Yamcha Breakdown – Wolf Fang Destroy Black Goku – DBFZ

Yamcha Breakdown – Wolf Fang Destroy Black Goku – DBFZ

Hello and welcome to another Dragon Ball FighterZ tips and tricks. Today dbfgame.net presents a character profile for Yamcha.

Yamcha may not be the strongest character to grace the various Dragon Ball anime series as he repeatedly gets taken out by enemies and is excluded from the universe vs. universe Tournament of Power, but when it comes to his role in Dragon Ball FighterZ, he doesn’t look like he’ll be a fighter to pass on.

The video pits Yamcha against Goku Black, an enemy that’s powerful in the anime but is no match for Yamcha’s Wolf Fang Fist in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Those who have followed Yamcha’s misadventures and unfortunate fights throughout the anime will know that his Wolf Fang Fist is his go-to move, something that Hellpockets stresses while calling the move Yamcha’s “bread and butter.” As such, the entire video focuses on the move that begins with a series of several quick, light punches that transition into the signature ability.

But while other fighters’ moves are designed to be big finishes, Yamcha’s Wolf Fang Fist is just the beginning. After starting a fight with the quick punches shown at the beginning of Hellpockets’ breakdown, you can combo the move into several different variations that’ll allow you to move around your enemy. Knocking them down at the end of the move will also give you a chance to use a quick Spirit Ball super before they can recover.

Once your opponents get used to you opening fights with the traditional Wolf Fang Fist, you can then switch it up by using the EX cancel for a powerful strikethrough attack that can be combo’d into more abilities while they’re in the air assuming you’ve got the timing to continue the attack.

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