18 above him in terms of mix-up. But has got the ability to get in and out of danger quickly and some very good ranged options to make up for it.

So Trunks is a very good character at opening up his opponents, but what about finishing. them well that’s when things get a little tougher. And Dragon Ball fires you’ll find that some characters can only execute supers while they’re on the ground and that’s exactly the case with Trunks.

Plus Trunks doesn’t have a lot of combos that setup your opponent perfectly for super. So whether or not you can lend a super at the end of a combo ends up being very situational and that will be something that takes some getting used to.

Especially, if you’re coming from more beginner friendly characters like Goku and Vegeta. So in my opinion that really is Trunks biggest weakness.

He’s got to mix up he’s got the zoning, he’s even got a lot of combo potential. But when it comes to finishing his opponents with a super he won’t always be able to do it.

Besides his level 3 is very hard to link into any combo. So it’s really meant to be used at close range on the blocking opponent. And literally anything can interrupt it so it ends up not being the most reliable either.

So the summarize great opening character not a great finisher. I bet my is rethinking her life choices right about now.

That was the character profile for Trunks. If you’ve got any questions post them in the comments down below.And always thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time boy.


Piccolo Combos, Tips and Tricks – DBFZ

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       Hello and welcome back to another Dragon Ball FighterZ character. Today here on were bringing you a character profile for Piccolo. Piccolo is an amazing mix of character. Perfect for going through even the toughest of defenses. Yeah in my opinion the strongest character in the current roster in that regard. But let’s look at his abilities and find out precisely why.

By simply hitting the Special Attack button, you’ll notice that instead of key blasts Piccolo will stretchy arm. If you hold a special button and the downward Direction, Piccolo will stretch his arm upwards. and you can also jump and stretch your arm downwards.

If you reach your opponent with your stretchy arm you’ll pull them towards. You sort of this can be useful to bring your opponent within melee range. But do practice and test out where you can link this in to. Because you can’t just follow up with anything so make sure you don’t pull your opponent in, just so it can beat your ass up.

Still with a special button if you hold down forward or down forwards and a special button. Piccolo will shoot some rays from his antennas. This is the demon shocker.

And depending on the direction you hold, Piccolo will shoot his chakra forwards or diagonally upwards. You may look short-range but it actually covers about half the screen. This will stun the enemy for a very short time. So make sure you know when you can use this and when you can follow up. This is typically used in the middle of a combo to go from some melee hits into a special attack.

But there are a few other cases when it’s useful and we finally arrived at his special moves. And we’ll start with a homing energy blast with quarter circle forward and a special button.

This is a very slow moving ki blast. Something you definitely use to set something up. You control an area of the stage with this ki blast and you can kind of hide behind it. While setting up your next attack, if you hold down the special button the energy blast will get bigger and slower. And you can really just spam these things if you want to.

Now the priority of this attack isn’t great. It’s very easy to counter it, because it’s basically got the same priority as your regular key blast. So if someone fires a normal key blast it will negate your homing energy blast. And if they fire something with a higher priority like a kamehameha  then it will just go through all of them the super dash also goes through it. So don’t think you’re completely safe for hiding behind those blasts. Be prepared to counter your opponents when they think they’re countering.

You next we have the demon elbow with quarter circle forward and an attack button.

Piccolo will lunge forward and actually raise up and attack the opponents from behind. The range of this attack gets bigger the heavier the attack button you press. The lighting medium attack versions are pretty similar the only difference between them being the actual range. But the heavy attack version actually has a different effect.

Because it looks like Piccolo is going to cross up and hit the opponent from behind. But he vanishes at the last second and strikes him from the front. This is clearly a mix of ability that you should use. When your opponent has become used to countering your light and medium demon elbows.

This is also a very easy for Piccolo to link into pretty much any of these melee combos. And he can even do it while in the air because you’ll actually track the enemy.

Our final special attack for Piccolo is a demon slicer with quarter-circle records and an attack button.

This attack has a pretty short to medium range if you just hit the light attack button. But the medium and heavy attack versions cover a pretty big area. This is the counter move Piccolo will block an attack during his initial animation. And then vanish and strike an opponent diagonally from the front or strike him vertically.

And actually cross up to the other side only the medium attack version crosses up. So basically, light attack is a short-range counter from the front. Medium attack is a long-range cross up counter. And the heavy attack is a long-range counter from the front.

