How summon Shenrong ACTUALLY Works in DBFZ

What’s up guys! I’m back with another Dragonball Fighters video. So today we’re gonna be talking about summoning Shenron.

First of all how to do it and second of all what it actually does.

I’ve seen a lot of wrong info out there on the internet about what Shenron does it’s wild.

So we’re gonna run through all four options that Shenron gives you when you summon him.

And which one is gonna be best in your particular situation.

And then finally we’re gonna go online and we’re gonna try to summon Shenron in a match which is gonna be wild hopefully it’s actually possible.

So to start out let’s talk about how to summon Shenron.

So there are two ways you can do it as you can see we’re in the Shenron tutorial right now.

And there’s not a lot of info here it just says based on the number of consecutive hits you land which that’s kind of meaningless to me.

And then you can also get them from landing the square version of a super combos.

So let’s start off talking about what it means by the square version of a super combos.


It’s talking about the auto combo which you can do by just pressing the square button or the light button.

Just press it over and over and you get this and as you can see it gives you a random Dragon Ball.

So I have numbers 2 and 4 so that’s one way to get them.

The other way to get them which is a little bit more complicated if you do a combo and then based on the number of hits in the combo that determines what Dragonball you get.

So if you do 10 to 20 hits you get the first Dragonball. If you do 20 to 30 you get the second Dragonball 30 to 40 you get the third and so on.

So obviously this is a lot more complicated you need to no longer combos if you want to be able to get all the dragon balls.

But it’s really good because obviously, the auto combo doesn’t do a lot of damage.

If you’re able to mix in these damaging combos and still get yourself Dragon Balls at the same time.

That’s gonna damage the opponent a lot more and put you in a better position.

So that’s pretty much it so let’s get the rest of the dragon balls here just by mashing Auto combo.

So something important to note is that the two players share Dragon Balls which is kind of wild.

If all seven Dragon Balls have been collected either player can summon Shenron.

Although you do need meters to summon Shenron so it’s pretty obvious if someone’s trying to do it.

So we’re about to get all seven dragon balls and then so how do you summon Shenron.

You summon him by like I said you have to have all seven dragon balls you have to have seven meters.

And then you have to land that same light auto attack that I was talking about.

This is the only way to summon him and there you go here is.

So there’s four options and I’m gonna actually show you what each one does just so that there’s no confusion.

  • First of all we’ll do the most basic one restore my health. This fully restores your character to a hundred percent health. It doesn’t just recover their blue life or anything like that. It fully restores them to a hundred percent health so that’s that one.
  • Okay so next up we’re gonna talk about the reviving one bring back my a life. This is gonna bring your ally who is dead back from the dead. And as you can see they only get a little bit of help. so this one you know I don’t know how good it is because again that character is very low. But still, it could be useful. you know to get your team back to get that extra sis back and stuff like that.
  • Alright so next up we’re gonna talk about the immortality. one I think it’s called like I want to live forever is that what it says let’s see make me immortal. So this one is actually bananas I think this might be the best one. I’m not sure. So as you can see my health bar is now glowing and so what this means is you know how when you have the spark activated. If you press all or buttons you slowly recover your blue life. So if you get this one you just always have that it never runs out. you’re always recovering blue life slowly which means even while the opponent is combo in you. You’re gonna slowly get back your blue life which it’s. It’s just ridiculous like it makes you live so much longer it makes it so that once you get low you can kind of turtle and wait for it to come back stuff like that and then the really wild thing hopefully he’ll kill me soon so I can show you is that even if you die it carries across all of your characters.

So I think if you manage to get all the dragon balls out while you still have multiple characters still alive, I think this one is easily the best one to go for it just really really makes you a lot stronger because you’re so much harder to kill.

So uh yeah that’s this one really really good so far I think this is my favorite of all of the options.

All right so finally we’re gonna talk about give me the ultimate power.

So this one is a little bit fun too I think this one could be really strong.

So as is kind of implied by the logo here.

This one gives you a second spark so in case you don’t know about spark.

That’s the move when you press all four buttons you activate spark and this does a few things.

It makes you do more damage it makes you slowly recover blue life like I mentioned.

And it lets you jump cancel your normals even on block.

So it’s gonna be a little bit hard to show against the AI here.

But trust me that this is really really strong.

And I believe it increases your speed a little biter it somehow changes your move properties.

So that new combos are available while you have spark.

So normally only just get one spark for the entire match.

But once you summon Shenron you get two of them so this one’s really strong too.

I definitely could see this one being pretty overpowered but I’m not sure we’ll have to see.

But that’s it guys those are the four different results you can get.

All right we did it guys well I think Shenron actually helped out the two the two sparks were pretty good for the extra damage for the life recovery plus. It was just fun it was fun to kind of play around the dragon balls. So that’s it for this post guys, hope you enjoyed bate is about to end. So I’m really looking forward to the full game DBFZ coming out. Thank you very much for watching guys I’ll see you in the next one.

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