Android 21, special character only in DBFZ

Android 21, special character only in DBFZ

In addition to the characters like Goku, Vegeta, Kid Buu or Gotenks, the character is attracting all the attention of gamers in the world is Android 21.

As the information we have given, at present, DBFZ – the most anticipated fighting game in 2018, introduced 24 characters. Of course, this is only the current figure, in the future, Dragon Ball FighterZ promises to give fans more unique characters.

Besides the familiar names such as Son Goku, Vegeta, Kid Buu or Gotenks, a character is also attracting a lot of attention is Android 21. According to the publisher Bandai Namco, Android 21 is a special character and Exclusive in Dragon Ball FighterZ. That means you can not see this mighty cyborg in any other entertainment product, including comics or movies.

According to Dragon Ball Wiki, Android 21 was designed by Akira Toriyama (one of the co-authors of Dragon Ball). This robot appears only in Dragon Ball FighterZ as one of the strongest villains. Possessing a super brain, Android 21 is even smarter than Dr. Gero, who is behind the crazy plan called the Red Ribbon Androids.

Android 21 is described as a girl wearing glasses with long red hair. However, this is just a normal shape. As for the transformation, Android 21 will have white hair and pale pink skin. When switching, Android 21 has many similarities with Majin Buu, but personality is as aggressive and brutal as Kid Buu. Android 21 has a bad habit that is always feeling hungry and always wants to swallow the most powerful warrior she encountered.

Specific capabilities of Android 21:

  • Hungry Beam: Turn everything into food.
  • Hungry Time: An upgraded skill from Hungry Beam, which works when Android 21 is in super-level 3.
  • Tasting Cut: Absorb and use the energy of the enemy.
  •  Solar Flare: Lower-Earth.
  • Kamehameha: Son Goku’s great work.

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