If you mix up the button, you press you can really mess with your opponent. Because it is a counter attack and it is so fast. It will be pretty tough to react and block in the right direction.

As far as supers go Piccolo has three of them to level one supers and a level three. Piccolo can only execute supers while on the ground. None of his supers are available in the air.

Let’s start with his level one supers beginning with a special beam cannon with quarter-circle fourth and the right bumper.

It’s a straightforward beam that travels horizontally. But if you hold down the right bumper Piccolo charges special beam cannon. And then you can hit right or left to teleports Piccolo several times before shooting it. The damage seems to be the same so this is clearly just to mix up your opponent.

And you can even cross up to the other side if you manage to reach the opponents. But this is not as useful as you think it is. Because right before Piccolo shoots the beam there’s an animation. That gives the opponent plenty of time to change the direction of their guards. But hey try it out for yourself and see what works.

Piccolo second level one super is the hell’s own grenade with quarter circle forwards and the right trigger. Piccolo shoots a bunch of key blasts into the air and then has them converge on a target. Do be careful because this ability is easy to interrupt.

If Piccolo gets hit the key blast will vanish. And since they are key blasts their tech priority isn’t really the best. But the coolest thing about the hell’s Odin grenade is how long it lasts.

If it hits the enemy you’ll have enough time to set up something else. You can even follow up with a super – which allows you to combo. Or even connect with another super.

Like the level 3 for instance the light grenade with Piccolo backwards and the right bumper or trigger.

It’s the most straightforward of these supers. There’s nothing special to it it feels the same damage as other level threes in the game. And it’s just a key blast that shoots horizontally.

As far as Auto combos 1: this is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button Auto combo 2.

 And now that we know his moves here are some tips on how to play this character.

As far as combos go Piccolo isn’t the easiest. But he is capable some pretty sweet combos if you put in the time to practice. Both his diamond slicer and alwal can be linked with a super. His stretchy arms are able to pull an enemy that is falling down so you can keep hitting him.

It’s definitely not as easy as other characters but it is possible. And it just might takes a bit more practice than usual. But combos aren’t even his greatest strength so as a beginner you can actually take great advantage of Piccolo without even practicing too many combos. the key word here is cross up cross up cross across them.

When fighting against Piccolo, the opponent’s not only have to worry about blocking high and low but also about blocking from the front and from the back. And that’s one of Piccolo’s greatest strengths. Being able to switch the side is attacking from with great speed with both his diamond slicer and elbow. It’s hard to know what’s coming next so if you change your strategy constantly during a fight. no one will be able to keep up and you’ll break through the most solid of Defense’s.

It’s also easy for pick to counter a rush down type character. Because of the demon slicer it just shuts all of that down it counters an opponent do be careful because the demon slicer cannot counter low attacks. But for anything else you just use the demon slicer. And you’ve successfully shut down any rush down the attempt. And from a distance you can easily use the homing energy blast just to set something up.

Against beginners they won’t know how to react to a homing energy blast spam. But as you play against better players at Kamehameha or super dash will go right through it. but if you know what the opponent is going to do you can also prepare for a counter-attack. So even though the priority of the homing energy blast is free lo. Yyou can still use it to control the stage and force your enemy to do exactly what you want.

Now this great power does come with a big downside. Which is Piccolo isn’t the best of finishers. He’s not great I using meter and turning it into damage. Because it’s super is well interesting they are not the biggest damage dealers in the game.

So ideally you’ll want to start a combo with Piccolo and just finish it with someone else. But hey that’s why it’s a 3v3 game so you can make up your dream team and Piccolo’s role seems pretty clear to me.

Thank you for watching another character profile this time for Piccolo thank you for all your requests so far.

So if you want to see your comment pop up on the screen and at the same time vote for the character you want to see next. just leave it in the comments down. if you’re in the mood for something else there’s also the post at the bottom but as always thank you very much for reading. And I’ll see you guys next time boy.


Krillin Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball FighterZ video. today we have a much-requested character profile for Krillin.

Krillin is a very unique character. He’s a bit tough to describe with a simple sentence. So I really hope that with this post you’ll be able to understand the value and utility he brings to a team. Because he really does bring a lot of utility. And even though when he’s fighting one-on-one he doesn’t look like the strongest character. His team value is something that is just undeniable. But let’s start breaking down his abilities before we even get to his specials.

