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Dragon Ball FighterZ characters


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Piccolo is the reincarnation, the descendant of Piccolo Daimao was born to avenge his father’s death under Goku.

Initially, Piccolo Daimao and God were a unifying entity. But then, in order to gain the title of god, he had to throw away the evil in him, and that evil was Piccolo Daimao.
When he is removed from the body of God, Piccolo Daimao kills and tortures people on Earth.
The people were extremely unhappy but could not do anything about him. In that affliction, Master Mutaito used his life to seal Piccolo Daimao.
But the seal was opened by the Pilafs because of their curiosity.
After escaping, Piccolo Daimao has found the dragon and wishes to have a young age to be king again.

But in the fight with Goku, he is dead.

However, before dying, he vomited an egg containing his cell to revive, and that was Piccolo.

Piccolo made his debut at the 23rd Kung Fu Festival, where he fought hard against Goku and was defeated.

Later, Piccolo then helped Goku defeat Raditz. And Piccolo was inspired, became Gohan’s master, protecting the Earth together.


Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Yamcha is god.

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Initially, Yamcha is a strong warrior, he is level with Goku. But he was afraid of women. Although in the story he is very weak, harmless. But in the game, he is god.

After making friends with Goku, he has changed a lot, he becomes more caring, caring and willing to sacrifice himself to protect his friends.

Shortly afterwards he wasn’t afraid of all women, more later he was very peach blossom. It is for this reason that Bulma broke up with him and fell in love with Vegeta.
In the story, he appears as a 16 year old bandit. He blocked Goku, Bulma and Oolong. He and Goku have had a tough game and he prevail when Goku tired of starvation.
Later they become good friends, together overcome many difficulties, dangerous. And Bulma started falling in love with Yamcha.

Yamcha’s specialty is that in all the martial arts conventions he participated in, he stopped in the quarterfinals. In combat, he is always badly injured or dead.

He is the one who consumes the most beans.

But in Dragon Ball FighterZ, he is very strong. Let’s see the trailer for Yamcha.


Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Vegeta – The prince.

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Vegeta Bejita is the son of King Saiyan, the husband of Bulma, father of Trunks and Bura, and brother of Table.

He is also the prince of Saiyan ethnic group.
Vegeta always considers Goku as its biggest rival.
Apparently Vgetgeta is cold, arrogant, full of hatred and extravagant.

At times he is a bad guy, sometimes he is good and he does not want to show people that he is doing good.
All he does is serve his interests. This style represents the Saiyans but was also made a large part during Vegeta’s childhood, when Saiya was destroyed by Frieza and he had to serve. under his control.

Vegeta is the last of the Saiyans, after his father, Saiyan, is killed.

Vegeta is proud of her roots and always puts herself above others.

Although possessing a terrible power, but due to hurried temperament and a high self-esteem so he often rivals.
As a child, Vegeta appears as a ruthless killer, without mercy, like most Saiyans (Vegeta’s childhood only seen in the anime, not in the manga).
At Namek, he began to change, instead of killing Krillin or Gohan as he had previously stated, he had been linked with them.

Since then he has appeared as a main character in Dragon Ball Z.
One of Vegeta’s obsessions is Goku. In the Saiyan hierarchy, Goku’s father and Goku himself are low-level warriors, so Vegeta feels humiliated when Goku passes.

Vegata is one of the smartest characters in the series. He has a strong personality, extremely hot and extreme, but also energetic and eager to fight.

He is very cold, rarely show humor, he considers self-esteem higher than life. And he never want to get help from anyone, which makes him stronger but also makes him more lonely.

Vegeta is a good person and Bulma knows this, so they become married and live happily.


Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Tien Shinhan with Chiaotzu by his side

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Tien Shinhan – The disciplined and devoted martial artist enters the fray with Chiaotzu by his side!

Tien Shinhan is one of the most powerful warriors of the 7th universe, he is the best friend to Chiaotzu. Throughout the lives of Goku,  Tien Shinhan has grown up and is much stronger.

Initially, Tien was a self-righteous self when he was downplaying Yamcha, Krillin, and Goku. Tien has a very cruel style of fighting, in the battle with Yamcha, Tien breaks his leg although Yamcha lost the ability to fight at the same time. His wish was to become an assassin like Tao Pai Pai.


However, he is not entirely a bad person, always showing his affection for fellow student Chiaotzu, who is annoyed when Master Shen hits him just because he loses before Krillin. Before fighting the Saiyans, he asked Chiaotzu to stay at home for worrying about him, but Chiaotzu disagreed because he wanted him to know that he was strong.

