Piccolo is the reincarnation, the descendant of Piccolo Daimao was born to avenge his father’s death under Goku.

Initially, Piccolo Daimao and God were a unifying entity. But then, in order to gain the title of god, he had to throw away the evil in him, and that evil was Piccolo Daimao.
When he is removed from the body of God, Piccolo Daimao kills and tortures people on Earth.
The people were extremely unhappy but could not do anything about him. In that affliction, Master Mutaito used his life to seal Piccolo Daimao.
But the seal was opened by the Pilafs because of their curiosity.
After escaping, Piccolo Daimao has found the dragon and wishes to have a young age to be king again.

But in the fight with Goku, he is dead.

However, before dying, he vomited an egg containing his cell to revive, and that was Piccolo.

Piccolo made his debut at the 23rd Kung Fu Festival, where he fought hard against Goku and was defeated.

Later, Piccolo then helped Goku defeat Raditz. And Piccolo was inspired, became Gohan’s master, protecting the Earth together.


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