I want to talk about his key blasts by pressing down into special button.

Krillin shoots a ki blast downwards that launches him into the air. And he can do this again while jumping which gives him almost like a double jump. And at the same time he damages an enemy that’s below him.

But that’s not all that’s unique about his ki blast. He can actually direct them at will by pressing the special button. Krillin shoots the ki blast just like everyone else. But if you press the special button again combined with the direction, you can direct his ki blasts up or down. Making them a little more unpredictable than usual.

Now Krillin is completely open while doing this so it is a dangerous maneuver. And it doesn’t really do a lot of damage but it can be useful in certain situations.

Well, let’s get to his special moves the first one is the Kamehameha with quarter-circle forward then the special button.

But this one behaves a bit differently from Goku’s and Cells coming on huh. Because Krillin can charge this attack and jump while it’s charging. Charging the Kamehameha doesn’t make it deal more damage but the timing alone can throw the opponent off balance.

And even fulham into thinking you’re gonna throw a Kamehameha from the ground or from the air when you decided at the last second to switch things up.

Krillin second special is the solar flare with quarter-circle backward and a special button.

This is a short to medium range stun, that can only be done while on the ground. If you’re too far away from your opponent it doesn’t work at all. And the stun duration is very short, you can’t even follow it up with a super dash afterward. But you can follow it up with an assist attack or with any of curling supers.

Making this not only one of the easiest ways to counter an opponent of the entire game. But also a very punishing attack if you follow it up with a super.

Moving on to Krillin attack specials. First, we’ve got the afterimage strike with quarter-circle forwards and an attack button.

The range will vary depending on whether you press the light medium or heavy tech buttons. The lie detector version has the shortest range.

The heavy attack version has the longest, but the heavy attack version also tracks the enemy position.

Meaning that you can use the medium attack version to switch sides with the opponent if you’re too close. But that’s not all if you hold down the attack button on any of these versions you will actually perform a fake.

Krillin will not strike the enemy, and the afterimage will simply vanish. So if you’re into playing mind games, you’re gonna love this ability.

And I left this special attack for less because it is just very very unique and it’s gonna take a while to explain it. It’s the Senzu bean with quarter circle backward and an attack button.

When Krillin is your active character, he’ll throw a Senzu bean to one of your assist characters and healed them up. You can choose which assist character you want to heal by pressing a different attack button.

The light attack heals the assist at the top and the medium attack button heals the assist at the bottom. If one of your assists is dead, Krillin sends your beam will actually hit the stage wall and bounce back into the field.

At which point Crillon can pick it up himself or if the enemy is aware that this is gonna happen. He might even steal the sensor beam from you.

But you might have noticed that Krillin doesn’t always throw Senzu bean when you perform this motion. Sometimes he throws rocks as well. And it may seem random at first whether he throws a rock or the sensor beam but there is actually a sequence.

And the sequence goes sends a bean followed by three rocks, then another Senzu bean, Then three more rocks and then your third Senzu bean. That’s the last one from there on out it’s nothing but wrong.

However, if you accidentally throw a Senzu bean at a character that’s full health. Or if you throw it at the ground and no one picks it up because it went off-screen. That one does not count you only have three Senzu bean to heal people. But if they don’t he’ll just pretend that Krillin is picking them up and putting them back in his pants.

And as you’re a sister this is also Krillin ability. The rotation works exactly the same. He throws a Sunzu bean then three rocks etc etc etc… But this time it doesn’t throw it directly at your character.

He throws it to the ground close to your character meaning that if the opponent is close by you may very well be giving him free health. It’s dangerous to use Krillin as an assist character sometimes. So be careful when you use it.

And after you spend all three Center beans the assist attack actually changes. Krillin will throw his directive key blasts instead which I guess is way better than the rocks.

Moving on to his super scrilla news once again very unique and interesting. He’s got two supers a level one that can go up to a level five and a level 3 super. His level one is the Destructo disc with quarter circle forward and the right bumper or trigger. And it can only be done from the ground and it will always travel horizontally.

And it can be very devastating. A single destructo disc on its own it’s nothing special. But you can mash buttons to throw up to five destructive disks and deal some serious damage.

