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Hello and welcome to another Dragonball fighters video. Today DBFZ presents a character profile for Vegeta Super Saiyan blue.

Vegeta blue shares some similarities with this Super Saiyan form. The overall style this character still falls within the rushdown type. But this time Vegeta has a couple of abilities that allow him to engage from further away. Which significantly changed the type of rushdown character that he is.

As far as normals go Vegeta is pretty standard with the exception of his ki blast which you can throw in many directions depending on the button you’re holding on the d-pad.

Nothing too impressive but this is important to note since Super Saiyan Vegeta had very different ki blasts.

Including the ki blast rush which this one does not have still his ki blast can be used in combos you just have to treat it.

Differently, his specials have also changed the bit though you will recognize the few of them.

Quarter-circle for them. The special button throws the big bang attack instead of a super this time. it’s only a special attack that costs no meter but it does take a bit longer for Vegeta to launch this.

Making it easier to block since you have a bit more time to react to it.

However, if Vegeta is right in the opponent’s face, you’ll actually damage the opponent while gathering the energy for the BIGBANG attack.

Which means you can use this in combos and you can also cancel this attack into a super making it an efficient way to end a combo.

This attack can be performed on the ground as well as in the air but the aerial version will always shoot the BIGBANG attack downwards.

There’s absolutely no tracking of the enemy Vegeta always shoots it at the same angle and from this position the aerial BIGBANG is the attack that Vegeta will perform as well.

Next, we have his super dash cake with quarter circle forward and an attack button and although this looks similar to Super Saiyan Vegeta.

This one has a lot of variances because after you initiate this attack, you can follow it up twice with any of your attack button and each one of them will have different properties. So you can initiate with the quarter circle forwards and the light attack for instance. Then press the medium attack for a flurry of kicks. And then finish with a heavy attack for more damage and a wall bounce.

That’s of course just an example as will now break down what each of the attack buttons does during this special.

First, we have the activation quarter circle forward and the attack button the light attack has Vegeta lunging forward with a single kick. The medium attack version has Vegeta jumping up also with the single kick. And the heavy attack version is very similar to the light attack version but it is faster and has a lot more range.

Next, we have the first follow-up light attack button throws a single kick, medium attack button unleashes a series of kicks, and a heavy attack version also kicks only once. But you can actually cross up to the opponent’s back if you pause slightly before the third input.

And for the third input, we have a single kick on the light attack version.

A single kick that causes a wall bounce on the medium attack version and the heavy kick button damages. The opponent a bit more before also causing a wall bounce at the end.

Now keep in mind that every time you press. the heavy attack button you’ll spend one bar of meter.

  • If you want to engage from further away that’s one bar.
  • If you want to cross up that’s another bar.
  • And If you want to end with heavy damage in a wall bounce that’s another.

So be careful because Vegeta can quickly drain your meter with this attack. And before we move on just a couple more things about this attack.

Even if you don’t land the first kick, you can still perform the two follow-ups. And as you might expect you can perform this move both on the ground and in the air.

Vegeta blues final special attack is a full sentence so we didn’t include it all in the lower third on a scale of one to ten. I’ll give you a three is the full name of this move with quarter-circle backward.

And an attack button similar to the dash kick the light and heavy attack version has Vegeta lunging.

horizontally with a heavy attack version being a bit faster and having a bigger range. And the medium attack version has Vegeta jumping upwards. All three versions are command grabs, they cannot be blocked you either get out of the way or you crouch to avoid this move.

You can perform it’s both on the ground and in the air and after you land a hit to the light attack version can’t be really followed up by anything. But the medium and heavy attack version is very much Ken. This is a great move if you want to bring the opponent back to the ground because that’s actually the only place where Vegeta can throw level-one supers. And speaking of supers Vegeta has three of them to level one supers and a level three that can be upgraded to a level five.

The first level once super is the Niagara pummel with quarter-circle forward and the right bumper, Vegeta jumps forward and punches the opponent. If this punch lands he’ll do this whole animation but it can only be activated from the ground. And also this super is a bit tougher to follow up than most level one super as it requires precise timing when you call in for a follow-up.

You can’t just hold down the assist button like in most cases if you want to call for an assist after Vegeta super. Then you might want to go for his other level one the iconic Galickgun with participle fourth and the right trigger.

Vegeta will always shoot the gallic gun upwards and once again he can only do the super wall on the ground. It’s a pretty straightforward super that synergizes pretty well with his big back attack or his unique ki blast.

Finally, his level 3 is the final flash with quarter-circle backward and the right bumper or trigger. It’s very similar to Super Saiyan Vegeta’s level three but this one can be upgraded into a level 5 if you hold down the right bumper or trigger.

It’s a horizontal ki wave that covers the whole screen and if it lands you can easily hold down the buttons for more damage. As far as out of combos go when you match the light attack button he does this. And when you match the medium attack button he does this.

And now that we know how he plays here are some tips on how to use them.

Vegeta’s command grab is one of the best in the game. He lunges forward a considerable distance so it becomes easy to punish overly defensive opponents.  This is also your go-to movie if you want to bring an opponent back to the ground for you to land. One of your level supers because neither of the me acara pummel or the gallic gun can be performed while in the air.

The only super that Vegeta has in the air is the final flash and you might not always have the meter for it. In a way his supers are the exact opposite of Goku blue which I can definitely appreciate. 

Super dash kick is even better this time around to mix up your opponent. The heavy attack button in the first follow-up attack crosses up to the opponent’s back which again is awesome if your first two attacks are blocked and you want to do some left-right – mixing up.

But even if you don’t mix up this attack can be very hard to punish. Since the opponent never really knows how many kicks you’re gonna throw with Vegeta before.

You actually stop since there are so many ways you could perform this attack make sure to stay unpredictable. And when you’re starting out careful not to spend the heavy attack button because it can easily just eat through your meter gauge.

Finally, the BIGBANG attack is a lot easier to block this time around but it’s also free doesn’t cost any meter. It’s not the best zoning tool in the game but it does damage the opponent immediately if they’re close to you.

So my guess is that it will be used for combos way more than zoning but it’s still one of those few long-range attacks that this version of Vegeta has.  So in certain situations keep it in mind because it might be useful.

Overall, Vegeta is a very comfortable character. His specials are simple but very strong and his normals are pretty standard which some people might look as a negative but that makes him an easy character to perform comedy.

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