Despite the brutal fighting style, Tien Shinhan has the self-respect of a boxer. During the battle with Goku, when Tien learns that Luo Hao has sent Chiaotzu to use magic on Goku, he asks Chiaotzu to stop and wants to win him over his own strength.

After the battle with Goku, Tien Shinhan learned a lot from the boy and became a good man when he apologized to Yamcha for his injuries. In the battle with the Saiyans, witnessed the departure of Chiaotzu, Tien Shinhan was very distressed, he used all his power to launch the last fire Gong and sacrifice bravely.

When the Cell monster absorbed Android 17 and evolved into Semi-Perfect Cell, he was aiming for the ultimate goal of 18. Standing in front of that situation, Tien bravely stood up and used the Air Force firepower to prevent Cell though can pay the price of his life.

Tien Shinhan is a person who has never given up, he always tries to train to keep up with Goku. Although later the distance between the two is too big but Tien is not discouraged, he still practice and always appear when the Goku team needs him most.

Dragon Ball FighterZ characters


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Gohan is the first son of Goku and Chichi, the brother of Goten, Videl’s husband and Pan’s father. Gohan is the first Saiyan hybrid (half man, half Saiyan) to appear. He was named after Goku’s adoptive grandfather, Gohan.

Unlike his father, Gohan lacks the passion to fight and only fight when needed to protect his loved ones. However, Gohan fought alongside the Z fighters in protecting Earth for much of his life.

Adult Gohan is the second version of this popular character, and this time there is no need for Super Saiyan. By going beyond his limits, Gohan can use “Unlock Petential” to absorb the energy bar to gain power according to the level of power used. Learning from Goku, Gohan can release “Ultimate Kamekameha” as a special attack, which inevitably causes terrible damage to any enemies in the way.


Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Krillin – Absolute MONSTER

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Krillin is just a weak character, appearing to be funny in Dragon Ball? You were wrong, because Krillin has so many qualities that he is one of the strongest.

Originally a small monk at Orin Temple in East City, Krillin came to the Methodist school shortly after Goku arrived. Here, he becomes close friends with Goku. Later on, Krillin is also very close to Goku’s son Gohan. And he is one of the characters left behind in the Dragon Ball series. One of the hallmarks of Krillin is that when his death becomes the key to Goku’s anger and becoming a Super Saiyan.

Krillin is a humorous, intelligent, and courageous man. In battle, he often uses tactics and techniques rather than confrontation. Although Krillin is the most deadly character in all series, he always has the courage to take on dangerous responsibilities.

Krillin is also a rich man, and he is willing to do dangerous things to help his friends. In the confrontation with assassin Androids, Krillin realizes they are not necessarily bad guys, and he falls in love with Android 18 (POC). Thanks to the courageous decision to die for Android 18, which Krillin and Android 18 became husband and wife. Together they have a daughter named Marron.

Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Perfect Cell

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Perfect Cell is a hybrid creature created by Gene. Gero, one of the smartest of the world in the series.

➡️➡️➡️How to play Cell?

– To create a Cell, Dr. Gero has gathered the cells of the highs in the series, sending out super-bugs that track all the rivals and friends of Songoku. The most basic source of our cells is Songoku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Nappa … Both Frieza and King Cold come to Earth as well.

Because of its synthesis from many cell sources, Cell has all the capabilities that other players possess, such as he can recreate himself with Piccolo’s Namek blood, can increase strength after every fight with Saiyan blood. He can also attack Kamehameha or Genki-Dama like Songoku.

Especially, Cell also has a Saiyan fighting nature, so he always wants to fight and become the strongest, which is why he organized the “Cell Games” fight. Many people say that this is really the most worthy opponent of Songoku when he also has charisma, however Cell also has the cold nature of Vegeta and Frieza’s sinister.

Cell and events at the Timeline

– The future of Trunks:

This is the future time line, when Android 17, 18 devastated the world. Here Songoku died of a mysterious virus before the battle, all other characters including Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien Shihan, Yamucha, Gohan, Krillin … are killed by Android. At this time, Vegeta’s son Trunks has returned to the past to change his future.

– Currently:

This is the timeline of the characters in the series, in parallel and does not affect the future of the Trunks. The cell is only an embryo in the process of development. After the Trunks return, the current time line separates in a different direction so that the future of the Trunks is still devastated by Android. Cell was destroyed in the water with the future Trunks and Krillin.