Now each this will cost you one bar of meter and this is why this could be a level 5. This is also the ability with the biggest chip damage that I’ve seen in the entire game. Meaning that even if your opponent blocks the 5 shots. It might still be worth spanning the meter just for the chip damage. And since you can cancel from the solar flare into this. And solar flare is such an easy counter to perform. I think you can now understand how devastating this can be.

And finally his level 3 super is the split energy wave with quarter-circle backward and the right bumper or trigger.

You can only do this while on the ground and it starts with an aura Zonta energy wave followed by a key blast shower. Even if the opponent blocks the first one, he can still get hit by the second one.

So it’s an interesting ability because it can damage the opponent’s in two different moments. Though when a player blocks the first energy wave, they usually avoid the key blast shower as well.

And as far as Auto combo 1

This is what happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button: Auto combo 2.

Now because the second auto combo ends with a destructo disc. If you keep mashing you can actually unleash the five destructo disc which probably makes this the most powerful auto combo in the entire game.

And now that we know his abilities here are some general tips on how to use Krillin. Let’s start with the obvious value he brings to a team.

He can heal your teammates with the Senzu bean so make sure you use it. Now, of course, the first sensor beam is easy to use. Because Krillin just throws it immediately but so many players forget about this ability afterward. All you have to do is just keep in mind that you have to call and Krillin for an assist attack once in a while. It’s not hard to find an opening where if curling can throw a rock.

He’s not contributing much to your combo or damage but you’re getting the rock rotation out of the way. So when you need another Senzu bean, Krillin is ready to throw it.

So that would be my first tip you’re gonna have to keep in mind the rotation. You’ll need to know how many rocks you’ve grown since the last Senzu bean at all times during a match. And that just takes a little bit of practice it’s a bit unconventional for sure. but it’s not that hard to get used to it.

And personally, I like to throw the sensor beans to my assist characters. using Krillin as my active character just so the opponent doesn’t surprise me and grab the Senzu bean from the ground instead of my active character,

There are definitely situations where it’s safe to throw it into the stage. But just to be safe as a beginner always have Crillon as your active character and throw it to one of your assists. Then you can swap characters and start throwing rocks with Krillin as your assessed character.

The second awesome thing that Krillin brings to a team is being another great character at finishing combos. At converting meter into damage with his destructo disc. If all five of them hit this super is just as strong as another level 5 supers. And if the enemy blocks them it still deals a ton of chip damage. So Krillin becomes a relatively safe way to spend your meter.

But what about when you don’t have the meter and you don’t need to heal your allies. what does Krillin bring to your team well?

He’s not an easy guy to play, I’ll tell you that much. He’s a tricky kind of character.he can fake the opponent a lot using the afterimage strike. Not only because you can actually fake the opponent’s using this move. But because of the different ranges as well you can sometimes just swap sides using the special attack.

If you read your opponent well they will feel completely powerless. And I guess the same could be said for the directive ki blast and the Kamehameha. Which you can hold for a bit or just shoot it right away or jump and throw it or just jump and fall back down to the ground and throw it.

So it’s that type of character it’s definitely not the friendliest character for beginners. Because you’ll need to get in the mind of your opponent. And be able to read his behavior and know what he’s gonna do next. But it does bring a lot of value to a team by being so unique.

So if you’re at the beginner level and you want to start using Krillin, just use him as your Senzu bean dispenser. As well as the guy you go to spend the meter on his destructo disc. Because that just deals so much damage.

Thank you for reading our character profile for Krillin and I’ll see you guys next time boy.


Majin Buu Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Today we present a character profile for Majin Buu.  Majin Buu is a big guy both vertically and horizontally. But this gives him a very decent reach especially since it can stretch his own limbs. However, it doesn’t have that many long-range attacks which makes the medium range his preferred zone of operation.

Well, let’s start by looking at his abilities. If you jump in the hit to heavy attack button, Buu will stretch his arm and try to hit an opponent.

This is great for zoning for retreating for interrupting a charging enemy. There are a lot of great uses for this one to just keep this tool in mind.

Moving on to his special attacks we start with sweeping breath with quarter-circle forward and a special button.

Buu blows this pink breath at the opponent which covers about half the screen. So once again the midrange is really where he shines. Nothing special about this attack. It’s really fast to make up for its lack of range.

