DBFZ Open beta Download!!!

DBFZ Open beta Download!!!

I’m here today to show you guys how to download the Dragon Ball fighterz open beta client. So this is going to be both for the pre-order bonus early access people as well as anybody else that wants to try this out.

So what you’re going to go to is the PlayStation Store or the Xbox one store. Not sure how the Xbox one store functions and everything but just go to the store. Go to search and what you want to type in is actually just straight up FIGHTERZ. It’s pretty simple.

You know you’re just going to type it in real quick here. So go ahead and do fight that’s pretty much good enough at this point.

And then you’re gonna have a couple of things that will pop up and once you see all these search results.

You can scroll down and see Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta in the open beta early access.

So both of them are pretty much exactly the same the only difference is the early axis is for the people that actually pre-order the game digitally.

You get one-day early access which will start I believe at midnight and this one will actually start tomorrow at midnight.

And you know you can go into the open beta early access again for only digital pre-orders.

And then if you haven’t even pre-ordered the game or you just don’t really care to get the game.

But you want to try the game out for now with the open beta. Just download this client right here.

So I’m gonna go ahead and do the early axis because that’s currently what I have so this is the early XS DLC for Dragonball fighterZ open beta.

Please note that in addition to the early access DLC, you will also need to download the open beta.

So that is actually extra information that I did not know of we’re learning this together here.

So go ahead and download this one as well as the original basic open beta pack.

Download both you got that one purchase now that will give you the access to the open beta from now.

So let’s go ahead and download this one right here. As you can see it says added to downloads pretty good stuff excellent excellent excellent. We’re gonna go ahead and wait for this to fully download. 

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