– After the Trunks teamed up with Songoku with Cell and returned to the future, his strength became remarkable. He defeated the 17th and 17th in his time line. At this time, the Cells of this time have awakened, but are destroyed by the Trunks easily.

– Timeline 3:

When he returned to the past and battled the Songoku group in his prime time, Cell said that, in his time, both 17th and 17th were destroyed by the Trunks, so he had to destroy the Trunks and take over.

The time machine returns to the past. This creates a flaw in the plot, because if the Trunks are so strong that they can defeat # 17, # 18, then the Trunks are back to the past and become strong, the Cell can not kill the Trunks, So he could not return to the Songoku era and thus could not have “The Game of Cell”.

So to explain the logic of the hole, we have to assume that there is another time line, parallel to the future of Trunks and the present of Songoku, which is not mentioned by the author.

At this time, the group was completely destroyed by Android 17, 18, leaving only Trunks.

In a way, the Trunks have destroyed 17, 18, possibly by using a controller to deactivate them.

And when Cell wakes up here, he easily defeats the Trunks and takes the time machine back to the time of Songoku.

So we can summarize the Cell at the time as follows: Cell is now destroyed in the water, Future Cell 1 is destroyed by Trunks and Future Cell 2 is destroyed by the group Songoku “The Game of the Cell”.

Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Who is Android 21?

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Android 21 is an Android who appears in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Her intelligence rivals that of Dr. Gero, though she may be even smarter than he was.


“Android 21 was a scientist with intelligence on par with Dr. Gero and was involved in various technologies, which brought about what’s happening in the story through her experiments,” Hirok said. However, she wouldn’t specify whether the new Android had some sort of relation to Dr. Gero. “I can say that she has ties with the Red Ribbon Army.”

Hirok also teased some significance to the Android’s gender. “There’s two reasons behind why Android 21 is a female,” Hirok said. “One is a story-driven reason that I can’t disclose yet, which will only come to light through the story of the game, so I really want our players to enjoy learning more about why she’s a female then. As for the other reason, it was simply because Dragon Ball has a lot of male characters, and we wanted a female character to liven-up the game world.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Goku – The legendary

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Goku or Kakarot are the protagonists of the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama. He is the nephew of Gohan’s grandfather, son of Badakku and Gine, Radditsu’s brother, Chi-Chi’s husband, father of Gohan and Goten, Pan’s grandfather and later ancestor of Goku Jr.


Goku was sent to Earth from a self-propelled spacecraft from his childhood to conquer Earth and destroy all of the creatures there. Saiyans are the races that capture the planets in the universe and sell them to other races. Kakarot, however, was knocked unconscious and brought home by Son Gohan, which was the reason for the birth of the character of Songoku.

In the forest as a child, Goku is a very bright and kind boy. After meeting Bulma, his life began a new twist. Since then. How many times did you save the Earth from evil people like the two daughters Piccolo (Dragon Ball), Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z), Android (Dragon Ball Z), Cell (Dragon Ball Z), Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Z) ) and most recently Frieza (Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F). Due to his hard training and constantly challenging his limits, he rose to be one of the strongest in the universe.


Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

Nappa – The elite Saiyan Warrior

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Nappa is one of the most talented Saiyan warriors of planet Vegeta. After Vegeta was wiped out, he followed Vegeta and spent some time with Vegeta working under Frieza. Later, he and Vegeta came to Earth to rule the Earth but he failed, defeated by Goku and killed by Vegeta.

Nappa is a tall, muscular man, though nearly 50 years old, but he is still 30. He is a very conservative, destructive and destructive. Typically, upon arriving at Earth, while waiting for the Goku, he uses his power to attack, destroying many things in the city.

He is also a very cocky, cruel, cruel, joking about the pain of others and also enjoys joking with his opponent. However, in combat, he is often “cheating”, often using the muscle instead of using the brain. At the same time he has a short temper and no patience, there are often lost his temper made him in battle. However, for Vegeta, he always has a certain respect and most of him are obedient and follow Vegeta’s instructions.

Nappa possesses tremendous power, much stronger than other senior Saiyan warriors. During the fight with the Z Warriors, he showed his power when he completely defeated Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. Only when Goku appears and Kaio ken is defeated.

Unlike Goku who was born into a lower class Saiyan, Nappa came from the upper Saiyan class. So he always has a high position in his race and his energy level is much higher than other Saiyans. So he was quickly credited by King Vegeta and joined forces in the invasion of planet Tuffle.