This is also his assistant AK and it’s just one of boos zoning options. You can prolong some combos using this but mainly uses for zoning.

The second special attack is the potbelly attack with photo simple backward and the special button.

Boom removes part of himself and throws it at the enemy. This projectile describes an arc while traveling through the air. And it can hit the opponent at any time during this travel. If they’re not blocking they’ll become trapped for a very short period of time.

But a Dragon Ball FighterZ with a short period of time is enough to dish out some serious damage. So this is yet another zoning ability that doesn’t really deal a lot of damage to the enemy. It’s more of a setup ability that allows you to follow up with a combo or super really anything you can think of it.

Moving on to his attack specials we begin with a mount dive with your quarter circle forward and the attack button.

You will jump forward. And if he hits the opponent’s with his but will beat the crap out of them depending on the attack button. You press the light medium or heavy the mount dive will cover more or less distance. With the heavy attack version actually tracking the enemy position.

Now, this is a great combo finisher. There are a lot of combos that you can end by using the mount dive. And it can also be easily linked to booths level 1 or level 3 super.

If you’re a close range you will actually hit the opponent while jumping up and then again once. It lands and beats him up but the jumping up part. It’s important to keep in mind because that can be the difference between.

Alo if you miss the mount dive but land really close to your opponent they will actually become staggered for a little. Bit booze a heavy dude and he shakes the ground.

So well that might not be great to give you any real openings for a combo or something else. It’s great for staggering the enemy preventing him from countering you.

Now that you’ve missed the mount dive whose final special attack is the cartwheel with quarter-circle backward. And an attack button and Buu will like the name says to do a cartwheel backward.

This is very much a counter you can use this to end combos too. But it’s not as easy to connect with the Super as the mount dive it is possible.

But it will require some practice I do believe that this is mainly a counter or an anti-air mode. This can be used to counter a super dash or any rush down type character.

If they’re in your face cartwheel will hit them back. And then put some distance between you and your opponent. So you can go back to the mid-range where booth thrives the mobile.

Moving on to his supers Majin Buu is pretty simple with a level one and a level three both of them can only be performed while on the ground.

His level one is called You know what I hate you with quarter-circle forward and the right bumper or trigger.

This is the easiest super tool and in the entire game because it just covers the whole screen. The entire thing so no matter where your opponent is if he’s not blocking he’s gonna get hit.

If you land a super with another character and then follow up with Buu, you don’t need to practice the range. You don’t need to practice the positioning. you’ll just always hit the enemy.

So that’s a great tool to have but what about is level 3 with proto so go backward and the right bumper or trigger. You have your my snack now which is a horizontal projectile.

It’s a bit slow by Dragon Ball Fighter standards. But if it hits the opponent, it turns them into a cookie. And then Buu it’s the cookie. That’s what it does.

Now if this move kills an enemy they will stay inside bruise belly. If not they’ll be spit back out. Now, this still some decent damage but more importantly this can heal Majin Buu.

If you’ve got any blue health, you’ll heal at least an amount of it while dealing damage to the opponent. So that’s a nice bonus but what’s more impressive about the super.

And this isn’t anything gameplay relevant is that the devs actually designed a cookie version for every single character in the roster. Just in case they get hit for this level 3. And that’s just incredible.

As far as aural combos go this war happens when you match the light attack button.

And this is what happens when you match the medium attack button.

And now that we know his moves here are some quick tips on how to use them.

Majin Buu as we’ve said repeatedly thrives at the medium range. He doesn’t have a lot of long-range options. So he might not be as good of as owner as the best in the game like Frieza or Cell.

But at the midrange, he can compete with pretty much anyone at close range. However, he’s gonna take some getting used to. because most of his normals are actually pretty slow or slower than the other characters.

In tester and that’s something that you need to learn and master about food. you’re not gonna get away with button mashing. If you’re playing against a faster character at close range like Vegeta or Gohan.

If you encounter a rush down type like this, use cartwheel to counter their rush. You can also find openings in every single character but that opening is gonna take some getting used to. Because Buu moves are just a little bit slower.

So if you use your cartwheel you’ll go back to your mid-range. Which is really the zone. Where you’re comfortable where most of your moves are more effective.

