6 DBFZ Tips that the Tutorial DOESN’T Teach You!!!

What’s up guys welcome to another Dragonball fighterZ video. So in today’s video, I’m gonna be doing a little bit of a list. These are six Dragonball fighterZ tips that the tutorial does not teach you.

So these are kind of some secret techniques that people have figured out on their own the game does not explain them to you but I’m gonna show them to you in this video.

#1 First of all I want to talk about Reflect’s many uses.

So the tutorial does tell you how to use reflect but it doesn’t exactly tell you everything it does.

So you may already know that you can use reflection to push the opponent off you if they’re attacking you.

But it does a little more than that you can also use a reflect to reflect projectiles.

By the way, I forgot to mention reflect this back plus special in case you didn’t know.

So you can reflect key blasts away even if they do a whole ton of key blasts.

You can just mash reflect and it’ll get rid of all of them and it even destroys the stage background which I think is pretty cool.

But that’s not all Kamehameha we can reflect those. That’s fine get that out of here even super Kamehameha doesn’t matter reflect is too powerful. You can reflect the whole thing.

So reflect has a lot more uses than you might initially think. I think it’s an extremely powerful technique that we’re the only kind of scratching the surface of right now.

#2 Okay next up I want to talk about tagging into Level 3 – tagging out of supers.

So you may already know that if you press tag during a super your second character will come in and do his super.

But he just does a level one super and you may be wondering is there a way to tag in with a level three.

And it just so happens that there is if you hold back and press tag then the character will come in with a level 3 super instead.

So this does a ton of damage as you can see which is pretty valuable.

But it’s worth noting that you cannot tag out of a level 3 super you can only tag into them.

So here if I do my level 3 I can press tagged as much as I want but I’m not gonna be able to tag out so that’s worth noting.

#3 Ok so next up I want to talk about Instant air dashing.

So you probably already know that you can air dash by a double tapping forward or backward in the air

But what if you want to do it really low to the ground. So that you can get a fast overhead that you can combo offer

So the more traditional way that people do this is they tap up forward and then forward. And if you do it fast you’ll get an instant air dash.

And if you do up back and then back you’ll get a backward air dash.

So this is how people traditionally do instant air dashes in these types of games.

But there is a different way to do it in this game that you might find a little easier if you’re having trouble with this motion.

So what you do is in the air you hold forward and press Super dash.

So this is the Super dash button if I do it while holding forward I get in air dash.

And this is pretty handy if you’re specifically having a problem in putting the up forward forward motion for instant air dashing.

Try this out and you might find it a little bit easier.

#4 So next up the number four tip so we already talked about tagging out of supers but can you tag into a Super without doing a super first and it turns out you totally can.

If at any point during a combo, you do a half circle forward and then press tag you will tag into a super.

So I’ll just do it here you can see piccolo comes in as does his super and this only cost one meter.

Krillin did not do a super here.

So you can pretty much always do this with any character you can just bring them in for a super.

So this is really really handy this opens up a lot of combo possibilities.

That isn’t normally possible you can even do it into a level three if you do a half circle back and tag then you’ll tag into a level three.

So there’s definitely a lot of combo possibilities here that I haven’t figured out yet.

But I think that this is gonna be a pretty common technique for inching extra damage out of a combo.

#5 For my number five tip I want to talk about crouching heavy or 2h.

So this attack it launches which is nice you can go into a combo afterward but it has another very valuable property.

It is invincible to airborne moves.

So if the opponent is air dashing and at you, crouching heavy will just beat it clean every single time.

And then you can get a combo afterward.

And I talked about this in another video but this also applies to the super dash.

If the opponent is super dashing at u 2h will beat at every single time and you get a free combo.

So this is really really important if the opponent’s taking to the sky is trying to rush you down with air attacks.

Just remember that crouching heavy will beat them all clean.

And you get a big reward in the form of a combo.

#6 And for the sixth and final tip I want to talk about sparking.

So you may already know you activate sparking by pressing all four attack buttons.

And you may know some of the things it does but it does a lot of things that aren’t very well dash documented in the game.

So for example, if you’re damaged you see how I have blue in my life bar.

You might already know that sparking recovers the blue on your life bar slowly.

So that’s pretty handy but that’s far from the only thing that sparking does.

It also increases your damage.

You can see if I do a light-medium-heavy combo it does damage if I do it in sparking.

It does so that is a really big increase in damage while you’re in sparking.

Sparking also changes the way you can jump cancel normals.

Normally you can only jump cancel uh normal if it hits.

So you can see here I just hold up during this and I’ll jump cancel it but if the opponent is blocking.

You cannot jump cancel this at all.

But if you’re in sparking you can.

So you might be wondering why is this important well this opens up a lot of pressure.

Especially in the corner if you have the opponent in the corner you can do some really crazy rush down by junk canceling your attacks.

You so you can mix them off high-low.

You can keep the pressure going.

And they’re gonna have to work really hard to get out of this.

One other thing sparking does is so you know that if you press the medium and heavy attacks at the same time you get a vanish attack.

And so normally vanish just makes you teleport to the other side and hit the opponent.

But if you are in sparking mode if you hold the vanish keys.

You will teleport behind them but you won’t do an attack.

So this is pretty useful because after that you can do whatever you want.

You can go into a mixup.

You can maybe land and then just do a dragon rush.

And you can do all kinds of nonsense.

This really opens up your mixup opportunities.

You can even call and assist and do it to cross them up.

It’s pretty strong and this is only possible during sparking outside of sparking.

If you hold vanish you just get the normal vanish attack as usual.

And finally, the last thing that sparking gives you is it affects your super dash.

So you can see normally if you do a super dash in the opponent blocks.

You kind of bounce off.

And you can press buttons but they might not necessarily hit.

And there’s a little bit of recovery there.

But during sparking your super dash will actually move you towards the opponent.

And you can press buttons immediately afterward.

So super dash becomes much more of a pressure tool because you actually get the advantage if the opponent blocks it.

So for this reason sparking is a super powerful technique.

And you only get one per round but when you do use it it can really turn the tide of things guys.

It can really really make you a damage and pressure monster.

So that’s gonna be it for the list guys hopefully you found this informative hopefully there were some surprises for you in here.

Thank you very much for watching let me know down in the comments what kind of content you want to see for this game.

Because I’m gonna be doing a lot more DBFZ videos in the future.

So please hit that sub button if you’d like to and I will see you in the next video bye guys.

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