Yamcha is god.

Initially, Yamcha is a strong warrior, he is level with Goku. But he was afraid of women. Although in the story he is very weak, harmless. But in the game, he is god.

After making friends with Goku, he has changed a lot, he becomes more caring, caring and willing to sacrifice himself to protect his friends.

Shortly afterwards he wasn’t afraid of all women, more later he was very peach blossom. It is for this reason that Bulma broke up with him and fell in love with Vegeta.
In the story, he appears as a 16 year old bandit. He blocked Goku, Bulma and Oolong. He and Goku have had a tough game and he prevail when Goku tired of starvation.
Later they become good friends, together overcome many difficulties, dangerous. And Bulma started falling in love with Yamcha.

Yamcha’s specialty is that in all the martial arts conventions he participated in, he stopped in the quarterfinals. In combat, he is always badly injured or dead.

He is the one who consumes the most beans.

But in Dragon Ball FighterZ, he is very strong. Let’s see the trailer for Yamcha.


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