These supers also make very versatile. Because even though his level one covers the entire screen. And it’s very easy to use and his level three .actually gives them some more longevity. Since you can recover blue health without you having to swap him out.

As far as combos go my recommendation is to finish them with a mount dive. While you’re learning this character because the mount dive can easily be linked with his level 1 or level 3 super. So you can spend as much meter as you want. And when you can’t go for combos just try to stay in the midrange and uses stretchy limbs the sweeping breath or even his pork belly attack.

And that’s the character profile for Majin Buu. Thank you, everyone, for your support for all of these character profiles. So far we’ll be back with this series once we get our hands on some more characters.


Frieza Combos – Tips & Tricks – DBFZ

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Hello and welcome to another Dragonball fighterZ Tips &Trick. Today we have a character profile for Frieza. Our galactic Overlord made it into Dragon ball fighterZ in his final form. With the possibility of upgrading himself, into Golden Frieza to dish out even more damage. With a very unique moveset Frieza despite being a beginner friendly character. He’s gonna take some practice if you want to use his full array of abilities. And let’s start by highlighting some very unique normals.

By pressing down on the special button Frieza throws laser eyes.

Now, this move isn’t very useful in most situations since it’s got the same priority as a normal key blast. So it’s not gonna stop a super dash or anything like that. And the range is super short and it doesn’t deal too much damage. So I guess it’s only God it’s situational uses but it looks cool. Come on its laser eyes.

Next, by jumping and spamming the special button, Frieza will throw out these hand blasts.

This is a close to medium range ability. It can only be used in the air. Its use is a bit situational. But it does dash out a bit more damage than the laser eyes.

Next, most characters will knock an opponent into a wall bounce when you hit to have your attack button while standing. However, when you do that with Frieza, he throws these telekinetic rocks.

They too causal wall bounce but only if you are at close range. The rocks need to raise the opponent from the ground first.

But if you hit an opponent with a distance disability will still deal damage. It won’t cause a wall bounce. But it does give Frieza and needs one ability that is absolutely free.

Also hit down + to heavy attack button causes a ground explosion.

Which is definitely an anti-air move great for countering any reckless super dash. And that completes the weirdness of his normals.

As you can see, a lot of them have a bigger range than most characters making Frieza kind of as the owner. Who can also make stuff happen at close range?

Especially since most of his attacks that we covered so far are particularly useful in the mid-range section not really the long range.

But that starts to change when we arrive at his special move. Starting with next time you’ll die.

With quarter-circle forward and a special button. This is a giant projectile that travels forward Frieza can do this wall on the ground or in the air. But if you do it in the air the projectile will travel towards the ground first it won’t just go horizontally.

If you hit an opponent at long range it just deals some damage. But if you actually catch at close range with the disability you’ll deal even more damage. There’s an awesome ability to finish combos and you can even link it easily into any super.

Creases second special is the death saucer with particle backward and a special button.

Frieza throws two saucers at the opponent and these saucers comeback. And they will actually hit Frieza if he’s not careful. I’ve heard some people saying that these are unblockable but that’s totally just not true.

You can block them easily you just have to point to the opposite direction once they come back. And even Frieza can block them or just knock so they go over him.

And it’s cool that he made it into the game. It does add something because after you throw these discs out. You know they’re coming back and you need to be careful.

Frieza can also teleport completely for free with warp smash done with down down and the special button. Now that’s a button combination we don’t see often in this game.

Frieza will vanish then jumped and throw a fireball at the opponents. If he’s somewhat close to the opponent it’ll actually switch sides. But if not he’ll just get a little bit closer. It seems that the distance he teleports is fixed and it doesn’t really track how far the enemy is. Unlike the universal teleport that every character can do with one bar of meter.

The last special attack from Frieza is the earth breaker with quarter-circle forward than an attack button.

This is sort of a ground projectile. Frieza will spawn this a close to medium range with a light attack button or at long range with a medium attack button. And then we have the heavy attack version that seems to trigger both of the previous version. So it basically covers the whole screen this is also Frieza assist attack.

Which can totally be used as a launcher if you want to follow it up with a combo? And as far as supers go Frieza has a single level one super and a bunch of level threes. There are quite situational and unique.

So let’s start simple with the death ball with quarter-circle forward and the right bumper or trigger.

This is Frieza level 1, he jumps in the air and throws the death bolt diagonally downwards. If you’re already in the air while Frieza doesn’t jump obviously but yeah you can do this wall on the ground or the air.

This is great for finishing most of his combos since Frieza can just do this from any position. Same goes for his level 3 the Nova strike with quarter-circle backward and the right bumper. You can also do this wall on the ground or on the air.

But if you’re on the ground Frieza will first jump because this is also a diagonal attack. You can see Frieza powering up to his 100% full power form and then just diving towards.

Now the range of disability ends up being a bit shorter than Frieza’s death ball. Since it doesn’t trigger an explosion when Frieza a lens. So make sure you’re close enough to your opponents before you spend the three bars.

This also has a very situational level three called you should be killed by me. By simply holding down the right trigger when Frieza is down. And this has to be a hard knockdown Frieza has to be saying on the ground when you hold the right trigger.

Then Freeza will shoot a beam diagonally upwards. This is a very unique attack from Frieza. That makes him extremely dangerous when he’s knocked down with three bars a meter.

Because this attack actually deals some decent damage. So if you’re fighting against Frieza, my advice is if he’s got three bars just stay away. Though sometimes that could work in freezes favor because the ball is zoning abilities that we talked about.

Finally, Frieza has a transformation.

You can turn into golden Frieza with quarter-circle backward and the right trigger. And let’s look at what this transformation does first of all movement speed.

Frieza gets a lot faster when turned to golden. And that’s useful for both getting close and getting far away from an opponent. If you’re fighting against someone who is wicked zoning you might want to put it some distance. If not you might actually want to get close to the shot some damage because the transformation is actually temporary.

Now all of his attacks will retain the same speed the only thing that changes is how fast he moves. And as far as damage we also have a little buff for instance. If we look at his level one super the golden version will deal around three percent more damage than the normal version. Which might not be a lot since you just spent three bars a meter to power up.

But sometimes three percent will be just enough. now when the transformation runs out razor will be vulnerable for a good second or two. But if you hold down a button specifically when this is happening. You’ll spend one bar of meter to call in sorbet. And survey will shoot an opponent from off-screen which is a reference to the resurrection F movie.

Well, let’s move on to the auto combos as far as auto combo one.

This is what happens when you match the light attack button and be aware of freezes third move of the auto combo here. Because this one can actually be triggered from a distance even. If you don’t land the first two hits Frieza can hit with a third attack from long-range. So there’s another example of where a normal attack from Frieza is just another good zoning option.

And when you match the medium attack button this his is the second auto combo.

And now that we know his abilities here are some extra tips on how to use them.

Tip: Swap out Frieza after transforming if you put Frieza in the assist position.

After he transforms into golden Frieza he will retain the full duration of his transformation. Now since Frieza spends three bars just to transform chances are you won’t have a lot of meter after the transformation. So my advice is transformed as soon as you can in the fight and swap them out get the meter with the other characters.

This will be not only useful because then you can use golden Frieza with more meter once you bring him back in. but also you will then have freezes assist attack as golden Frieza. and you’ll actually deal around 1% more damage every time you land the assist attack.

And his assistant AK is just one of the best in the game. his earth breaker coming from the assist position covers so much of the screen. So it’s able to interrupt a lot of what the opponent can throw at you. And if you manage to land a hit you can totally follow up with a super dash into a full combo.

So yeah, in my opinion, that’s how you use Frieza transformation. You transforming you get out unless you have a ridiculous amount of meter. But that’s not all he’s got obviously but I feel the rest of my advice would be a little bit more obvious more predictable. He’s got great zoning so take advantage of that against characters who can’t zone very well.

Against the rush down types just keep them away with earth breaker. Next time you’ll die in death saucer. Even freezes medium-range normals and if they got close that ends up not being a big problem for Frieza. Because almost all of these attacks also work at close range. And it’s not like he’s useless when it comes to combos. He’s surprisingly beginner-friendly given how complexity is.

So it’s not hard to make stuff happen even at close rang.e he’s definitely a character with the zoning focus. but I’d say that overall he’s a pretty well-balanced character.

and that’s our character profile for Frieza thank you all for your kind requests in the comments down below next week we’re doing Majin Buu in DBFZ because that’s actually the last character that we got to play. Thank you very much for watching. I’ll see you guys next time boy.